Day: September 11, 2011

A Moment of Reverence, Respect, Remembering and Revelation

On this day, September 11th 2011, there will be flurry of articles, news stories, editorials and activities relating back to the cataclysmic events that occurred ten years ago, this day…as well there should be.

The pain, misery and suffering that the twisted human spirit waged against innocent fellow men, women and children does not heal or even blur with time, it only smolders in the background like the embers of the burning wreckage left behind on that dreadful day.

We see, hear, feel and taste the perversity of mankind on a daily basis through the news and events of our time but ten years ago the rank evil manifested itself in such a way that tens of thousands of lives were damaged and touched around the world, never again to be the same.

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