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Jackson Mountain Wild Horse Roundup Over, but Debate Continues

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“The gather was none too soon…?”

The federal roundup of wild horses from Nevada’s Jackson Mountain herd area is over, with the Bureau of Land Management at odds with well-known horse advocate Laura Leigh over the need to take even more horses.

The bureau started the roundup a month earlier than anticipated after deciding the the lack of water and forage on the range amounted to an emergency.

The June 8 start meant the roundup fell within the breeding season, and wild horse advocates voiced concern over the risk involved in running young foals and heavily pregnant mares.

Leigh challenged the bureau in court over its plans to conduct the roundup over the entire range, comprising 283,000 acres, when the emergency existed only in the southern portion. A judge ruled the bureau could muster only in the southern portion under the emergency conditions, and had to delay the start of roundup operations further north.

The bureau had gathered 424 wild horses from the southern portion, which concluded on June 22 with US District Court Judge Howard McKibben’s ruling,  which stopped the agency from gathering excess wild horses from the northern area of the area by helicopter before July 1.

The foaling season officially concluded on June 30.

In all, the bureau gathered 647 wild horses from the herd area, about 60 miles northwest of Winnemucca,  in Humboldt and Pershing counties.

The primary gather area ultimately covered about 775,000 acres to encompass wild horses residing in non-HMA areas in their search for water, forage and space.

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  1. Excerpts from an excellent article:


    BLM Misconduct,
    Irresponsibility, and Illegal Behavior Has Reached Boiling Point

    Helicopter Roundups and
    the FAA Laws

    Also ignored are their actions
    that consistently ignore FAA Laws. The law is FAA
    PART 91—GENERAL OPERATING AND FLIGHT RULES § 91.13 – Careless or reckless
    operation. The law is quite clear, yet ignored. This Journalist says
    “ignored” because there exists video taped evidence, in abundance and privately
    held, and on the Internet, which is not edited what so ever. This FAA Law is a
    felony, and as outlined in FAA Part91–#91.13, as well as within many state and
    federal jurisdictions on Vehicular Assault upon people or animals. Those
    responsible for Private Contractor conduct are BLM employees, as well as the
    private contractors themselves.

    “Officials for Sun J Livestock in
    Vernal, Utah, the contractor for the Triple B Roundup between Elko and Ely, did
    not return messages seeking comment,” as the reporter at the Las
    Vegas Review Journal states in the article when asking them about
    the obvious abuse of horses, with eyewitnesses as well as a questionable
    resolution to a BLM investigation and ultimate BLM report. The report, from BLM
    staff, also appeared to assume there continues to be such a conduct as acceptable
    animal abuse, “attrition” in government speaks. There “IS NO” such thing as
    acceptable animal abuse, and roundups exhibit standards of unacceptable animal
    treatment, calling it attrition, as if it is a war zone and acceptable because
    of the term, and the term only.

    In this
    Journalist’s opinion there is guilt written all over this situation, and why?
    Because those abusive situations did happen, and will happen again because
    these people get away with the abuse, supported by the BLM administrators! And,
    I might add, get paid with tax payer dollars quite well, for abusing the
    horses. Ignoring this situation, outright felonies, simply escalates the

    Not so surprisingly, separate
    paperwork was lost on all five occasions, and the final decision of the FAA
    Inspector General’s Office was that no improper use of aircraft existed, and
    unprovable, and the complaint paperword left incomplete. Not so ironic,
    received right after receiving the letter that they needed a copy of material
    already submitted five other times! Disgusting, a government agency would do
    this, so blatant and obvious!

    Here is a brief list of payments
    to this same Sun J Livestock company, as reported on the Government’s BLM “Contracts
    for Wild horse/Burro Control Services (FY 2000-2009)” i.e. 2010, 2011,
    and 2012 not included, but their behavior far worse as witnessed and logged
    abuses accumulated ten-fold, and for your information and knowing where you tax
    money goes:

    February 23, 2011 – Sun J
    Livestock received $82,648.20 for not even an entire weeks worth of

    September 13, 2010 — Sun
    J Livestock received $82,966.00 for a little short of a weeks worth of

    December 6, 2010 — Sun J
    Livestock received $649,850.20 for a little over a weeks worth of

    January 10, 2011 — Sun J
    Livestock received $1,221,767.90 for about two weeks of roundup; etc.
    . . .

    Exploring further we find even
    more appalling situations, and payment by tax payers, in the amount of
    $116,744,281 million dollars between the same period of i.e. 2000-2009, per
    their “Contracts for Wild Horse/Burro Control Services.” Called Acceptable Animal


    Further Violations of these Government Agencies
    Now we can take directly from a letter dated June 18, 1993 (when the ignoring and breaking of the law first developed, and nothing was done, and still on-going to this day. The letter is on a United States Department of the Interior letterhead, Subhead Bureau of Land Management, To: Deputy Assistant Inspector General-Investigations, From: Chief, Law Enforcement and Resource Protection:
    The letter sites what this Journalist had already written in a previous article. But what this letter does is actually outline the specific laws broken, Criminal Felonies each, with an abundant explanation, as follows and predicated with . . . it appears that criminal violations of the following laws have occurred:
    1. 18 USC 641; Pu8blic money, property or records; whoever receives, cancels, or retains the same with intent to convert to use or gain . . .
    2. 18 USC 1512 (b); tampering with a witness, victim, or informant (Obstruction)
    3. 18 USC 371; Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States; conspiracy to obstruct a criminal investigation . . .
    4. 16 USC 1338 (a) (1); wild horses and burros: protection, management, and control; any person who sells, directly or indirectly, a wild free-roaming horse, or burro maintained on private or leased land. .


  3. And there’s more:
    So how did this become a situation where the Grand Jury was virtually taken out of the entire equation here, despite the fact there were approximately 872 Felony Counts; and 1,279 combined Felony and Misdemeanor Counts, to include fraudulent paperwork, fraudulent data input into the BLM computer systems, erroneous paperwork, Employee Misconduct, money laundering, misplaced funds and much more.
    Well, it gets even more interesting here, as the list will show, given by one Deputy Field Solicitor, Department of Justice:


    • Geez Louie. This is interesting. So why have they not been prosecuted for their crimes? Thank you for your work and for sharing with us.


  4. Am at a loss for words!!! The abuse of our horses, etc., is clearly evident!! Violations by our Government are documented, to the best possible!! Continue with the lawsuits; pressure on the BLM!! Where are the Governors of these States which are involved? Does anyone track where the horses go to?
    Neither Presidential Candidate has mentioned this issue. They do not care. I have contacted Mitt Romney’s Campaign Headquarters.

    My heart is sad for what is occurring with our precious Wild Mustangs!!!


  5. Thank You Louie, all true , it is horrendous at least !!!! They break their own Laws also……….This screams CRIMINAL……… Where is the Justice!!!!! , How does the BLM keep evading the law!!!!!


  6. No more tourist attractions. How do they keep getting away with it? Yeah ship em closer to Ok where they’re pushing to get a slaughter plant. This is grounds for civil that I’d be willing to fight. Do you see the deal?


    • Dear Terri, they have had this going on from onset , this is a planned Slaughter , I am willing to fight for the lives of the Mustangs anytime any place , anywhere this is beyond wrong …………………….


  7. @Louie–Thank you for that link. The article says it’s time for the American people to rise up and protest–to whom? We’ve written,petitioned,gone to court,marched,phoned,e-mailed etc. Next to the economy,sports,and war we seem to pale–even though our concern is actually greater than the horse issue–ie–our taxdollar spent on the destruction of the west. Is there any recourse against the monster that is BLM? I’ve always said I would bear arms to defend my rights……to defend Right!


  8. I had known NOTHING about what was happening to our Wild Horses and Burros, or I would have been here a long time ago. I, like so many, thought they were safe. That makes the public outrage even greater.


  9. as soon as my significant other is tired of the rat race, we’re hiding in the hills with our horses and to heck with the rest of the world.


    • i love that! i have a rescued palomino foxtrotter i keep in penn valley, ca and i’m in the sf bay area. i still have family who needs me here but it sure is tempting! good for you! i’ll take animals over people any day of the week!


  10. All this information is so important. As a thought, contacting Rep. Raul Grijalva regarding this might help.


  11. What a bunch of crooks! And the longer they get away with it (& have for lots of years) the more they think they are entitled – like so many of our wonderful polititians!
    Government for & by the people? Not so much.
    Thanks Louie – you sure do keep us all informed – wouldnt have any notion about this if it werent for you, Deb Coffey, & RT and all the others who put themselves on the line for the horses.


  12. IMO:

    This Jackson Mt. HMA capture has been a conspiracy from the get-go.

    Take a look at those three black stallions at the end of Laura’s article, they are awesome and in perfect health. I read somewhere that the first horses to come off Jackson (first few days or week) were in poor condition (and online pics show this) but then … after that, the horses looked good and it is my opinion that the reason the first horses were in such bad condition was because of the fencing and cross fencing that goes on in the HMAs that MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT. Before I saw these miles and miles of fences for myself on other HMAs, I thought that our HMAs were open land of “x” number of acres … THEN I saw that they are fenced and crossed fenced and cross fenced some more and lots of cattle guards (not Wild Horse Annie type!) until these HMAs are nothing more than fenced pastures that are COMPLETELY controlled by BLM and their grazing buddies.

    So with that knowledge and some data research, it clearly points to the deduction that BLM and the Jackson Mt. grazing permitee who has 8857 actual active AUMs [738 head of cattle if figured at 12 months – but actually 750 cattle from Apr.1st to Apr. 30th then 1,750 cattle from May 1st to Aug. 15th and 702 cattle from Aug. 16th to Sept. 30th etc. etc. …prime forage season … and keep in mind that the wild horse AML is only 217 wild horses / 2604 AUMs] plus 3023 suspended AUMs (this grazing permitee owns lots of water rights also) used one or more of these pastures, closed the gates so the horses could not leave after they grazed the pasture to nothing with the livestock last summer/fall and then removed the livestock (Oct. per the EA) and then reduced/turned off the water source (closed the spigot on the spring or whatever … they do this all the time – it even says so in some EAs) and left the horses in the fenced off pasture to starve all winter – then BLM went out this spring and took pics of the starving horses that HAD to be captured to save them. HOG WASH !

    It was ALL a scripted theatrical play to get the public to agree that the horses needed the help of the BLM and since the public is not there and is not aware of the manipulation of these horses (and like me before I saw it with my own eyes on other HMAs) and their water and forage, the unknowing public fell for it – lock, stock and barrel. “Oh how wonderful that the BLM saved them” (vomit).

    I have been on a few HMAs these past couple of years and I am telling you that what I say is true even without driving out to Jackson Mt. myself. In my mind these horses were starved by the agency that by law is to protect them and then that same agency “rescued” them … but we also know that REALLY the horses which were captured have lost their families and their true purpose for living and their whole world … not to mention that some will end up going to slaughter.

    As R.T. recently said … this is all done for the “drug of choice” … MONEY.


    • great letter, and made me cry! it’s outrageous that the blm would turn off their water and try to starve these sweet babies and then use that as their “evidence.” they continue to sicken me more and more each passing day! i want to go in there and cut all these fences down, damnit!


      • You have said what everyone here feels inside for the Mustangs CRUEL AND INHUMANE , I have to call them what THEY ARE bAS—-S I would like to shut off their water,(THE BLM) this is a diabolical move for something that should have not been implemented from day 1………….it is all unnecessary from the get go…………………………… It makes me lose faith in Mankind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What part of the MUSTANGS are essential to all Wild life dont they understand???????????????? My tears and the tears of all who love the Mustangs could fill a Ocean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Angola prison in LA, made over $63,000 selling mustangs at auction. Seems the warden has a sweet little deal on-going with blm (they also supply the rodeo mustangs for the prison’s annual “trustee” rodeo – what happens to those mustangs after they’re abused by hard core felons?). How many more prisons are profiting from our “protected” mustangs? Stockpiled mustangs, stolen from their legal domain, are exploited for profit in numerous ways. The corruption runs so deep, blm must be dismantled. Would like to see them scattered like cockroaches.


  14. Sick SOB’s !!!! Sorry for the offensive language, but I mean it, & the BLM deserves even worse, I hope the whole bunch of them & anyone having anything to do with them, all rot in Hell!! More so, I pray that God will, or can, forgive them, & that He will somehow intervene & stop this assault on His beautiful, special creation, & gift to man!!


  15. It’s only getting worse. The decision regarding Desatoya Mountains, NV is back. They will gather 450 – 525 horses and permanently remove 400. They will skew sex ratios with more stallions. These people are crazy and use our tax money to do so. They continue to do what they want disregarding input.


  16. I got a letter today from the BLM about the Desatoya Mountains herd – obviously all of our comments were read & taken into account -right? Honestly, get the feeling that no matter how many letters we write or emails we send – they just keep on doing what they intended in the first place – why not – theres got to be some way to stop them.


  17. Yeah–I got one ,too–same ol’ sh_ _. And then they proceed to remove more of MY horses from MY public land. Always some excuse–too many horses,not enough livestock. Next move??


    • Yes, The discretion continues without a hitch, What can you do when an agency goes MAD???? Ya Lock them up !!!!!!


  18. What kind of world are we leaving for our children, & theirs? What will be left? Will they be able to fix our messes, will they forgive us? I want a beautiful world for my daughter to grow up in, a safe place, a place to someday raise her own family. Without wild horses, without wildlife, the world will be empty, silent & sad. We love all horses. I hope to someday be able to go see wild horses in freedom, running & living wild as they were meant to do. I want wild horses to be here forever, to be here for my daughter & future generations to see & love. Where have all the horses gone……


    • Dear Valerie, as long as we sit on our duffs, it will continue and continue, we have tried many ways to stop it to no avail whats next!!!!!! The Wild Mustangs belong to us, future generations , such beauty is irreplaceable !!!!! and the environment, they are ecologically perfect >>???? The Problem here is greed, and a Rogue Agency gone totally MAD !!!!! It must be viewed now as Imperatively JOB NUMBER 1 ~~~~~ This must be stopped!! But HOW !!!! HUMMMM


    • The Suffering in quiet desperation by the Mustangs is MIND Defining coming from the range and coming from the LOCK UPS !!!!! Congress must hear the Mustangs Cries in the Night I do !!!!!! I hear them loud and very clear and feel their Suffering !!!!! Congress needs to Address this NOW !!!!!!!!!!


  19. No. Honestly. Who is stupid STUPID enough to believe that 775,000 acres could not sustain the present wild horse herd? Who is buying this story that a round up was needed? And WHO PAYS for the BLM MAKE WORK project?


  20. why haven’t they been prosecuted for their crimes? Money.. the jerks are able to buy themselves out of any trouble they get into. Just like the kennedy’s.. Congress needs to take action and turn the BLM over their knees for a serious spanking.. one that they will feel for ages to come..


  21. Congress needs to have them tried as the Criminals they in fact are !!!! Jail the whole lot of them !!!!!and take Ken Salazar also !!!!!!!!!


  22. The BLM under the Direction Of Ken Salazar totally goes against every rule they themselves set up for the Protection of Americas Wild Mustangs , they are in fact completely void of any ethics that should be in place under their own rules, therefore they are Criminals committing Cruel vicious attacks on The Protected American Wild Mustang, !!!! They not only embarrass the Integrity of the Americas…. but the American People, I believe you can call this TREASONOUS !!!!!


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