The Force of the Horse

The Power of the Herd

by R.T. Fitch ~ author/president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Strength Comes from both Within and Without

Suzie ~ photo by Terry Fitch

It is a loosely written rule that articles and stories published to our blog on Sundays are to be inspirational and, with any luck, uplifting.  If things go well in the world of equine advocacy a good news story will pop up in the press or, better yet, a kind reader will forward some little jewel that is a perfect fit for the special Sunday slot.  For the past several weeks, no such good news has been forthcoming and the Straight from the Horse’s Heart blog has gone dark on the last day of the week.

This week has proved to be no different; we are overwhelmed with bad news on so very many different levels.  I won’t beleaguer you with the list as it is counterproductive and I am quickly becoming certain that the volume of bad news ingested is directly releated to the number of the hairs that vacate my scalp and I cannot afford much more in the way of expanding my row of rabbits running backwards (receding hare  line)

So in the dark of the early morning I looked about my office and searched for some insight.  I am truly glad to be back in the U.S. after another month behind the great, and ever shifting, firewall of China but besides just being “home” my heart is heavy and I was struggling to find something to pick up the pulse and provide fuel for those so near and dear to me…and then I was poked in the leg by a moist nose.

I looked down only to plunge deep into the dark brown eyes of one of our geriatric German Shepherd rescues, Suzie.

I placed my hand under her chin and scratched to show my respect and love while she looked at me with intense concern.  Although she is bonded to my wife, Terry, as the leader of the pack she always appears more relaxed when I return to the den, she wagged her tail, sat down and whispered,

“You have us.” there was a pause…”you always have us.”

And it hit me; her tail wagged as she lay down next to my chair…we have “US”.

Regardless of how dark it gets, how difficult the trail becomes to follow or how many obstacles are thrown into our path we always have each other; that is what will bind us as one and gives us the power to slay the gargantuan enemy that preys upon our spirit and destroys the beauty around us, we have each other.

It is interesting that today’s words of wisdom have come from a canine (predator) companion versus from equine souls that live on this patch of land with us but perhaps that breaths more power into the thought; a transcendental moment where those who hunt have come to grips with their latent tendencies and have combined their efforts to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves does that not make sense?  I think so.

Today we have each other, we are all members of the same herd/pack and although we might nip at each other’s backsides, from time to time, we do it only out of love, understanding and direction…we are one.

This morning an aging Germen Shepherd whispered to me and gave me strength.  Today I share that power with you, “We have each other, and from where I am standing, that is GOOD.”

Recharge and reinforce as tomorrow we will be hitting the battlefield with renewed energy and you will not be either leaderless or without cause…we shall stand together, but today…please share the embrace, we have each other.

May the Force of the Horse© be with us all…………….

Thank-you, Suzie.

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  1. Yes, when the dark days seem endless, there are still positives to dwell on…I try so hard to recognize that some things are just beyond my control, as difficult as that is to stomach. And positives keep us going. Keep plugging, R.T., you are a hero to many.



  2. German Shepard s are very wise, they never speak without thinking first………………..There is the Force of the Horse , Now also there is the Will of the People. this will be a winning combination, tomorrow the Battlefield will be maned by these two combined forces, I pity the fool or fools who stands in the way of this combo.,


  3. Just because one eats meat instead of plants does not make them insensitive. Wolf packs are, next to equine families, one of the tightest and most loving bonds you can find in the wild community. I think canine, equine and human are some sort of special trilogy that was created by the powers that be. The equines and canines know about it, they are just waiting for us to figure out our position in the team, like a sled or harness team waiting on that one figdity member.


  4. Thank You R.T…how did you know..that I soo needed your shared post here, with us this morning 🙂 You are one of the ” Angels That Walk Among Us” /


  5. Here is How tomorrows Newspaper headline front page should read,” Blm caught with pants down with blood on their hands with only the dead of nite as their Shield, Lies and Deceit hanging out all over the place , they try and create last ditch effort try to shift the blame …………” Question is ?? Is Americas people going to buy in????? I think not !!!!


    • What goes around comes around. The BLM right now think they can get away with anything they want because they have been good at hiding t
      ruth. Hang in there they will get caught with their pants down and tthe horses will say, “you got what you deserved.”


  6. When it gets darkest, we get stronger. But first the anger, sadness, fatigue…for we are human. Then we rebound! I try to be grateful for something every day. I am grateful for our “herd” working together on various fronts in this battle. Warriors! And we are growing in numbers. Not all who worked to save horses, ban horse slaughter, knew of the wild horse and burro hell, the corrupt BLM. Now diverse equine groups are joined as one. That is POWER! Animals have a way of “knowing.” You look into the eyes of Suzie. Into the depth of a horse’s eye. For me this is healing. Spiritual. Rejuvenation. In my darkest days, I have sought out this “horse fix.” For a horse speaks with its eyes…and sadly, cries. WE are their voice and will NEVER STOP. Thank you R.T. for acknowledging this morning what we are feeling. You gave healing. Reinforcement. An affirmation of our collective Purpose & POWER. Our BOND ❤


  7. Just what the doctor ordered, R.T. Many Thanks to you, and to Suzie, for the Sunday “Ahhhhh” moment, and for the reminder, that no matter the challenges or difficulties, we DO have each other. Though I have met (as in shook hands with) not one of this great family that gather around your porch so often…we are indeed a force of a family. And Sundays are for kickin’ back, feet up on the railing, crackin’ open a cold one…and admiring the view. SO…pass me one of those cold ones, and give Suzie a scratch under the chin for me!

    ~ Jan


  8. You know, R.T., I’m finally learning to open the posts from you and Jerry with kleenex or hankie handy – because I’m probably going to be emotional and in tears: either from anger/frustration or joy/love. LOL Thank you for reminding us the best teachers we have in our lives are the animals – especially dogs and horses (cats are great, too, but they tend to have less patience with how slowly we “get it” at times!). My thanks to both Suzy and you for this important reminder this morning. And since I still haven’t figured out how to “embed” something in a reply, I ask that you check out this YouTube listed below – it is a constant reminder to me how precious my critters are – and how much more they DO for me than I do for them. Blessed Be!
    “GoD And DoG” by Wendy J Francisco – YouTube


  9. RT
    How clearly I remember how my sister’s dog came to me last year the night I had surgery. How worried he was when he heard me weakly say hello. He ran over to me, jumped up on the bed and before I could stop him planted a great big sloppy dog kiss on my cheek.

    Of course the darn thing got infected but not the surgical site and I’ve never held it against him. I couldn’t. He loves me. 100 percent.

    And my neighbors all have dogs. It’s very common to hear me saying hi to all of them and not know their human’s names.

    I guess alot of animals know another animal person from a predator.


  10. Native American Wisdom>><< I have noticed in my life that all men have a liking for some special animal, tree, plant, or spot on earth. If men would pay more attention to these preferences and seek what is best to do in order to make themselves worthy of that toward which they are so attracted, they might have dreams which would purify their lives. Let man decide upon their favorite animal and make a study of it, learning its innocent ways. Let him understand the sounds and motions. The animals want to communicate with us, but Wakantanka does not intend they shall do directly – man must do the greater part in security an understanding….. Brave Buffalo (late 19th century)Teton Sioux medicine man


  11. Something I would love to see Our Herd get behind;

    We need an Emergency Transparency For Safety Act For the Future Protection of America’s Wild Horses and Burros- passed in order to facilitate change and create new management and field studies DURING a 10 year Moratorium on BLM activity with wild horses. If interim work was done over the 10 years with this information and new management developed along with the First Studies and the WH&B Program was isolated from BLM it might be successful. We need all their information to work up to the present situation and to know what we have and what has gone on that must end in order to craft a whole new future with laws and management and science and full knowledge of our horses and their lands.

    If we plan change we may get change.


  12. That was a good one, Rob!!!:)

    The patience that our canine friends have while we are on our computers and phones and even during traveling times, concerning the welfare of our wild and domestically exported horses is remarkable.

    Thank you, Ryan… take care of them for me.


  13. I love the “Suzie Face”. Those eyes could make a man share his BBQ steak. Thank you R.T. and Rob. Rob, he was only teasing…..right?


  14. heheheheheheheheh that was great, love Susie and the one in the video also….Both are beautiful shepherd s…………


  15. I am just getting a chance to read this today. RT you are very right in spending
    some quiet time away from all the issues. I too, shut the television off, do not listen to the radio and just leave all the confusion behind. I spend time with my dogs outside and spend as much time as I can with my horse. He is boarded so I do have a short ride to see him. A horse’s wisdom is beyond all! They no no time as we do. He understands when I have had a bad day or just feeling a blue funky day. I am always up lifted by his spirit. Its these days that he feels the need to want to play games and perhaps pull at my shirt or a sniff at my hair. Sounds crazy, but he feels the need to communicate. In all this madness, we must thank God for the things we have and just pray to God to try and make things right.


  16. R. T. and Susie, thank you. Everytime I look into my horse’s eyes, I see what it means to be friends, even a little feisty at times, and companionship, as well as love. We may not agree all the time, but in the end we have each other and want to protect the other. May God give us the strength and his assistance in chasing the BLM into oblivion and giving our wild horses and burros a new lease on life. When I see the little burro at the santuary where I keep my horse and help out, he comes over puts his head on my arm and loves to be kissed and hugged. May we save them all from the barbarians that continue to try to take them from us. Together, united til the end, we will surpass and win this battle. God BLess all of you. I am blessed to be part of this and hope that we will be able to rejoice SOON.


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