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American Wild Horses Facing Their Darkest Hour Surrounded By Antagonists

by William E. Simpson II

A survey of the Internet, Facebook & Twitter posts shows there are some wild horse and burro non-profits and individuals who have highly questionable motives for their wild horse advocacy. And $-millions of dollars in annual income along with ego and other factors seem to be adversely affecting the decision-making paradigms of some.

Some are clearly banking $-Millions and sitting on donations that were provided to wild horse non-profits to save wild horses by kind people, while the people at these non-profits live in the lap of luxury and simply watch as wild horses are sent from kill pens and auctions into the slaughter pipeline.
This Eye-Opening article by investigative journalist Stacilee Sherwood features the IRS 990 filings of several wild horse non-profits, including the 2020 IRS 990 for American Wild Horse Campaign.
As we read in Ms. Sherwood’s article, American Wild Horse Campaign is an example of a wild horse non-profit that is sitting-on $-millions in cash assets, and continuing to collect donations, when wild horses could be rescued from slaughter auctions with that money.
And as hundreds of innocent wild horses are shuffled off to brutal deaths at slaughterhouses, American Wild Horse Campaign proffers and supports that $-millions more in tax dollars and donations be spent shooting free-roaming wild horses on public lands with PZP, using high-powered gas rifles, which certainly is not as exigent of a matter as saving wild horses heading to slaughter, of which they are well-aware.
Instead of helping wild horses, there is a good argument that they are harming the chances for long-term natural conservation of wild horses living wild and free on public lands with their ill-conceived promotion and use of PZP (Genetic Poison) on American wild horses.
This article by Tuesday’s Horse discusses some of the dangerously flawed-thinking that goes-on at a couple of the multi-million dollar non-profits.
I have often wondered what is it about wild horses that attracts a tiny minority of people into the wild horse and burro advocacy who pose as wild horse advocates for their own gain, and who are publicly known as alleged, admitted or convicted animal abusers and/or sexual predators.
Let’s examine some examples of such people:
Marty Irby:
In addition to his role at Animal Wellness Action, behind the scenes, Marty Irby is lobbying for the livestock industry, which is why he sits on the Organization for Competitive Markets board. Here:
Irby plays on both sides of the street by also publicly condemning livestock grazing and cattle, a double standard that is consistent with his political grandstanding and past scandals, which are well published:
Mr. Irby was the president of the Tennessee Walker Association until he was thrown-out for malfeasance. For a decade Mr. Irby competed in events where he used horses fitted with what are called ‘action devices’, which Irby later characterized as horse ‘torture’. He brags in social media that he’s an “8-time equestrian champion”, leaving out the fact that is was on ‘tortured’ horses.
Here is an enlightening article, which has been online for years.
It is a well-known legal fact that, if the allegations in this article were untrue (aka: libel), Mr. Irby could easily sue and have it taken down, but apparently that is not the case.
“If you’re on the fence about whether or not Irby and AWA (Animal Wellness Action) are credible, it only takes looking a little deeper.
Irby testified to congress on November 13, 2013, “In May 2012, I was as President faced with perhaps the most critical decision that has ever faced our breed: should I continue to perpetuate the lies that padded and chained horses are mostly sound….” and further stated “I knew things must change…”
In every OpEd or statement Irby publishes, he accuses members of Congress who oppose his position of supporting sore and the “pro-soring coalition”; asks that you “free” the Tennessee Walking Horse because of the “rampant abuse” because he knows, and he knows because he was once right in the center of the industry that perpetuates soring.
Sounds legit, but only if you do not know that in May 2013, Irby was showing padded Tennessee Walking Horses. That’s one full year after he claimed to have had an epiphany that pads and action devices were cruel, and one full year after he knew he could not perpetuate the lies of the industry. It was also one full year after he attempted to extort money from the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, who banned him from the showgrounds as a result of the attempted extortion.”
Another similarly published article, had this to say about Marty Irby:
An arbitrator found that Irby’s use of “leverage” in his confidential email sounded “distressingly like extortion” and “epitomizes the very essence of cybersquatting.”
Now we come to the category of alleged and convicted sex predators and offenders who have infiltrated into wild horse advocacy circles. Here are a few examples:
Wayne Pacelle
Currently, Mr. Pacelle is the founder and partner with Marty Irby at Animal Wellness Action, and two other similarly named, newly formed non-profits, along with their colleague, lawyer Scott Beckstead.
Pacelle had been accused, among other things, of inviting a staffer to his hotel room and offering to masturbate in front of her and give her oral sex. The organization also used donor money to pay settlements to several women who were mistreated. Further, a Politico report highlighted that Pacelle pal Paul Shapiro was allowed to remain at HSUS as a vice president despite six women making complaints against him in 2016.
The NEW YORK TIMES has a lot to say about Mr. Pacelle:
According to the New York Times, Pacelle “summoned [a female employee] to his office and pressured her for sex. She said she refused and once tried to placate him with a hug. After hugging her goodbye, he turned her around, pushed her over his desk and rubbed his genitals against her, she said.”
The activist watchdog organization, Activist Facts, has a major disclosure on Mr. Pacelle that is also eye-opening!
John William Cox
Over the past many months, Mr. Cox has engaged in a smear campaign against Wild Horse Fire Brigade and this writer.
Of course, inquiring minds are interested in his real motive for his totally unsupported bombastic allegations, which when examined against a long history of published articles, are soundly proven false.
Recently, public records available online about Mr. John Cox were published at Twitter by dedicated wild horse advocate, Miss Cheryl Marshall.
Reading the publicly available online report from Klamath County Judicial Records, we find that Mr. John Cox failed to report as a registered Sex Offender when he moved into Klamath County Oregon, and he was convicted of that additional crime in 2018.
There are also laws, which limit or prohibit how, and even if, sex offenders can access or use the Internet. Is Mr. Cox in violation of those laws now via his use of twitter?
Over the past few years, Mr. Cox has been using many photos that were taken by other professional photographers on his social media, which create the appearance that he is a professional photographer to those Internet viewers who are not inclined to dig into his publicly available background.
Our due diligence showed no professional photography business by any DBA of his name in the State of Oregon.
Moreover, he claims he is veteran, hence the Twitter handle ‘@vetjournalist’, however, whether or not that is true is questionable. And there is no record of any professional journalism by Mr. Cox (feature article(s) in print or in the News Media).
In November of 2021, I was informed by one of my readers that, Mr. John Cox, who uses the Twitter online avatar-handle John Cox @vetjournalist, was illicitly using one of my copyrighted photos to promote one of his posts at his Facebook account, which has since been shut down (See image; screenshot taken by me as evidence of crime).
Mr Cox was contacted by my lawyer, demanding that my image be removed from his Facebook page forthwith.
Shortly thereafter, his Facebook page was taken down.
America’s treasured wild horses are truly suffering in their darkest hours, and all true wild horse advocates must rally to rid the advocacy of those who continue to distract advocates from a genuine solution, as they parasitically benefit themselves at the grave expense of our relatively few remaining, genetically intact, wild horses.
#WildHorses #WildHorse #Fearless4Horses

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  1. RT — Just to let you know I am SO sick of reading Bill Simpson’s rants. He is a highly questionable character – I can give you chapter and verse. Hate to see your site degraded by his anti-advocate campaigns. For the wild ones, C


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  2. Charlotte,

    I would think you would welcome a diverse collection of opinions and plans otherwise you would just live in a bubble that might not offer any tangible solutions. I for one am grateful to know if someone is disingenuous or a sex offender of all things. As you must know the non profit sector is rife with fraud and corruption and animal abusers are drawn to those who want to help. Don’t you want to know all the facts before you decide who to trust? Who has a plan that would actually get support? If you don’t like what you’re reading you have the freedom to create your own site and post whatever you want there.

    Here are some more facts and a good guide about what some groups are really doing other than saving our wild horses. Remember Gypsy in Oregon? Not one group lifted a finger to help her so how on earth would they save an entire species, their habitat and food supply? C’mon you can’t be that blinded to the truth ……


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