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Ken Salazar Under Fire…from his Bolo Tie

By of the Washington Post

Kenny’s Tie Speaks Out on Being Rejected

“Any story that portrays the Secretary of the Interior for the bumbling special interest broker that he is, sincerely lights me up…and the Chief Wild Horse-Hater’s bolo tie is a tad miffed at the man who wears his hat in the house, the White House that is.  Enjoy.” ~ R.T.

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Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is under fire from a source very close to him. We’re not talking, of course, about his inner circle of advisers or political allies, but rather … his bolo tie.

Salazar’s Western neckwear has been expressing its frustration with its owner, who it feels has grown distant of late, on its Twitter feed @kensbolo (described in its bio as “a stylish, jetsetting accessory on exciting adventures within the federal government. Oh yes.”)

The tie, apparently, thinks Salazar has grown fonder of traditional neckties of late. And in fact, we’ve noticed that Salazar has been neglecting the string tie that he so famously sported throughout his Senate career and even during his appointment ceremony with President Obama.

“I’ve gotten so little attention from Kenny lately, I’m considering hitting the road. I’ll sprout some fibers, soak myself in gin,” it tweeted last month. And in another plaintive missive: “Cruel loneliness.”

The tie has gotten some sympathy: A twitter user,‏ @JonsMoustache (who purports to be the facial hair of National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis. “Well I care about you too, @KensBolo … I suggest enjoying the great outdoors it’s #NationalParkWeek leave Kenny behind and enjoy the parks!”

And the fashion blogger who pens Capitol Hill Style weighed in, too, Tweeting that perhaps Salazar had “gone Washington” and had traded in his beloved bolo for more typical Beltway fare.

When the Loop asked an Interior spokesman for comment about just where Salazar stands on the bolo tie issue, we got this response, via Twitter, which should give the poor neglected Western cravat some hope:

“Not to fear @kensbolo, Sec. Salazar still believes in high fashion, bolos included.”

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    • I noticed that too…..I watched him at a dedication during the prayer/invocation under a covered staged and he didn’t remove that darn hat.

      I hope the bolo goes berserk and starts tightening.

      Every person that I see who wears one seems to be a land raping, equine butcher. Yes, I know there are equine supporters that wear the bolo; I’m saying the only ones I see wearing them are the wildlife, equine whackers.


  1. I say we put a number on that bolo tie, just like all the numbered neck bands of horses in holding. Perhaps a campaign where we all send him a bolo tie with a number of horse in holding. Or maybe send them to the President and say it is time for Kenny to go if you are re-elected. No reason Kenny needs to stay on if the President does.


  2. l do agree that Secretary Salazar and BLM Director Abbey need to go, but when will all of you wake up and see that we also need a NEW PRESIDENT as well!!! President Obama doesn’t want our wild horses on the Public Lands. They are a hinderance to his and the UN’s plan under Agenda 21! Please dig a little deeper into his “real” agenda, look things us for yourselves and don’t rely on the major networks to tell you all of your news. Look, I used to work for the Government when the “Iron Curtain” was in full force and not just the other side used Propoganda if you know what I mean and I was shown a whole new side of our country’s government that I didn’t necessarily like. Anyway, I was taught to look at all types of different news papers from different sources that you wouldn’t normally read. I’m just saying,


    • Agenda 21? Seriously? All I know is the agenda of Romney is that of corporate puppet. Romney had no idea what our public lands were even for and is for giving them back to the states to do with what they want.


      • If you do not live in the West and are not interested in an issue related to public ranges, most of your experience with public land with be municipal, state, and federal parks and forests. It is hard for people in other parts of the country to grasp the vast amount of land in the Western states that is deemed public lands.

        Governor Romney spent a lot of time in Nevada last year, and no doubt he got an ear full of the states rights issue. States rights is a big push from wild horse bashers and slaughterers, as well as a lot of other people who see the federal government as too big, too powerful, too inefficient, too wasteful, and impossible to provide oversight for.

        I don’t know what the answer is. I would not want to see all federal land returned to the states, but if there is one thing I am absolutely certain of, the BLM does not serve the American people. It serves the ranchers. While there are good ranchers who manage their land and don’t act like the country owes them a living, you have large corporate ranchers who use the BLM as their personal agents. This is wrong. If some of the public land was returned to states, and ranges for wild horses remained under federal control as part of the parks system, it might work.

        However, I don’t see anyone returning all our public lands to the states. They are too rich in natural resources, but unless you change the Antiquities Act and increase grazing fees, the government gets no real benefits from the land.

        An organization that has been in charge of managing a treasure like our wild horses and burros that doesn’t have humane handling protocols after 40 years is an agency is simply unthinkable. The BLM treats wild horses and burros like they are chairs on legs.

        We need new leadership in Washington. We have not had a federal budget. Congress refuses legislate preferring to legislate through appropriations then complain that judges are legislating from the bench. We have several agencies such as Interior that have not had an IG.

        For a few moments last week I had hope for POTUS. I heard he had appointed an “Atrocities Czar”. Then I heard is had to with war crimes overseas, not the war the BLM is waging against our horses.


  3. Who really cares about Kenneth Salazar and his tie? All I can say is that he is a man who is partial to cattlemen and who has supported the abuse, the torture, and the destruction of our American Mustangs perpetrated by the Bureau of Land Management. He has also supported slaughter of wolves.

    I know NOTHING good about Kennth Salazar, I remember his part in the BP oil spill, and there is NOTHING good about this man in my view. Just another typical appointment by Obama.


  4. What a disaster!! I am constantly emailing my Legislators regarding his ill fated decisions regarding our Wild Horses and Burros along with the othr wildlife that he is removing from our federal ranges and parks. This was the worse appointment made by any president and especially a Democratic president. Yes, its too bad the bolo didn’t have some type of magical spell…like the growing of Pinnoceo’s nose. Except with the tie, every time the bearer lied the bolo tie would tighten. I guess I was enlightened about who helped with the appointment. I was sorry to see Harry Reid elected by a hair, but what would the alternative be? I don’t live in Nevada, but Senator Reid is certainly shameful. Do those living out there think that they OWN THE STATE, its natural resources and all the wildlife within the state. Hey, if they want to run cattle let them buy their own ranches and let them feed the cattle instead of grazing off public lands. God help us if he continues to remain the Secretary of the Interior. All we will see are oil wells, blasting rigs and total destruction of the parks and the wildlife that provide so much beauty.


  5. It’s very interesting that the perception is that Salazar has increased mining and drilling on public lands, but the news reports I keep reading is that POTUS is taking credit for the increased drilling and mining in the West, but that actually drilling and mining on federal lands may be at an all time low by recent years’ standards. There is increased mining and drilling, but it has almost all been done on private land. Of course, it affects water resources that are shared, but still…

    This would indicate that Senator Reid and the Secretary have been largely successful in reserving public land for ranchers, not gas and oil.


  6. You are fabulous! These are truly amnziag! I do not live in the Vancouver area but hopefully one day I will be able to schedule a shoot with you at my stable in Chicago right in the heart of the city!


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