Day: July 20, 2011

BLM Boss Bob Abbey Plays Congress

Bob Abbey, the Director of the BLM, claims his primary job is promoting the wild horse and burro program and securing funds for the program. But do his omissions and deceptions of the program deserve the Americans’ tax dollars? The wild horse and burro program was to protect our wild horses and burros on the range as our symbols of freedom. It was not to tear them away from their lands, families, bands and to commit them as prisoners to flat, barren corrals.

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Analysis: Piceance-East Douglas Preliminary BLM Wild Horse Environmental Assessment

This analysis was not conducted with the intent of submitting comments in opposition of the round-up but instead to understand the White River Field Office’s reasoning for why this roundup should take place. There is acknowledgement of the history of this management area; but also how it’s past administration may now be contributing to the perception of range degradation and overpopulation. Also, there may be some personal bias evident and for that I apologize; I have tried to view this with a clinical eye and simply report facts as outlined in the Preliminary Environmental Assessment.

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