Day: February 12, 2012

NH Boy Joins Fight to Save America’s Horses

GREENLAND, NH — A shy, soft-spoken local boy is raising his voice to tell his representatives in Concord and Washington that horse slaughter is cruel and inhumane.

Nine-year-old Declan Gregg has already testified in front of the N.H. House Environment and Agriculture Committee and next month will travel with his mother, Stacie Gregg, to Washington, D.C., to present letters to Congress as part of the Million Horse March children’s letter-writing campaign to stop horse slaughter.

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Zebra Stripes: Are They Nature’s Fly Repellant?

Sunday is always “Special Interest Day” here at SFTHH and it is customary to publish a feel-good story to help re-charge us for the following week of equine advocacy. This weekend we shot the gun a little early with publishing Cheyenne Little’s story, yesterday, so today we would like to share with our readers an interesting and rather educational story on our domestic and wild horses’ cousin, the Zebra. Now I know that I, for one, have always wondered why flies appear to be more prevalent on one horse versus another out in our pastures. I took it to be a simple matter of perhaps scent and the fact that maybe one’s personal hygiene was better than the next (those guys can burn through the toilet paper) but a team of scientists have come up with another reason and it got me to thinking. So, sit back and relax as the BBC attempts to enlighten us on the mystery that lies beneath the stripes of Zebra, it might get those brain cells churning, today.

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