Day: February 23, 2012

Chief Wyoming Horse-Eater Pawns Alleged Horse Slaughter Plant Off onto Missouri

True to form, Wyoming’s Renegade State Rep. Sue Wallis has launched a rumor in the news that she is behind the opening of a predatory horse Slaughter plant in Missouri before the people of the state, and local community, are even aware of it. We have all heard the assumptions and false predictions in the past but what is amazing is that anyone in the media community would actually pay attention to her miscues and innuendo. Wallis even goes on to expound about how the bloody meat will be distributed, within the year, within the U.S. full knowing that the meat of US horses is banned in the EU due to drug contamination and that the overall all public consensuses is 80% opposed to the killing and feasting upon flesh of companion animals.

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Salazar, Obama’s BLM Stick It to the Wild Horses, Burros and the American Public

While trusting Americans calmly slept all snug in their beds dreaming of freedom, blue skies, green grass and the thundering of distance hooves the grotesquely distorted and immoral monster, known as the Department of the Interior (DoI), was plotting on collusive and divisive ways to kill off the national icon of American freedom and independence, the wild horses and burros of the western United States.

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