Day: June 6, 2012

Why is O’Neill Still Even Allowed in Horse Racing?

Horse trainer Doug O’Neill was said to be “ecstatic” over the wins at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness by his horse, I’ll Have Another. He is proud of his racing record. The racing world now looks to the remaining Triple Crown race, the Belmont Stakes on June 9. Will there be a Triple Crown winner this year, the first since 1978?

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About every 15-20 years, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rewrites a Resource Management Plan for areas that include not only rural areas, but big cities like Los Angeles.

Then, for the next 15-20 years, every proposed project, plan and Environmental Assessment is based on this Resource Management Plan (RMP).

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Stronger Federal Rule Announced to Impose Penalties against Horse Soring

The abuse of Tennessee walking horses has been in the news since The HSUS released video footage of one of the industry’s top trainers striking a horse in the face with a wooden handle and pouring injurious chemicals onto the feet of a horse. It was four decades ago that Congress passed the Horse Protection Act to prevent and criminalize “soring” and other abuses of horses. Tennessee state representative Janis Sontany wrote in a column in The Tennessean on Sunday: “Soring has been a well-kept dirty secret in this industry and it’s time for this nonsense to end.”

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Breaking News: FRER Discovers Documented Efforts to Begin Horse Slaughter in Missouri

June 5, 2012 (Larkspur, Colorado) – Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) has discovered that Unified Equine, LLC has applied to the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to begin the slaughter of thousands of American horses at a plant in Rockville, Missouri. Despite Unified Equine’s extensive efforts to hide the location of the site of their newest effort to begin slaughtering America’s horses, FRER has obtained this information, and will now begin legal and community-based efforts with other groups across the country to prevent the opening of this slaughterhouse. FRER will also continue its parallel efforts to end the slaughter of American horses for human consumption once and for all.

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