Day: July 12, 2011

Doing Something Different

Thus: (Trumpets play, choir sings, enter the dancers)

Habitat for Horses announces…. No adoption fees on ranch horses and donkeys!

For a limited time, Habitat for Horses is waiving all adoption fees for horses and donkeys adopted from the ranch. The requirements for adoption remain the same and there is still a $35 application fee, but there will be no adoption fees on our available ranch equine.

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Obama’s Wild Horse and Burro Gangsta Dance

Pull up a bucket, light a smoke and groove with the dancen stylings of da Prez, his right hand man DoI Secretary Kenny Salazar and big, bad Bobby A, Director of the cattle rustlen, oil guzzling, wild horse wranglen BLM. Light your doobies and take a long drag as these three dance, shuck and jive with elation over pulling the wool over the public’s eyes and steal 10s of millions of dollars to kill, capture and hold as prisoners 10s of thousands of native wild horses, illegally, while the music plays and the world looks the other way.

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The True Unintended Consequences of Horse Slaughter

Over the years, we’ve written about the nonsensical arguments used by those in support of horse slaughter. We’ve scratched our heads and wondered why seemingly intelligent people would use the most illogical, ill conceived arguments and ridiculous euphemisms like “horse harvesting” to try to sway public opinion to embrace horse slaughter.

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