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Ambassador of American Wild Horses Honored In Congress


Cloud as he appeared behind bars, Sept. 2009, after the BLM chased he and his herd down the mountains and across the desert so that they could rip family members from him and then chemically sterilize all of his remaining mares, Thank-You BLM ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mr. GRIJALVA:  “Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the wild horse stallion known as Cloud, born May 29, 1995 in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range of Montana.

This majestic stallion has become the most famous wild horse in the world, and serves as the ambassador and emblem of wild horses and burros living free and protected on public lands.

No other wild horse in United States history has had his life story known and shared throughout the world.

Filmed as a tottering newborn foal beside his mother, the citizens of our great nation watched him grow into a bachelor stallion living among other young males, testing his strength, honing the skills he would one day need to start his own family.

Eventually, Cloud became a band stallion, winning mares and fathering his own foals.

Cloud’s history, captured on film and books by Ginger Kathrens, filmmaker and documentarian, has been shown throughout the United States on Public Broadcasting as part of the Nature Series, and throughout the world on numerous channels and networks.

Cloud symbolizes the spirit of the West and links us with our heritage. The study of his life has brought recognition and appreciation of wild horses and burros on our public lands.

Cloud has taught us that what wild horses and burros cherish most is not so different than for all Americans, freedom and family.”

H.RES.284 — Honoring wild horses and burros as important to our national heritage. (Introduced in House – IH)HRES 284 IH
1st Session
H. RES. 284
Honoring wild horses and burros as important to our national heritage.
May 26, 2011
Mr. GRIJALVA submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Natural Resources

Honoring wild horses and burros as important to our national heritage.
Whereas the evolutionary origin of equines is found in North America;
Whereas wild horses and burros are part of the ecosystem and rangelands of the United States;
Whereas wild horses and burros are an important part of our national heritage;
Whereas the National Wild Horse and Burro Program should provide for continued long-term existence and well-being of wild horses and burros on public lands; and
Whereas Cloud, the most famous and revered wild stallion, was born May 29, 1995, on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, and embodies the essence of wild horse values of freedom and family: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives–

  • (1) honors the 16th birthday of Cloud;
  • (2) encourages the people of the United States to observe and celebrate the 16th birthday of Cloud and the intrinsic value of all wild horses and burros;
  • (3) recognizes wild horses and burros as living symbols of the western development era and honors their hardy nature; and
  • (4) recognizes that with the American frontier long since closed, wild horses and burros remain among the last representatives of the freedom and spirit of the Old West.

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  1. Haven’t the horses paid enough with there lives? Happy Birthdsy Cloud, sorry the humans broke up your happy home:(


  2. Happy Birthday,Cloud. It’s Memorial Day Weekend–time to remember all the men and women in uniform who have given their lives for FREEDOM. Time to remember the horses,mules,dogs,and other animals who also served in the wars abroad and here in the USA. You and all the wild horses deserve a life free of harassment and false imprisonment—that’s what it’s all about. That’s what the wars were for. Land of the free…..


  3. He stood and gave praise to honor this wild stallion and his family ??…That’s great..Praise isn’t going to save them that are left.. He needs to get them protected..Protected as descendents of the veterns, of tens of thousands of their forefathers, who gave their lives to give the American people their freedom..Why is it thousands of the people of the USA are fighting a war on their own lands for their own animals with their elected goverment are being totally ignored ??? Beats me flat..Most definetly a totally misinterpurted version of freedom..The wild horses in Alberta Canada are down to about 500 left and being annilated fast as they can catch them , for slaughter , And our goverment totally believes that wild horses are feral..descendents of turned loose horses..This all too soon will be the mustangs numbers..And still the helicopters will fly…The grave yards of our war dead are full of men who died beside them same mustang horses of yesteryear; who would never have gotten them guns there; and against those trying to overthrow the free world; What would they say if they knew what was going to happen to them tough mustang’s offspring..Most definetly hang their heads in shame.. When you are giving thanks and a minute of silence for those who fought for your freedom ..Pause for a minute for the horses also..It’s their time also, their moment..for giving their lives for your country and what should be their offsprings freedom.. EH ??


  4. I seem to remember there being a postage stamp honoring America’s Mustangs. Does anyone remember that? It was a while back.


  5. At the least call or email Congressman Grijalva and thank him then call your own representative and urge co-sponsorship and support of this resolution. Take the opportunity to reiterate your opposition to the BLM’s inhumane roundups and imprisonment of our wild equines.


  6. Happy Birthday Cloud! A few moments ago I looked at the clocked on my computer (one of those silly human electrical things–not to worry) and realized its 12:30 am. That means its your real birthday.

    Suffice it to say I will never forget meeting you last year. What a very special day it was. Thank you for being the special friend to humans that you are.


  7. Vote these Scumbag Politicos out of Power,I do not care if they are Republicans or Democrats,it is time for Independant Candidates,those that are not bought and paid for by Big Business.
    The Voters can do it.


    • @ Selwyn.. They all get bought..Everyone of those goverment puppets were normal people before office..That’s why we thought they were the best choice and put them in power..


  8. Vote these Scumbag Politicos out of Power,I do not care if they are Republicans or Democrats,it is time for Independant Candidates,those that are not bought and paid for by Big Business.
    The Voters can do it.


  9. Here’s wishing Cloud a spring day sweet with the promise of many thriving years ahead for he and thousands more free roaming wild horses. It’s our good fortune to have Cloud’s story brought into our lives, thanks to Ginger. I’ll never forget how moved I was when I by chance, came across the first in the series . I was charmed and moved by the story of the new born colt and I admired the filmmaker’s style and grace. I had no idea at that time I would one day make a film about wild horses, but now that I have, I admire Ginger’s work in the “Cloud” series even more. She’s dedicated herself to not only the story but the cause and it’s a major feat to follow wild animals for all these years. Today we advocates have reason to appreciate the wonders of the wild horses still living free. We need to refuel our hearts and energy every chance we get – because so many horses and burros still need our advocacy.


  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLOUD ! Mr . Greg Downer wrote a poem for all The Wild Mustangs. Special Huge Thank You Senator Grijalva…………….. He has always been a friend to our Wild mustangs,,……………………


  11. Mustangs in the clouds (poem)
    Posted on May 27, 2011 by Vivian Grant


    Peering over the Pine Nut Mountains
    One blustery midsummer afternoon
    Back in the roaring ‘90’s,
    I beheld seven wild horses
    In exquisitely sculpted white cloud forms.
    Spanning a thousand feet or more.
    Aligned with rumps and flowing tails to West
    And gallant heads and flowing manes to East,
    These marvels arched over
    The windswept 9,000-foot N-S Pine Nut spine.
    They leapt in graceful unison
    And with the blessed ease
    Of pure and liberated spirits.
    Though I dashed into my home
    To get my camera,
    By the time I returned
    They had vanished into thin air.

    Presences manifest from higher dimension? I ask ye.
    Yes, I think so.
    For many years since childhood,
    I have observed these physically incarnate wonders
    Of flesh and bone, hide and mane,
    And their more subtle effects.
    Through many ups and downs:
    Brutal roundups, shootings,
    Water and forage deprivations
    Perpetuated by greedy, devil-may-care man,
    They have endured.
    And if ever a group
    Deserved to live free
    Upon our North American continent
    It is they!
    These multi-million-year natives are
    living symbols of freedom par
    excellence shining forth for
    all of us to see.
    And by allowing them to so live we
    In human form shall ourselves from selfishness,
    – From pettiness of identification –
    Wrest free!


  12. Have been fighting animal-abuse for around 12 years now,this thread is undoubtably the most Passionate one I have ever followed,WTG guys.


  13. Proud to say there is a stamp for them but has to be ordered through Sonja ( AKA) Mustang Meg.- Wild Wind Art. Some of you may already know of her.
    Would be proud to Honer Clouds Day. I hope they make it happen.
    Thank you Mr. Grijalva for Honering our Mustangs & especially CLOUD.


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