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  1. Likewise, R.T. …we appreciate and admire you more than YOU know!!! Always love hearing from you…have a safe trip home.


  2. Dear RT , I appreciate also all you and Terry do for the welfare of those with no voices but speak to all of us with their eyes and souls, these wonderful horses , for us they need no voices because we hear them loud and clear…We are all here for their welfare and exsistance, you keep all of so well imformed to what is happening , how can we ever Thank you enough…………Together we will help them and find the Freedom that they so well deserve and need …… Together we will make this a reality, I have no doubt !!!!!


  3. I appreciate YOU also … and I feel honored to be on the side of our wild horses and burros … it is the correct and honorable side to be on. Thank you, R.T. and all who truely care.


  4. And we all appreciate You and Terri and “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” for going the distance AND BEYOND for the equines and us! For helping US help the horses and burros in so many different ways. Without you, we’d all be in the dark on so many issues. You keep me motivated when I start slumping…you and Laura Leigh, too. Thank you sooooooooooo very much, RT.


  5. Thank you for your hard work in bringing we the people with the true facts of the entire horse industry and the BLM.


  6. R.T., you and Terry have given so much of yourselves to this battle. We all are deeply indebted to you both. You are a constant source of inspiration. The Force of the Horse be with you as you travel and there should be some Wrangler tea waiting for you at this end.


  7. My heartfelt thanks for all you do for our horses. I check into your website every day and count on you to keep informed on the latest news.


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