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BLM Backdoors More BS Against West Douglas Wild Horse Herd

Update by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer president/co-founder of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM is prepared to flip-off the Court

Special Message from Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation

The BLM has blasted back at the stay order filed by our coalition of concerned wild horse organizations in an unprecedented timely fashion that speaks to premeditated planning and strategic anticipation on the part of the rogue federal agency.  Within only one business day from the stay filing the BLM fired back a massive legal assault which included a new EA which probably took weeks to fabricate if not months.  And that is not the only covert operation the wild horse destroying agency is running.  Under the guise of “helping” the West Douglas herd by placing water troughs in the area they are actually training and leading the horses to a water bait/trap location while shutting down public access to the area so that their subversive tactics cannot be documented.  It is time to act.

If the BLM is successful in pulling off this phony “emergency roundup” while circumventing the legal action we have taken against them then they will use this ploy on every single last herd of wild horses on our western public lands until their longtime private special interest grazing stakeholders are happy to rape the last of your rightful public property, then devoid of the wild horses and burros that were protected residents as enacted by a unanimous vote of Congress.

We need your help!  You don’t hear this from me often but it is coming through loud and clear right now.  Litigation takes money and we most certainly could use an infusion of funds, yesterday.  Unlike some alleged wild horse advocates who prey upon your emotions to donate and then spend your hard earned cash for personal living expenses and other non-horse related affairs our plaintiffs and Wild Horse Freedom Federation are 501(c)3 federally registered non-profits that are totally transparent and assure you that your hard earned dollars will go to pay our outstanding professional and critically acclaimed animal law attorneys for their many hours toil in an effort to defend our national icons.  Transparency is everything and our highly respected orgs bring that to the table for your confidence and reassurance.

Any donation to the Cloud Foundation, Front Range Equine Rescue and the Wild Horse Freedom Federation will be directly applied to our legal fight to save this very special Colorado Wild Horse herd.  Just leave a note for “West Douglas” and that’s where the money is going to go.  No smoke and mirrors, this is the real deal.

We are not publicly disclosing our next legal move but to review the BLM’s premeditated counterattack against us and the West Douglas herd please click (HERE) and ensure that your mouth is free of any liquid or food stuffs so as to avoid aspirating same.

Your donation to any of the orgs above is tax deductible and greatly appreciated by not only the volunteers of the groups who donate their time and money but by the very horses that we are attempting to save.

Click (HERE) to read most recent press release
Click (HERE) for additional legal documentation on this case

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  1. Just made a donation for the West Douglas Herd, through Wild Horse freedom Foundation, forgot to state to use it for the Douglas Herd !!! !!!!!!!Please everyone it is now so very important for them, Please donate whatever you can it all adds up !!!!!!! Any amount will help !!!!!!!


  2. Donation done!

    This is just another example of how out of control our government is. Illegal immigration amnesty, government controlled health care and government actions contributing to the death of American citizens covered up, all of this within days. Our American way of life is being taken away from us and we need to stand up now. Every little step we take hopefully will lead to getting our freedom back and getting back the freedom for our federally protected wild horses and burros is just the first step, small as it may seem, we must start somewhere.


    • Awesome Lynette, Let our Money also speak for the Wild ones, we are here to stop the BLM anyway we can, We are all so sick of the murdering , lies and corruption, we have an awesome intelligent , caring group here, we have RT , Ginger, Wayne and Laura, all others to many to mention, but we have used our voices which seem at times to no avail maybe need also to use money , we are gathered here to save them, LETS DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Everyone that can Please Donate , whatever you can, lets show them we mean business, LEAVE OUR MUSTANGS ALONE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    • I donated to WHFF on Saturday and there was a place to “check” legal fund. Glad to hear it will go to West Douglas. It is just so soul searing to read how subversive theBLM is.


  4. Time to call in the national guard to guard our national treasures. Again, where is the justice department?


  5. Despite the fact that the highest court in the country has shown they too suffer from politics, we must do our best to win in court against the BLM to show them that the courts decision does matter and they cannot continue to ignore it. We can get the info we need and present it to the courts that will show them just how far off the BLM is in their duties to protect our wild horses and burros. The BLM is not taking their role as protectors of the wild ones seriously and if they don’t want to then they should let another agency take over before all the federally protected wild ones are no longer.This is something that must be done in the courts since the BLM is not listening to the public who has raisen up against the BLM policies. Too bad we have to waste not only advocates money but also our own tax dollars to make this BLM do their job. Sad state showing just how bad this government is these days.


  6. I thought my tax dollar was being used to manage the horses where they live–as an integral part of the environment–what happened to that? BLM–I am not paying you to remove the horses–you’ve got it wrong! Use my taxes the American way– take care of them on their range lands –use contraception,remove domestic livestock,haul in hay/water. Has anyone suggested these really-easy- to-understand remedies to BLM? (I know !) You bet I’ll donate to the cause! Very angry!


  7. Thank you, EVERYONE for your donations!!! What the BLM is doing to this herd is unconscionable. Your monies will ALL go to the legal fund to help this herd. Enough is enough!!!


    • Our frustrations with the BLM are over the top, i am so sick of the Lies , and the suffering of Our Innocent Beauties ; that can only trust us with their very lives, to have these despicable morons , do such horrors to them, it bogles my mind??/ There is no I say again no darn REASON to put the Mustangs through any more of this unfounded disgusting nonsense, They are here to stay BLM get IT………………..If its going to take money, then we must do what we can to STOP THE BLM…….. If everyone of us could just send whatever it is we can , it will certainly add up to lots……………………. Maybe we can put Salazar , and the Vicious Teasonich Lieing BLM behind bars , where they belong………………….. BOTTOMLINE LEAVE OUR MUSTANGS ALONE, WILD AND FREE


  8. This is so despicable and dishonest and down right malicious against the wild horses in the wild on the part of BLM officials with Secretary of Interior Salazar cracking the whip. This West Douglas herd elimination must be stopped. We are fighting for the soul of America that the free-living wild horses embody! So glad this legal case is going ahead! And I would like to say beware of frauds who are asking for a lot of money and making a lot of claims about being without money all in the name of helping the wild horses, but using inordinate amounts of this money on maintaining unhealthy even addictive lifestyles (cigarettes and coffee — too much!) and lying about how much money they actually have!


    • Callie can you say MMMooooo!

      We all here say NICKER! Or as Stephan Colbert would say “I Horsed It!”

      Go home to your moo moo’s–they’re calling for you.

      And no I do eat beef. Not a lot but on occasion. But I like a lot of others here am pretty fed up with the idea that all my taxes go for round ups and cattleboys get giant size write offs for what not.


  9. I will send money Monday or Tuesday…it is unconscionable what these heartless greedy thieves are doing and have been doing…behind the public’s back. If ever there is a fight worth fighting, this is it.


  10. I have to wait for monies…but I will donate probably by Tues. Wish it could be sooner.

    What I don’t get is this…BLM has been out to destroy this herd now for three years that I know of. Why? The first time the Judge told them they had no basis (or words to that effect I think), the second time–it was I told you NO last year and it’s still NO. (still words to that effect I believe)

    And now here we are again. Why can’t we some kind of injunction that says BLM NO means NO. We aren’t going to revisit this NO matter how to try to phrase it, come up with drought conditions (when by the way there are still sheep grazing out there ruining all the vegetation).

    How about some kind of change of land deal thing. Where this range is for the horses–like the Pryors–although with that stupid fence the Pryors are losing that horse range for themselves and no one else.


  11. Just sent a donation to help with legal funds to save the wild horses of the Douglas Herd. The BLM are so double handed against Wild Horses. The Wild Horses and Burros are suppose to be protected and safe on Government land. Thank you J.T. and everyone that works to save our Wild Horses.


  12. I am ever so proud of all of us !!!! We are going to kick some BLM Butt !!!!!!!! We are done with lies , cover ups , cheating , sneaking around behind our backs., terrorizing , maiming , running foals darn hoofs off!!!!!!! Just who do they think they are ……………. They are paid by the people of America , with hard earned taxes. America WANTS ITS WILD MUSTANGS free , protected and Preserved,, if they cannot preform what they are PAid to do. they must all go including the Head Perpetrator Ken Salazar. this is The Way America must handle these LOW LIVES………….FIRE THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM……………………


  13. Please help this herd to remain free!! Will send all I can despite fires, moving and all other madness in this world!

    The West Douglas horses I observed on Memorial Day Weekend, 2010, were beautiful. They live in a rugged place that has kept them save for centuries. They are proud and free roaming within their home range. Their lives in freedom depend upon us, Right Now!! Please help save them and give to these good organizations who have always walked their talk!!

    If you can do anything like have a barbecue or spaghetti dinner to raise money, please do it. This is going to be one hell of a fight, I believe. We have to draw our own line in the sand and hold it and keep the faith and forget the petty stuff and Come Together, Right Now!!

    Be the solution, be their voice and take this fight all the way!


  14. You guys (oops…and gals) are the greatest!!! I cut a check for the attorney today for the West Douglas herd. Let’s hope we can save these poor guys and gals!!!


  15. There is something abnormal about the attacks on the East/WEST Douglas Herds. All the DOI/USDA wild equine behavior is obscene, but they really have a hard-on about the Douglas herds… about a grudge F&*K.

    Wanna guess it’s about the JUDGE and slamming her?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! more than anything.



  16. This is one heck of a Awesome Group of People !!! Thank you everyone !!!!! God Bless all of Efforts to Save these Magnificent Horses………..



    Public Notices
    IMMEDIATE CLOSURE OF PUBLIC LANDS: The Bureau of Land Management, Northwest District, White River Field Office is giving notice that the BLM is temporarily closing certain access roads and certain areas to all public use, including vehicle operation and sightseeing, from June 20, 2012 to December 1, 2012. The closed area is located on or near Texas Mountain east of BLM Road 1214 and east of BLM Road 1063. Please click here to see the closure notice for more information including legal descriptions and a map.

    Click to access Closure_Texas_Mtn_062012.pdf


  18. So – once again thanks Louie – Does the “closed to all mechanized vehicles” include the BLM’s helicopters trucks etc????? No of course not. I know – that all goes without saying – but I HAD to say it!
    Sent my donation to Front RAnge yesterday – Just figured they could use it anywhere – since they had to move horses from both pastures to get away from the fire. Would be really great if the judicial system would really work in the horses favor.


  19. BLM stated and published in a recent EA comment response, the congressional LAW DOES NOT PERTAIN TO THEM. Per BLM’s attitude and actions and these words, the law is only to protect the WH&B from the public (you and me) and has NOTHING to do with THEM!

    EA Comment to BLM:
    The Stone Cabin/Saulsbury Complex EA violates the WFRHBA. BLM policy to capture and remove wild horses is contrary to the Act which requires protection from capture, branding, harassment or death.

    BLM response to comment:
    “The portion of the Act cited by the commenter IS NOT PERTINENT to the overall management of the wild horse and burro populations by the BLM and USFS. In general, it protects the wild horses and burros from such actions by the general populous.”

    Please excuse me for repeating myself, but when someone tells me that the law is to keep ME in line but that “THEY” do not have to follow the same law then it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up like a wild cat being threatened and then to top it off the BLM proves their arrogant words with their illegal actions.

    I just returned from visiting our WH&B and I can tell you that destruction is what they have planned and what they are successfully doing.


  20. That was certainly an eye-opener! Thanks Louie. One of the “projects” was fencing an allotment!
    The BLM fences them off for the cattlemen??? Or is this one special.
    AND why the h**** would the horses need to be protected from US? The government needs to put their foot on the BLM’s neck! Or put their foot somewhere, anyhow.
    Altho, the BLM is doing what our government WANTS them to do – clear the way for oil,gas,uranium,
    and the blessed pipelines.


  21. Hey Craig Downer, please can you give names who theses people are that are getting donations and they are being fraudulent. I and many donate and obviously don’t want to give to bad people that are using the terrible gathers for an excuse to get money from us. Thank you !


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