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Audio Post: Judge Allows BLM West Douglas Roundup to Take Place, BUT

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  1. Thank you, RT for the quick update.
    If the Judge said he would monitor the BLM so they could not use this excuse again, why did he let them use it now. Too bad the judge couldn’t be taken out t the area and shown the “emergency” Did we” take pictures for him to see. I know its hard, believe me.


  2. Isnt it the job and duty of every Judge before rendering a verdict, to require Iron clad proof???? One would think this would be simple ethics????? Instead they give verdicts that will be a death sentence, to those 50 Magnificent Mustangs…………does not one Judge even consider LIVES?????and exsistance???/ The BLM has the unmitigated gall to lie to the Judge……………Is this how They say,Happy Independence Day to the Wild Ones…………… This is unreal !!!!!!! (I AM RIGHT NOW A ASHAMED AMERICAN CITIZEN)


  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I know how devastating this news must be. Thank you for your valiant efforts. And it is a good question above. If the judge believe their crying wolf emergency this time, what would prevent them from believing it again? It almost sounds like they didn’t believe it now,but ruled in their favor anyway. The BLM has found a fastrack to removal by claiming emergency. And rounding up wild horses is killing them. They are not wild in captivity.


  4. I must apologize , I forgot to say Thank You RT for timely update, also Thank You to the Legal team I know you did your best !!!!!


  5. This is heartbreaker news, especially since the size of this herd is small. It is my opinion (not that it is worth much) that every state and county agency are under orders to support BLM in whatever they do. Every judge makes the same idiotic statement that the BLM ” can continue with this round-up, but don’t do it again.” There is more than sufficient proof along with supporting videos that clearly and abundently document the claims of the BLMs illegal and willful damage done to these herds. The BLM is a profiteering govenment agency out to do permanent harm to the natural environment and animals. The BLM has the support of congress. The people do not.


    • It sure does seem like no one is allowed to disagree with the BLM. The DOI Inspector General busted them for their mishandling of everything about one of the desert energy projects but will anything change because of it??


  6. Happy 4th of July– Happy declaration of Freedom and Justice. But not for the horses under the control of BLM. Correct: “Rounding up wild horses is killing them.” Thanks for the report RT–and thanks to our legal team that keeps on marching. BLM has given us another trail of tears.


  7. Animals hate the 4th of July fireworks it scares them too much it would not bother me at all if they didn’t have them, as I find them all over afterwards the ones that are illegal that is. When is the BLM ever going to stop guess when the horses are all gone its soo sad:(


  8. Citizens are fighting back….AND WINNING
    Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water
    By Alan Snitow & Deborah Kaufman, with Michael Fox
    t also shows how people in affected communities are fighting back to keep water affordable, accessible, sustainable and public:
    By creating new methods to challenge the corporate juggernaut in an age of globalization
    By challenging tired clichés of Republican and Democratic political alignments


  9. I know I am preaching to the choir but the Congressional Law states our WH&B shall be protected where found, protected where found, protected where found.

    The BLM received more than $112 billion in 2010 for use of our public lands and they can’t provide the wild horses and burros some hay and water so they can be helped through some tough times on their legal land and instead they will be send “away” to disappear with the thousands of other WH&B?

    The Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 (WFRHBA) is an Act of Congress signed into law. Consider the following un-amended language of the 1971 law and what it means: “It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death.” This is the law of the United States of America.

    The BLM has continually stated and proven that they are “above the law” and gotten away with it. They have broken every WH&B law.
    The wild ones have been captured.
    They have been branded.
    They have been harassed.
    They have been killed.
    They have NOT been protected in the area where found.

    The impact of ignoring or bypassing the edict of the law destroys the trust and the integrity of the United States Government to abide by a law that was passed by Congress and can only be abolished by an act of Congress.

    On this eve of our country’s birth celebration … I am ashamed of our America.


    • Wow! I could not have said it better!!! And may use your words (credit to be given! LOL) in talking to others about what’s going on and why I’ve been involved in this for so long and so much! And I agree with your last statement – I am ashamed of my government, my country, and of being related to a portion of my “species” that can do what it’s doing at this time in my life. Blessed Be!!


      • Feel free to share my words … they are not “my words” … they are the words of all Americans who know this very sad saga of our Wild Ones.


    • Have you considered sending your entire post to Rep. Raul Grijalva. District: Arizona – District 7; Party: Democrat? He has been a great advocate for the horses!


  10. HERE’S the problem:


    “The Nature Conservancy frequently uses phony front companies to get land” and it purchased “most of the islands off the coast of Virginia, containing 40,000 acres and sixty miles of coastline. In doing so, The Nature Conservancy was able to stop all private development and control the use of the land, damaging the tax base, killing thousands of jobs, and severely curbing the locals from hunting, fishing, camping and joy riding on the islands.

    Don’t think the purpose was to preserve these beautiful, pristine islands for nature. The Nature Conservancy did bar others from developing the land, but not itself. Far from it, at a huge profit, the Conservancy developed upscale homes for the rich.”
    Lee Pitts wrote in Agri-News: “TNC is involved in oil production and receives oil royalties.” “It hides behind phony corporations; serves as a shill for government agencies; and works behind the scenes with more visible environmental groups to intimidate property owners into selling. Its power, wealth, and control is almost beyond comprehension.”

    Range Magazine published an article about The Nature Conservancy in 2003, and pointed out that TNC was “capable of manipulating governments, including that of the United States, endowed with assets amounting to nearly $3 billon…It would be directly in control of some 90 million acres worldwide, with more than 12 million acres…in the United States.”
    Callie Hendrickson gave a presentation on wild horses before the tour, using BLM’s “fuzzy math” estimates (“guess-timates”) about the number of wild horses on the range.
    Hendrickson’s presentation also included a photo marked (the website for Cattoor Livestock Roundup, Inc.), a photo with S. Cattoor on it, as well as old photos from 1996, 1997, and 2002. It doesn’t seem like Hendrickson’s presentation informed people about other “uses” in the areas of the photos (either on those old dates or presently) that use a lot of water from aquifers and drop the water table. Her presentation didn’t seem to include the water drawdown maps from any projects (other “uses”) near the places where those photos were taken. The other uses of water effect water (and forage) not only for wild horses, but for livestock and wildlife.
    Prior to her BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board appointment, Hendrickson pushed for “sale without limitation” of older wild horses and wild horses not adopted after 3 attempts (most go to slaughter).

    At the Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting, there was talk of the merging of plans between the BLM & USDA’s Forest Service with “paired decision records and implementation” and cooperating agency agreements. There was the irony that while the BLM claims concern about rangeland health and drought, it would suddenly change procedure, “extending the shelf life” of Environmental Assessments (EAs), to only prepare one every 10 years instead of the usual 1-4 years. This not only gives the BLM a blank check to roundup as many wild horses as they want in that 10 year period, it also gives the BLM even less accountability to the public.


  11. These 50 to be removed need the option of being returned and not processed as if they do not belong on their home range any longer. They do belong and returning them there is their right to freedom over removal. I am sorry this judge does not realize these horses must face death on their ranges as part of the natural life that freedom is all about! They are survivors and history has shown this. This interference will be more harmful than allowing them to stay because BLM will likely never return them.


  12. Is there photographic/video evidence of these horses in poor condition? If so, I have not seen it. Conditions of wild animals should be expected to fluctuate over periods due to seasonal and environmental changes. If these horses are truly in such bad shape that they must be removed to prevent death, why can they not be returned back to the lands upon improvement of drought conditions? That would be a move I could understand from an agency charged with the protection and preservation of these animals.


  13. Icky Icky Icky. Not allowed to say what I really want to. Cow manure. Buffalo chips. Moose droppings.

    Okay my first question is James Kleinert’s wild horse that he worked so hard to have released. BLM keep your freaking paws off of him. No way can you say there is no one there to id him. You have observers–or will. I know they’ll know who he is. If you or the contractor can’t figure it out–get an observer.

    The good news is this judge sees the shell game BLM plays–citing emergency drought conditions. Judge Collyer really understands what is going on.

    50 horses? BLM when conditions get better you HAD BETTER release those horses. Since there won’t be a drought you can’t cite that as a reason NOT TO RETURN them to their rightful home.

    To my fellow advocates Have a happy safe 4th July. For those that do roundups–may all your equipment suffer heat exhaustion so you can’t do the roundups you were slated to do. Not to include our 4 footed friends–even owned by the contractor. They aren’t at fault for the stupidness of their owners.


  14. Different state…same plot…same game:
    Public Comment on Battle Mountain District Drought Management Plan
    May 16, 2012
    Debbie Coffey
    “This COCKAMAMIE BLM “Drought Management Plan” is just another example of the mismanagement of our public lands by the Bureau of Land Management.”
    “The purpose of the EA is to analyze alternatives that would allow for the rapid response to drought in order to alleviate the impacts of authorized uses and activities on natural resources that are at risk of being adversely affected by drought.
    Your office can respond rapidly RIGHT NOW by curtailing man-made causes of drought. Don’t write a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for uses of public lands that use massive quantities of water from aquifers, risk contaminating water, cause disturbance of thousands of acres and loss of native soil profiles, and will take 25 years for reclamation.
    This EA uses the Society of Range Management’s limited definition of drought. It omits man-made causes of drought. There are also supply and demand issues to consider. It seems that wild horses & burros and livestock have been singled out for removal, rather than curtailing any water use by big water users during periods of drought. Mr. Furtado, I see you’ve been trying to trim permit time for mines
    .It seems the BLM is in violation of FLPMA by favoring and fast-tracking uses that make more money.
    To remove wild horses & burros and livestock as a “Drought Management Plan,” is akin to a firefighter running into a burning house just to carry out some rugs, instead of trying to put out the fire.
    Regarding IV. Drought Monitoring
    If your office doesn’t want to perpetrate fraud against the American people, then you should prepare a Drought Management Plan that accounts for these Drought Response Triggers:


  15. This comment was posted on another blog. Grandma Gregg won’t mind my posting it here:

    BLM knows quite well that this Jackson Mt. (and other HMA “emergency” captures) is nothing more than a pre-planned maneuver to rid the Wild Horses and Burros from their designated and legal land and to further the water use designation to other “multiple uses”.
    For information and reference on water usage due to “other uses” allowed by BLM public land use decisions, I quote: “Given that water can be a limiting resource in many areas, and in light of the growth in competing water use demands, care must be taken to assure geothermal development takes place in ways in which this resource competition is adequately taken into account.”

    Click to access 1748-9326_6_3_034023.pdf

    What is Drought?
    Drought Occurs When Human Demand for Water Exceeds the Available Supply (excerpts)
    Say “drought,” and most people think of a period of hot, dry weather with too little rain. While that condition can be present during a drought, the definition of drought is really more subtle and complex.
    Drought is not purely a physical phenomenon that can be defined by the weather. Rather, at its most essential level, drought is defined by the delicate balance between water supply and demand. Whenever human demands for water exceed the natural availability of water, the result is drought.
    What Causes Drought?
    Drought can be caused by too little precipitation (rain and snow) over an extended period, as most people assume, but drought can also be caused by increased demand for the available supply of usable water.
    Another factor that can affect water supply is a change in water quality.
    If some of the available water sources become contaminated–either temporarily or permanently–that decreases the supply of usable water, makes the balance between water supply and demand even more precarious.
    What are the Three Types of Drought?
    There are three conditions that are generally referred to as drought:
    Meteorological drought—This type of drought is about the weather and occurs when there is a prolonged period of below average precipitation, which creates a natural shortage of available water.
    Agricultural drought—This type of drought occurs when there isn’t enough moisture to support average crop production on farms or average grass production on range land.
    Hydrological drought—This type of drought occurs when water reserves in aquifers, lakes and reservoirs fall below average. Again, hydrological drought can happen even during times of average or above average precipitation, if human demand for water is high and increased usage has lowered the water reserves.


  16. Margeret wrote: “For those that do roundups–may all your equipment suffer heat exhaustion so you can’t do the roundups you were slated to do. ”

    I actually am saying prayers that the helicoptor contractors and anyone else who captures the wild horses and burros all drop dead from heart attacks….do I feel bad for saying that? Nope, not one, little bit!


    • Dear Laura, agreed, I am also praying for a Divine Intervention, The Powers that are cannot be very PLEASED with all of this !!!!! Remember Sodom and Gamora ( spelling) I see a similar resemblance , their is no one whom can think they are above all , and its not nice to make a fool out of Mother Nature either…………………….


    • I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that far. But that’s just me. That being said I certainly understand how you feel.


  17. Colorado Citizens…Beware:
    Colorado Sopris BLM Land Exchange — Serfs and Lords?
    If you’re not from our WildSnow HQ area here in west central Colorado, you might yawn at this post. Please do not. This sort of legal theft is going on everywhere. It’s disgusting and the system that allows it needs to be changed. Links below cover all this. For now, how about some maps and GPS data? Locals can use this info to go hike the beautiful, downright spectacular land that is slated to be stolen from the public commons. Non locals can see what throwing money around can do to steal our heritage. Check it out. Be aware. Very aware.


  18. And on and on it goes. We have until July 30th to comment for scoping on the bait-trapping and use of ZonaStat-H on the McCullough Peaks HMA in WY. It will go on through 2015 to maintain a population of approximately 100 adult wild horses within the AML of 70-140. Email comments to or mail them to : Patricia L. Hatle, BLM-CYFO,1002 Blackburn St. , Cody, WY 82414 No phone no.was given or any other information.
    Today I think I’ll get a flag and fly it upside down. The USA is a plutocracy–not a democracy.


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