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Texas Prison Horses May Be Among Horses Awaiting Mexican Slaughter

Story by Steven Long ~ editor/publisher of Horseback Magazine

Huntsville Horses may be in trouble

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Unconfirmed reports reached Horseback Magazinelate Wednesday that Texas Prison Horses sold at auction in Huntsville recently may be among hordes of starved horses awaiting transport to slaughter at the border town of Presidio.

More than 30 of the prison horses were bought by a slaughter killer buyer based near Waco.

Presidio, long noted for consistently having the highest temperatures in the nation, sits along the Rio Grande in the Chihuahuan Desert. Reports reached Horseback early Wednesday that Ray Field had discovered the horses during a fly over near Big Ben Ranch, Texas largest state park.

Field allegedly noted from the air that horses were starving in record heat and some had perished and were laying dead on the ground.

Horseback has learned that a judge has issued a warrant, but it is unclear what sort of warrant was issued.

Field was in the area of Big Bend Ranch where Texas Parks and Wildlife confirmed to Horseback last week that wildlife management officials have shot 46 wild burros since resuming lethal eradication of the animals which cross the Rio Grande from the Sierra Del Carmen in Mexico.

The parks department claims the burros harm the ecosystem of the huge park which is 70 miles across.

Wild horse and burro advocates claim Texas Parks and Wildlife Department wants to eradicate the donkeys to make room for Big Horn Sheep, a native species coveted by big game hunters. The cash strapped department would allegedly charge large fees for permits to hunt big game.

Horseback will begin active coverage of the story Thursday.

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  1. I pray every night and day that the criminals (disguised as government workers) committing these evil deeds will be arrested, prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. And, yet, there is a huge problem in that, the laws are so little enforced to protect the innocent from such skum that nobody is safe. That very fact tells a lot about the lack of value they hold for any and all living beings. Such a disgrace and a shameful thing.


  2. Just can’t believe how many psychopaths work for governments these days. Those poor burros. Those poor horses. They do nothing wrong and get persecuted, hunted and slaughtered.


  3. Geeze….what a mess! I can’t even begin to understand how to start cleaning up that h*lhole and sort, assist and rehab those innocent victims…and that includes the cattle. WHAT MESS!!! …a filthy, unnecessary man-made mess!

    Isn’t the meat game just a fine, fine, stellar enterprise?!


  4. I usually hate it when I’m wrong, but hate it even more that I am right in this instance. Where did we think the horses were going to end up??? I hate to think it and hate it even more to say it, but maybe the horror in Presidio will get somebody’s attention. Hopefully, mainstream media and news shows will report on this tragedy. Call, fax, write.


  5. I’m sorry to say that this will continue as long man exist. You have to remember that man is the only animal that is capable and perfectly willing to destroy his own enviroment no other creation has an understanding of or any use for power and greed. Ed Whalen


  6. It is time to stand up and stop this! I am not asking for money I am asking for voices and ideas. We need to do a mass awarness of the abuse. Editorials,TV, Radio and anything else we can do. I want a t shirt that says ask me $%&*((( I think if we could all pick a day or week and hit the public hard it might help. No one in TN really knows about the horse iand donkey issues. You should know there is an issue with the Bison in Yellowstone Park also. To do an editorial in a news paper we need to be short but concise. I paid to get email addresses, phone and fax numbers for all TN newspapers and I paid $15.00. My phone number is 423-622-5035 serious calls only.


  7. Dee is right..Get on the phone, email the guy who is in charge. I have been emailing him back and forth regarding this issue. They are so afraid of an equine disease, but yet when I asked how many infected animals that they found. He said none. There are two rescues down there that he claims are trying to capture the Burros without any success. I don’t know about you, but last time I checked Burros were not the fastest moving creatures on Earth. If
    everybody sends emails and calls perhaps he will get the message. I just received an email form the Democratic committee soliciting funds. I responded with my concerns about the Wild Horses and Burros. Our voices to some degree have not been heard. There are thousands of Americans out there
    that must pick up the sword and take a stand for our horses and burros. It has got to stop before any more of our Wild Horses and Burros are killed. Oh, and
    by the way perhaps we need to send an email to the President of Mexico telling him how cruel and unjust this is to take our American horses. I only hope that someone can interven with the Texas horses. Perhaps another email to Willie Nelson or another country star could change the path for these horses. There must be someone out there…


  8. I thought the prison horses were from the BLM and still their responsibility? Again I say, where is the HSUS Legislative Branch with their top-notch lawyers. Where is the HSUS against this horrendous BLM animal abuse/cruelty. Genocide. I know, HSUS is in contract with BLM for wild horse contraceptives. However, what is the HSUS all about? I thought it was a “humane society?!” Is it changing? Every so often the HSUS will put out a press release FOR the wild horses…a spin doc? Just think, the BLM cruelty, abuse of thousands and thousands of wild horses (pregnant mares/foals included) and NOTHING from HSUS! This is horrifying and frightening. I still do not donate anymore. I write back, “Help the wild horses & burros against BLM cruelty and I will again support and donate.”


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