Month: January 2012

Horse Slaughter: No Steps Forward – Many Steps Back

By the end of the First World War, more than 827,000 horses and mules had served in the military. The British Army alone saw 415,179 animals die in the conflict. After the Armistice was signed, these soldier equines weren’t honored for their service and retired to pasture with the appreciation of grateful nations. They were, instead, sent to slaughter.

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Horseback Mag Banned from Horse Slaughter Summit

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Horseback Magazine had hoped to cover the upcoming pro-horse processing Summit of the Horse in Oklahoma City beginning April 2, however, the fiery tempered president of United Horsemen, the presenting sponsor, has barred this magazine’s first amendment right to cover a news story of interest to all horse owners.

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“War Horse” Message Touches the Heart of America

The other day I finally had the opportunity to watch War Horse and was lucky enough to do so with my wife and her parents; the resulting afterglow yielded ample rewards.

My in-laws were not horse people until Terry and I got hitched; not that I brought horses with me into the relationship but I did bring the means that allowed Terry to live her dream, and her parents were there, in Brazil, when she was given Apache the Mongalarga Marchador who now lives with us in Texas. My in-laws were hooked and always insist on taking care of the “GrandAnimals” when we travel. So the invitation for a movie and a dinner was quickly accepted with great relish. We attended a Monday afternoon matinee for not only the rock-bottom price of the tickets but because we knew that there would be few patrons present to distract us. And we were right, there were only 9 total, including us, but one felt that she was above the rules and not only left her cell phone on but answered it in the middle of the movie. I activated my death ray and vaporized her, immediately…in my mind.

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The Last of the Real Cowboys

I’ve known a lot of ranchers in my life; good, honest men with a work ethic born of pride in the job they do, men who think nothing of rolling out round bales of hay in minus 20 degree weather, who would go out in a rainstorm and bring an abandoned calf into the barn and bottle feed it for days on end because, “he deserves a chance.” On the flat plains of north Texas, life on the range could destroy the weak, but for those who persevered it could turn them into the very best of the human race.

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Beau Jacques Case Not Only Sad, But Worrying

The sad demise of former racehorse Beau Jacques will upset any horse lover.

Here was a thoroughbred gelding who, at five, was at the end of his racing career.

Owner Kevin Patterson had spent $US1000 in veterinary care to help Beau Jacques over a tendon injury suffered on March 29 last year, in the first step in getting him right for a new career after racing.

Kelsey Elva Lefever, 24, met with Patterson in May and held out the promise of a bright future for Beau Jacques.

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RT Fitch and I each placed $1,000 on the table as an award to anyone who can prove that equine slaughter has a basis in need other that sticking money in the pockets of the pro-slaughter crowd. Without fail, the customary propaganda spewed forth like sewage from an overflowing cesspool. Not a single statement held any factual backing. Several tried to turn the tables, challenging us to provide the answer to, “Why not?” Nor was a word uttered on this blog by the high and mighty “authorities,” although some person named “Wallis,” who thinks she is a leader of some sort, did post on several other blogs that I was an idiot and should be “investigated.”

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The Force of the Horse®

It had been a while since they had spoken with him. They knew that he had been busy, particularly since the hurricanes. Before the storms, he used to come out and sit with them, often sharing conversation and stories over the round bale; but it had been a while. They missed the contact, but could feel the clutter in his mind and the battle raging in his soul. So they calmly waited, knowing that he would return to them. Tonight, he was sitting on the fence, thoughtfully watching them munch on the new round bale in the back pasture.

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