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BLM Succeeds in Decimating Cloud the Wild Stallion’s Herd, AGAIN!

Eyewitness Report by Carol Walker as it appears on Wild

BLM Traps Members of Cloud’s Family Band

“Renowned photographer, author and Wild Horse Freedom Federation Advisory Board member, Carol Walker has just returned from witnessing a rerun, less the helicopter, of the BLM’s 2009 attack and assault upon Cloud’s herd in the Pryor Mountains.  Yup, you have it right, the over inflated egos that run the BLM field office in Billings, MT just aren’t happy unless they are chasing wild horses around and keeping their numbers so low that the hope of future genetic viability is nothing more than smoke in the wind.

We hate to bring you this news on a Sunday but it is timely and Carol speaks for the horses and their voices need to be heard.  

AP has released a poorly contrived and somewhat sleazy (IMHO) version of the BLM’s assault and if you have the stomach for it you can view the disrespectful article (HERE).  Meanwhile, Carol’s comments contain finesse and respect so please take a moment and visit her blog to view all of the compelling and corresponding photos that go along with this story of greed, stupidity and male chauvinism gone wild.

It’s enough to rip out your heart while your anger meter pegs-out at 100%.  Nuff said!!” ~ R.T.


Cloud walking up and down in the trap, looking for lost family members ~ photo by Carol Walker

I just spent two days in the Pryor Mountains of Montana. Normally this time of year it is a beautiful and peaceful place to be.  Most of the horses in the herd are up in the high meadows, foals are playing, and it is peaceful, especially in the early mornings, my favorite time to be out photographing them.

Not any more.  Near the large reservoir water hole, there is a bait trap set up by the BLM in order to capture the 40 young horses they plan to remove from their homes and freedom forever.  There are panels with mesh around them, two openings, and in the middle of the trap, goodies for the horses which can include mineral blocks, hay and other items that the horses tend to find irresistible.

There are also signs warning people to keep back 300 feet.

The very first thing I saw was scuffling and rearing and screaming, coming from Prince trying to keep other horses from coming into the trap.

In the course of the morning, I watched as 10 bands went in and around the trap stallions fought, chased each other and when in the trap, ate the goodies. Knowing that when the BLM personnel arrived, many of the young horses would be caught in this trap and be taken from their families was extremely depressing. I also worried that some of the horses could be seriously injured.

I watched as Cloud appeared from the trees with his family following him, and proceeded down to the trap.  Most of the horses in the trap ran out the minute they saw him approach, but a couple ended up getting chased out before Cloud allowed his family inside. As I left, Cloud’s family had been in the trap at least an hour, and the BLM was on their way to start removing horses.

I knew that three members of Cloud’s family were on the list to be removed and as it turns out, this was Agate, Feldspar’s daughter’s last day of freedom.

When I returned the next morning, most of the horses were not in sight, but Cloud appeared next to the trap.  His family stood next to the trap as he entered. Then I observed Cloud pace around in the trap. He did not stop to eat the goodies but kept smelling the ground, walking back and forth – I do believe he was searching for his lost family members, Breeze, Lynx and Agate.  He only left the trap when his mares headed down the hill toward the water hole, and he ran to catch up with them, but kept looking back to the trap.

I had seen Cloud’s strong loyalty and devotion to his family and his drive to keep them together once before, at the roundup of 2009 when they released his band he kept driving them over and over back toward the corrals because he knew some of them were missing.  The wranglers finally had to drive him away on horseback.

I went down to Britton Springs to observe the horses that had been captured and who will be available for adoption soon.

I want to be very clear.  I am glad that they are not using a helicopter to round these horses up this year. Bait trapping is more humane and should be used as much as possible as an alternative to helicopter round ups.

However, I completely disagree that this removal of 40 young horses plus many foals is necessary, and I have maintained this since the Scoping document was published last year.  This herd needs at least 150 adults to ensure its genetic viability.  They are using birth control to maintain the population.  Removing horses at the same time as using birth control makes no sense and spells trouble for this herd and for any other herd. The best possible solution would to be to tear down the fence cutting these horses off from their historical summer and fall range, and to continue the use of birth control ONLY to maintain the population.

Removing wild horses from their homes and their families and their freedom and keeping them in captivity, whether it be in short term holding, long term holding, or adopted is not the solution. Managing these herds in their herd management areas as the primary species in these areas is.

You can check the BLM website page for information on the removals, and they will also be posting information on the adoption for these young horses once they have scheduled it:

Click (HERE) to view Carol’s Pictorial Essay of this Assault

Cloud’s Release in 2009 BLM Stampede ~ by R.T. and Terry Fitch

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  1. One has to wonder why this agency is willing to be the object of Public outrage and contempt.
    Who benefits and how?

    As for BLM’s failure to recognize Public opinion, this might help clear up the confusion. Americans have BLM to thank for the clarification:

    This Is Not A Democracy

    The following comments were sent to the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board from Susan of Chicago about the current situation facing America’s wild horses and burros.

    November 11, 2008

    Comments to the BLM Wild Horse Advisory Board

    I have respectfully submitted a series of questions in addition to my public comments on the situation to be addressed at the November 17, 2008 meeting. These are questions that directly relate to the discussion, and as a part owner of America’s federal lands, I would like addressed.

    Although to be quite candid, BLM District Manager JIM SPARKS may have already answered most of these questions when he made a statement at a public hearing in Billings, Mt. in September of 2008. When asked why further gatherings were being planned despite the fact that copious amounts of objective information had been supplied that refuted any immediate need for further gatherings in addition to a vast majority of public comments that opposed such action, he stated and I quote:

    “This is not a Democracy”

    This is a direct quote from the BLM!!!!!


    • I attended a meeting in Billings on an upcoming roundup that the blm was planning also. Mr Sparks was there, and I have reported on this before, but after many requests and comments to possibly hold off on the gather until a better research report could be brought forward, Mr Sparks lowered his head and said, “We are still going to round them up”. I was close enough to hear his statement. The next time they conducted a public hearing meeting that I went to on another planned gather Sparks didn’t even attend. It is still odd how the number of horses living on this HMA increased so much from just two years ago when they removed enough to get down to about 110 and the death rate and lack of foal births kept the numbers just about the same for one year and now, a year after that the count is reported to be about 175. Where does the blm get their math education? I think we can call and write all we want, but things are not going to change the thinking of this agency.


    • Really?!
      So this roundup isn’t necessary (because it ISN’T) – it’s some kind of punishment or trade-off for defending another herd?
      Sarcasm or not – that’s a dangerous statement to make, especially here.


  2. This is just an outrage. There appears to be no way to stop the BLM short of advocating the dissolution of the federal government. I’m leaning toward that solution. The herd of government agencies should be rounded up and offered for adoption.


    • The fact they’re hell bent on destroying Cloud’s herd is extremely disturbing and very, very concerning!!! Thank you for making available the information and phone numbers. We MUST speak out, or there will be no future for these magnificent creatures. We will all lose in the end!


  3. This is so W R O N G ! Again, BLM thumbs their nose at the American people and science and the law. Rounding up some of CLOUD’s family is BLM’s way of proving to us that they can do whatever they want. This is not management. This is MISmanagement.

    There are no excess wild horses on the Pryor Mountains. There are no excess Wild Horses and Burros on any HMA. There is an excess of livestock and oil and gas leases and trophy hunting and selling of our public land and water and an excess of BLM employees doing things against our WH&B behind our backs and an excess of leaches sucking the life-blood from our public lands and public water and from ALL of our wildlife – especially our Wild Horses and Burros.

    Preachin’ to the choir … but just had to say it again.


  4. The bottom line is this: If people are not willing to show up in high numbers with cameras to take pictures, video and document and bear witness to what is going on at trap and round up sites, short term holding, long term holding, hearing and meetings then this WILL CONTINUE. And I hate to say it folks…..but every one of us has become dependent on the resources in the west and northwest regions of the US……gas, uranium, gold, silver, coal, wind and solar energy. Whether you are on your iPhone, laptop or a community computer at the library the chemicals and materials that make that possible are having a dramatic affect on our wild horses, burros, wild lands, other wild life and water tables for ALL of us. Eat beef? Drive a car? Turn on lights when you don’t need? Fly when you could drive? We are part of this deal. I hate the be real crabby downer on this but I am just tired of this crap, and even though I visit a short term holding facility once a month and long term holding when I can and allowed to, I feel incredibly frustrated by my own limitations as well and know everyone else does also. We must find a way to come together and meet up at a round up or a hearing in large numbers. MUCH LARGER NUMBERS than ever before…..30-40 people will no longer cut it.


    • Horseshoe Angel, I totally agree with you!!! I have been to several protests and meetings and so few people show up its worthless for me to plan a trip. I have tried to fire people up and find out who would be willing to go to the Pryor Mountains for a protest and a show of force and I got NO response. NONE! I’m in Chicago and it is a very long, expensive trip for me to be the only one at a round up. And no, one person is not going to make an impression on a gun toting government employee whose ego makes him feel BIG pushing old ladies around. They do not fear us because we cannot get out there in their faces and stop them by bringing the press along. They are using our splintered groups against us. They start a round up and when court papers are filed they stop and go somewhere else. We need to come together in force and back the orgs with donations and bodies. I have seen the above pictures and don’t know if any advocates were out there to protest or oversee this removal. I see the pics and it seems the only one there is Carol. Once they are in the traps they are gone. We must stop it before they get there. We need to come together with an all-out plan of show of force. I have recently run into people who still do not know there are wild horses out on the ranges. People do not know about what is happening as we cannot get national exposure. I got into this over 15 years ago when I saw a small story in our Chicago paper. I can still see the picture of the wild horses running full out from what I assume was a helicopter. And at that time slaughter was the answer one would get when asked what happens to the wild horses they remove. It has been a long time and still our wild horses are being rounded up and they disappear.
      Times are tough right now. Many people are out of work and extra money is hard to come by but we cannot give up. We cannot stand by while the BLM takes away the wild ones to parts unknown. But I for one am getting tired of years of pursuit without any results. What more can we do to bring this to the attention of the American people and press? What more can we do to get people to see that soon this symbol of America’s strength and spirit will be gone? What is the answer?


      • I was one of the thousands of people that did not know there were any mustangs left in the wild. I found out about it when I got into the fight against horse slaughter a number of years ago. A huge number of the population lives in track houses, apartments and condo’ they have no contact with horses and no contact with farm animals unless it is a petting zoo. I grew up around horses and farm animals. The only thing these people today know about pigs or anything else is the package its wrapped in. This is the public your dealing with and I don’t believe a petition of any kind will work on these people.

        One of the reasons I am voting for Romney is because his wife is a horse person who may not know about slaughter She might very well become someone that could help get horse slaughter stopped and help stop what the BLM is doing. The whole gang at the BLM will still be there if Obama is voted back in. It’s the same thing with Mrs. Pickens. Look what she has tried to do for the mustangs and has been blocked on every turn except for the herd she bought from the Indians. As far as I know she never did get any horses from the BLM. And Romney could not be any worse than Obama in fact I think he might very well work as president. We have to start somewhere trying to get horse slaughter shut down and this is the only way I see it can be done because the crooked congress will not allow any anti-horse slaughter bill to see the light of day.


    • The Western United States is not the only place in the United States that these resources exist. We have abundant oil in the Gulf of Mexico and there was a trained workforce in the Gulf before the current administration decided arbitrarily to shut it down because they had bungled everything else about the Deep Water Rig. No, instead we give billions to Venezuela to drill in the same waters just a bit further from our Gulf Coast. The fact is that if the Secretary Salazar had followed through on his “new sheriff in town talk” to Minerals Management and done his due diligence, there is a chance that the whole disaster could have been prevented or the effects could have been mitigated. Instead, we have a corrupt and incompetent federal agency being overseen by a Congress that winks and nods but provides no real oversight.

      This administration has greatly reduced coal production in the Appalachian region, and coal is fuels more electrical power in this region. It is the economic life blood. WV Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and Democratic Representative Nick Rahall have let it be known that they do not plan to attend the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, NC, which is essentially in WV’s back years.

      Less than three years ago, the US House of Representatives passed the ROAM Act. After two readings in committee, the bill died in the Senate. Why? To preserve the career of Senator Reid, the most do nothing Senate President that has ever held the office. For three years our Congress has failed to pass a budget. For three years Interior has not had a permanent Inspector General. We now know that the few incidents reported where mining permits were issued in areas where there were wild horse herds with decisions of no significant impact—when the mines would use water that was part of a communities drinking water are not isolated.

      I think there is growing evidence to indicate that Interior is a lawless organization. Congress is not dong its due diligence providing oversight to this organization which is why there are so many law suits. While there may always be conflicts over land use, if we knew that the BLM was using principles of scientific integrity to manage the land and our natural resources it would be easier to live with their decisions. But they are not.

      Jim Sparks needs to be fired, and I suggest we need to let the IG at Interior know why. We have several comments from him and his staff made to advocates over the years that show he is absolutely unprofessional in his handling of public relations. Not only is he unprofessional, the critical point here is science—these horses have been treated with PZP; they do not need to be removed. This is sheer stupidity. How will they know if the PZP works if they they remove the horses. I suggest we email, fax, and call our Representatives on committees that have to do with Science, the Judiciary, Natural Resources and firmly and politely insist that they take some meaningful action to reprimand individuals involved with the destruction of our wild horses and burros. If they don’t listen to us, then it is up to us to take what actions we can in our communities to support those people who are running against them.


  5. How can you even comment when you are so furious you have to retype every other word! The BLM is giving the finger to every last one of us by going after Clouds family!
    Well back at you BLM, I hope Karma brings you a world of pain and loss !!!


  6. Up until now I have not be able to comment, anything I would say now would be as bad as what the what the BLM did and does i refuse to stoop to their level , However I am and will still be doing everything i can to stop these insidious corrupt bunch of mis-manageing pieces of SCUM……. who are and have been , a bunch of Low Life Garbage , that somehow will be terminated …,by Americas People …… I was once told that where there is a will there is a way, all my life this has proven to be a valid quotation , I also will pray a divine intervention……….(just in case) The great sadness I feel for all of the Beautiful MUSTANGS has been elevated by this recent Crock of Crap….. in the Pryors , The BLM knows how we feel about Cloud and his precious Herd, have they given to them one once of consideration??? NO !!! These Hunks of Garbage masquerading as Humans need a real good ole American backside thrashing ……………..and a appropriate tar and feathering and RUN out of America, these an suppose to be Americas working for the Good of the Wild Mustangs??????? using our hard earned Money to torture , maim and disseminate our Icons whom have every right to be FREE ?????? BECAUSE AMERICA SAYS SO !!!!!! The America I know and the Americans I know would never allow this to Happen , who are we now, or better yet what have we become ?????????? I will defend the Mustangs as they were my children…….and my family, because they are …………….where is the rest of America on this ?????If that 80% agrees with me , where are they for Our Wild Mustangs and where have they been for Our Wild Mustangs?????? Today is a awful day, but we can figure this out to have a outcome of an awesome caliber…………If we UNITE as one !!!!! And Stand up for the Wild Mustangs !!! as they do for us………………………..everytime !!!!!


    • I couldn’t agree more and boy do you have it right!!!! Well said and to the point , with compassion and honesty! So many of us agree with you and we must, “Stand up for the Wild Mustangs”! We are their only hope.


  7. We all must do our best to save some money now for ransom because you better know that the BLM is counting on us buying back all of Clouds herd and I bet the price has gone up.


    • The horses will be adopted in one of two ways, either by walk up adoption @ $125 per horse or at the same type of adoption as the Kiger horses have, That would be a public auction of the right to adopt the horses. With the huge interest in these horses I would have to back the idea of public auctioning the right to adopt. The horses would still fall under all of the current requirements for adoption including the one year proving period before getting title. The public auction for right to adopt could either be at the holding facility or an online adoption to enable more people to participate, I personally think that the online would be the best idea and then all of those who would like a horse from the Cloud herd could bid on them.


  8. When you look closer at the corporations (many of them multi-national) that are running the BLM, you see that is ISN’T American citizens who are reaping the benefits of the natural resources.
    It is the ROBBER BARONS all over again. The leases and land sales are practically being given to them.


  9. This is an article by Debbie Coffey that was published in the PPJ Gazette:
    The BLM’s big “fire sale” of our land

    March 8, 2011 by ppjg
    Debbie Coffey
    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is selling YOUR land right out from under you. Concurrently, the BLM is blitzing the media with PR spin to justify removing all of our publicly owned wild horses off of our public lands. If you want to see what has really been happening to our wild horses at recent roundups, go to
    Do you know how many acres of your public lands are being sold off in each state? This is a policy being pushed by your President, your Congress, Ken Salazar (Secretary of the Dept. of the Interior) and Bob Abbey (BLM Director). Your state and local governments have their hands out to receive part of the profits. Your “public agencies” (like the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management) are actually corporations and their priority is to make money.


  10. It is hard for many people to travel and to be at roundups or protests, but don’t underestimate what you are and have been doing. It IS having an effect. You have to remember that this has been going on for a very long time….longer than most of us had realized. Remember, Wild Horse Annie had to fight for most of her life to gain any ground and I don’t think there were public protests or even much public attention, but she refused to give up. It was the something that she had never even thought of that ultimately made the difference. Keep writing, keep calling, and KEEP raising Hell.


    • But why has it gone on so long and we have not been able to stop it? Why???
      Its like horse slaughter. We know slaughtering horses is wrong so why does it continue? Its all about the money!


      • Lynette, there is a lot of confusion on whether there is a need to gather the horses. I have been involved with wild horses and the Adopt a Horse Program for over 35 years. From adopting horses, promoting the wild ones, and working for one of the contract adoption centers in the 1970s and 80s. There are a lot of things that are good about the program and some things bad, don’t get me wrong I think that there can be improvements. But leaving the horses and burros out there with no management is not one of the options that I can condone. I have seen what happens when there is not enough or no management and I am not a fan of seeing foals dying of hunger because the mare has no milk. Or the mare stuck in a mud hole trying to get water and dying while her foal lays dying on the bank. The stallions come out of droughts much better than the mares since they are not nursing or carrying foals. Most mares are doing both and get their systems drug down quickly when the grazing falls off and there is little water. I know that there are well meaning people out there who will tell you that there is no problem and that the herds will limit themselves. They are right, the herds will limit themselves, the weak, old, young, and nursing will die off and leave the stronger and open mares. Some of which are sterile and/or on PZP which we are not entirely sure is safe for them or will allow them to foal in the future. (HSUS who is the backer of PZP has it listed as for use on varmints and pests i.e. feral/wild horses.) We are seeing examples of this type of management in the state managed herds in Nevada where there are some horses in good shape and many either dying or so thin as to be in danger. I cannot give you a total fix, but I can tell you that one thing that does need to happen is that the horses need more backing once then are gathered and more people who say that they love them need to step up and get involved with the adoption and training of them to fit into their new lives.


  11. Grassroots horse looks like a very good blog. Had never seen it before.
    I had seen the pictures from the 2009 roundup showing Cloud trying to keep his family together.
    Couldnt seem to get the ones Carol Walker took this time to come up. Will look elsewhere for it.
    Where are all these people who have watched the Cloud videos & read the books about this herd right now? Arent any of them aware of whats going on at the present time? Somehow, the people who follow this herd need to be aware of how the BLM has targeted them.
    Louie is right – this has been going on a long time – I think the first time I was aware of it was watching the movie “The Misfits” – watching those horses being run down & roped to a tire then just worn down & hauled away for dog food (according to the movie) did hit hard. But since then – theres not a lot brought forth into the public eye about whats been done to the wild horses & burros.
    Till now!!!! There are so many people working so very hard for the horses & they deserve more publicity than they get – and more financial backing. Reading about Laura Leigh & whats happened to her at various times – the crap she has to put up with & the dangers – I give her credit for just keeping on at this.
    I regret I didnt get involved when I was younger & a little more able to actually contribute something to the “cause”.
    But like Louie says, we’re all here now & doing the best we can do.


  12. Why is Evil EVER allowed to persist? Cleaning up corruption is much like digging out a septic tank (for those who have ever done it). You have to dig a LONG WAYS DOWN. This corruption goes both ways…a long ways down and ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.


  13. For those who insist upon Justice and Fair Play….you just have to pick your battles and stay with them It becomes a way of life. THIS battle happens to be OURS and so are the Wild Horses and Burros AND the Public Lands. As the general Public becomes increasingly aware that this isn’t JUST about WH&B, the battle escalates.


  14. please leave these horses alone! it is so awful to chase these terrified animals with helicopters. let them be



  15. The Pryor Mountains will never again be what it was, it is now forever changed. So, when do we start tearing down the fences?? When all the wild horses are completely gone forever?? If we keep waiting, & being all nice, legal & polite, we might as well just forget trying to save Cloud, or any other wild horse! It ain’t gonna happen unless we make it happen, RIGHT NOW!! Perhaps Ginger should make a new, quick documentary about the demise of Cloud & his family, as well as the rest of the Pryor Mountain herds, we do have the legal right of freedom of speech. No “sugar coating” the truth either, if the stupid BLM/government has nothing to hide or fear, then they have nothing to worry about, right? The world got to know & love the beautiful wild stallion, Cloud, & all the others, now they need to know what the ignorant United States government has done, & is doing as we speak.I’m tired of playing by the book, it’s probably a good thing for “them” that I do not live close enough to do what I’d like. This is another disgusting, no good example of just how stupid people can be, as in all of our “so-called leaders”. Our entire government needs a major over-haul. This is NOT what I want to leave for my daughter, for her future family, or for future generations. I am deeply ashamed & saddened. And, we’re just letting them keep on getting away with this crap, & then we all come here to talk about it, watch heart-breaking videos, see horrible, sad photos, cry some, probably yell some too, why?? I want something actually done about it, I want it STOPPED, NOW!! Not after they’re all gone.


  16. I have waited a long time for the horse advocates to get united and to go to the round-ups and protests in numbers enough to make a difference. Like all of you hear I have done my due dilligence every day to try to stop this autrocity. But unless you go to all the different sites you never know when things are scheduled to happen, and some of us just cannot be on the computer that many hours a day. We need one place to go to get all the information we need to be informed about what protests are being put together(if any). I am here alone and know of no other people in the Denver area who want to be a part of anything other than just being on here day after day–and that just does not cut the mustard any more for our mustangs. I am not rich but could spare some money and time to get out their and help the horses. I have noticed more splinter groups pop up-not more unity.
    I am begining to wonder if Holder was not right when he said “Americans are nothing more than a bunch of Cowards.”


  17. The advocacy is split up by scammers and we need to realize it and get behind those with integrity who are legitimate 501 c operations with real boards who meet and make decisions and have not been living off the donors’ money. Many of you know what is going on and many of you don’t. If you don’t want the truth this is not the place to be. RT has pointed this out. This is where the truth will out. Not on Face Book!

    There are good lawsuits and there are hollow promises from others. Ask more questions! Speak up. Find out why we are stalled and need to get back in the running. If this is all about the horses then don’t be standing up for face book frauds with zero transparency who are not even able to associate with the trail of 501cs that have dropped them for unethical behavior! Wake up and get back on track and with reality.

    What Valerie says is true, we are watching the last of the wild ones be taken and the most beautiful wild herds broken so that privileged corporate entities, many of them Foreign, take the lands the wild ones were given by congress.

    I read a statement that literally says; ”If it is happening it is because Congress is letting it happen.\” We need our numbers up and we need honest leaders to be urged to do everything possible and then we need to back them up with real work and every dime we can spare. When your money goes to hucksters at FB you are not helping the wild ones anymore. You are helping people who put themselves and their frivolous lives first. They have no accountability. But I know you know who does.

    You have got to get past this roadblock first and clean house! If you do not see the forest for the trees you may be lost. Find the right track again. Get behind RT and Terry and the Cloud Foundation and those they have good relationships with. It does matter who you back.

    Stop listening to the hysteria and guarded lies of totally unscrupulous scammers! Don\’t wait until BLM reveals this and embarrasses all of us! Find out and clean house because it matters who you are supporting more than you realize! If you all can do this it will be a huge step back to unity.

    And the bad ones will echo what I say and try to fool you. That is why this is not working folks!


    • Kate,
      Although I do not agree with everything you say, I will agree that there are a few out there that claim to be doing great things for the horses and that you should send them your money so they can continue their good works. Here in is the problem, the people filing many of these law suits is doing it for all the wrong reasons, if you look at the suits they are designed to do nothing more than to give the person a chance to be in the head lines and asking for donations. There are Questions that need to be answered, I have asked them many times, but I get ignored, or told I am just trying to cause problems. because I back the BLM. I do not back the BLM but I do believe Management of the wild ones needs to be taken very seriously. if it is not, then the Act has failed its purpose. I will not get into an all of that now, as I am here to bring to the attention of people a person that is hurting the Advocacy as well as the wild horses. and pose some questions that need to be answered. and questions that should be asked by every person before they donate to any one.

      What will my donations be used for?
      What have donations enabled you to do for the cause?
      What % of my donations will be used for administration?
      What % will actually go directly to the cause?

      These 4 questions if answered honestly can solve many problems with fakes.

      Now the questions that need to be asked of the worst offender of the wild horses.

      What Happened With Sheldon?
      this out of all the lawsuits actually had a chance and you rolled over on it.

      Who writes your briefs? and why cant your attorney answer simple questions by the judge on the brief?

      What Happened with FurryTale Farms, and why is there a default judgment against you for not taking care of fee’s incurred by your horses that you raised donations to take care of?

      What Happened with With Whispering Winds? And why did you take advantage of these people?

      What is your past? and how can you justify calling yourself an expert, or not correcting anyone that calls you one when you are one, scared of horses, and two knew nothing about wild horses until around 2009?

      Not being a 501c3 why would you let people say that donations to you are tax deductible and not correct them?

      why would you mislead people into thinking you stay in your vehicle during gathers when you are really staying in hotels and motels?

      why would one of your staff state you get a salary, in one comment, and in the next say the reason you need donations is for personal item and that there is no money for these things? if your getting a salary that is what your suppose to buy personal items with.

      What do you bring in from donations?
      If your a not for profit this information should be available and you should be more than willing to share this with anyone that asks.. I would like to refer you to the first four questions asked.

      Why are you using an address for your business that is not yours, even after being asked to not use it anymore?

      the one lawsuit that you did win, was on a first amendment ruling, how can you figure that as a win, when we had better access to gathers before your suit?

      I have many more questions I would like to have answered, but I feel these are some of the more important ones, and will make people start thinking and really looking at this group and maybe realize they are not what they claim to be. and are not doing the great things they claim to do. sometimes the problem is really the person claiming to be the solution..


      • Hey Tony, allow me to answer your general questions regarding our 501(c)3, Wild Horse Freedom Federation and give you our stance.

        I know, full well, that the BLM does more than just manage wild horses and burros and, likewise, we are very cognoscente of the fact that the equines may need to be managed for both their sake and that of the range. The trouble is that we have not had a chance or the ability to even access the need for or level of management on most HMAs as the BLM is too busy pulling the horses and burros off while allowing private cattle to graze. There is no proper science being applied and that was that catalyst that caused the birth of our group; we were shocked at the bad science and incorrect assessment of the environment that the BLM was using to totally “zero-out” many herds…that was where we drew the line and wanted, and still do, the BLM to prove it as their current rational and methods violate the law.

        We tried to stop the zeroing out effort in North Piciance and were less than successful and we are still fighting in West Douglas. Our intent is to hold the BLM responsible for making sound management calls and right now we would like to see a cessation to the expensive knee-jerk roundups so that an accurate accounting can be taken of what numbers actually still survive on the range and develop an appropriate plan to manage them, if needed. Personally, I would also like to see an accounting of the 48,000+ horses in long term holding. For the past several years the BLM has pulled an average of 12,000 horses a year from the public lands and the upper 40ish thousand number of horses in holding has not shifted much. Something rather fishy there and I fear many horses are not where they should actually be.

        Your four questions aimed at the legitimacy of a 501(c)3 are easy answers for us:

        What will my donations be used for?

        That’s an easy one for WHFF; our attorney’s fees…legal fees plain and simple, and it’s not all about going to court there is a tremendous amount of research that goes into defending the horses and we have actually had a firm who has helped, pro bono, in the past and our long term animal attorney is very kind to us and works with us where ever possible. But we are not a rescue so there is no overhead and no one takes a stipend and we have not used money for any sort of justifiable travel expenses…our book keeping is easy, we are simple attempting to stay ahead of our legal bills. Now there was a time when we collected a “Fuel and Field Fund” in an effort to help a former associate, Laura Leigh, get out into the field for the sake of witnessing for the horses and while that program ran she was required to submit appropriate receipts. That program was short lived and is no longer an issue but our records are complete, clean and transparent. We are going to be issuing an announcement, soon, about another project that we will be working with another great organization and that will be separate from our legal fund so stay tuned for that.

        What have donations enabled you to do for the cause?

        Straight up there is a wild horse herd in North West Colorado that is still running free from the kind donations of hard working, tax-paying Americans and the commitment of our long-term plaintiffs for the West Douglas herd. Personally, if that is all I ever accomplish in my life I can go to the grave knowing that at least one herd in our great west is still running free due to our efforts and those efforts don’t come easy as it has taken a toll on personal finances, time, stress and probably an increase in the size of my bald spot. Although we walked into this with eyes wide open we are looking forward to the day when we would have no reason to do the things that we do today and can devote our energies in less adversarial directions.

        What % of my donation goes to administration?

        To date pretty close to nothing goes to admin. There is a post office box, postage and thank you cards but that is just about it and a lot of times that is picked up by us, anyway. So if you make a donation directly to WHFF you can be assured that it is going to pay legal as was displayed several weeks ago when we put a plea out for help with the West Douglas case. We didn’t care if the funds came to us at WHFF, the Cloud Foundation, Front Range Equine Rescue or any of our other plaintiffs because we had pledged to our attorneys that the funds would go directly to their hard work and that is just what happened. We are currently in conversations with a professional fund raising firm to assist us and we are well aware that there will be costs in the production of printed material, postage and time/labor to manage mail outs so there will be costs involved but this is a highly reputable firm that works for many fine charities and in so doing they have helped not only horses but other critters and people too… but going back to my main point, if you donate to WHFF your donation goes to legal funds.

        What % will actually go directly to the cause?

        Easy one, if you believe in our fight and what we are trying to do your direct donation will go directly to the cause. Soon we will be carrying thousands of letters to D.C., personally, and we will be doing that at our own expense for travel, lodging and food. It’s a way that Terry and I can give to the cause and back to the community. We have made it our policy not to take money from associated non-profits, even when we were a foster home with a pasture full of foster horses (we make bad foster parents as we adopted most). Again, it is how we can give back because we firmly believe that if you are going to be an active advocate and put yourself out front to lead and direct then you must truly be all about the horses and not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

        Sorry, a little long winded but I have a great deal of passion for the safety and future welfare of our nations horses both domestic and wild…they are a precious gift to we Americans and I hope that their freedom from slaughter and BLM abuse will be our legacy. Future generations are depending upon us.

        Your other questions I am not clear on who, what, why or when you are talking about but we surely do not need frauds in the advocacy and that is why we try so hard to be transparent and above board. We don’t need the money or the grief….that’s for sure.

        Feel free to ask away, about us, or write me privately at

        Probably to much information but Terry calls me a man of a few thousand words, sorry.


      • R.T., I can only say “God Bless You” for all you do for our equine. Ever since I learned of the BLM and their tactis, I have been afraid of their practices at the end of the line where they would be sending out horses in the dead of night to be slaughtered. I don’t trust them at all and I would like to see a reorganization of the agency, one that takes care of grazing cattle, one that takes care of our beautiful American icons, the horses, and one to cover the other interests. Over these individual divisions would be a governing body made up of Americans who have no previous interest in the cattle business. To be on this governing board, you would have to show your interest in the welfare of all that this agency governs. I, for one, would love to see you over the equine division as I know we would have the greatest representative one could ask for. This complete agency would be answerable to the American citizenry for their actions. Our ranges, our horses, and our cattle demand on this. Only one that loves the U.S. in all its beauty, land and animals, should be in the agency.

        Also, could you please let me know the agency who would be helping you with your fund raising. I have three horses at a sanctuary, operated by a sixty-six year old lady, that uses all her retirement funds to help those horses she has rescued from the “butchers”. She goes without in order that her horses, donkeys, and dogs have the necessities, even when she goes without. Her house burned down and lives in a delapitated trailer now. She almost lost the place when fighting tongue and throat cancer. She could use help in re-working her website, as an unhappy person, once a volunteer, botched it up. I would truly appreciate if you could forward the name of the agency to me at

        Thank you for all you do for our American icons, the horses. I wish we could get them nominated as our American Icon as they truly deserve that designation because of all they have done for our our citizens throughout our history.


      • RT, Im sorry please do not feel that I was referencing you rr the WHFF in my comment. although I do not agree with you on many things, I do believe you and many other groups like the cloud foundation are working for the betterment of the horses and their welfare. and I was not questioning the legitimacy of your 501c3 I was speaking of a specific so called Activist.. Your organization has been around for many years, and although I do not always agree the only thing you might have heard from me here or there is a little jab about something you said. until December 2010 most people in the advocacy had no idea who I was. or what I am about. and many still have no idea. I have one goal, and that is to rid the world of people who use the kind heart and pocket book of people that truly care about the horses. people who waste time and resources for nothing more than to keep their name in the headlines. The Advocacy has enough problems with out people who are going to put a nasty stain on it and make people stop donating when they start to realize how full of it they are. if I thought for any reason that they actually knew what they were doing or saying and actually cared about the horses, I would probably still be sitting back in my little world sipping my coffee and reading the things being said shaking my head and not understanding why people say some of the things they say.

        Once again I am sorry if you felt I was directing that comment to you, however I was not, but thank you for showing people how easy it is to check the legitimacy of a charitable organization. SEE FOLKS like I have always said Ask and you shall receive. Demand and chances are you will be refused.

        Thanks RT and Hope all is well


  18. Geri, it’s equally if not more important to go the RAC meetings. This is where the land use planning is done and this is where the problem starts. Our WH&B desperately need representation at these meetings. It’s good to see WHO is making the decisions and you can ask for time to address the committee. These are public meetings and the more public that attends them, the better. Here is Colorado:
    Colorado Resource Advisory Council
    Colorado’s Resource Advisory Councils (RAC) are official federal advisory committees that provide advice and recommendations on all aspects of public land management to BLM Colorado’s Designated Federal Officers (DFO). The RACs operate on the principle of collaborative decision making and strive for consensus before making official recommendations to BLM.
    Colorado has 3 resource advisory councils within its borders. Information relating to each of the specific advisory councils can be accessed via the links listed below:
    • Front Range Resource Advisory Council
    • Northwest Resource Advisory Council
    • Southwest Resource Advisory Council
    Each RAC is comprised of 15 members representing a balance of public land resources and users.
    • 5 members who represent commercial uses or users such as livestock grazing, timber production, mining, oil and gas, realty/rights-of-ways, off-highway vehicle groups and commercial recreation such as guides and outfitters.
    • 5 members who represent environmental organizations, historic/cultural interests, wildlife and other conservation organizations, wild horse and burro interests and dispersed/general recreation users.
    • 5 members who represent elected officials, state or other governmental agencies, Tribes, academic institutions, and the public-at-large
    Advisory Council members are appointed to staggered three-year terms by the Secretary of the Interior. A list of potential appointees is generated by an annual public nomination process which begins in March or April and culminates with the appointment of new members in mid-August.


    • Yes Louie, and although standing room only would make a big impact at BLM RAC meetings, I believe that even if you can’t physically be there you can write a comment to the committee and request it be read aloud or at least be made a part of the official minutes of the meeting AND you can also request a phone-in line be set up at the meeting so you can speak. This was recently done at two RAC meetings in CA that I know of. Contact the BLM and request it. These are public meetings and regardless of where you live … this is your land and you have a right to be heard.


  19. I tried to comment in the paper that did this article, the MISSOULIAN, but I couldn’t get past the “sign in” process. I filled out the information, but the newpaper didn’t follow through and complete the process. It’s still hanging in limbo. That could be why they only have ONE comment.


  20. THis dispicable act only confirms that this agency is running amok and needs to be completely dissolved. I think we need to completely DEMAND its complete blow-out and new people (no cattlemen) need to be appointed to run the agency as a fair and unbiased agency. THIS AGENCY AT PRESENT SMACKS OF MONEY GOING UNDER THE TABLE TO THE CATTLEMEN WHO HAVE HIGH POSITIONS AND ALL THE LOW END PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO FIGHT THE BIG SHOTS. Only after complete firing of employees and hiring of unbiased American citizens will this agency be respected. Come on advocates lets get together and force this agency as it presently stands into oblivion. AND, LET’S GET ALL THOSE CONFISGATED HORSES BACK WITH THEIR FAMILIES AND THEIR HOME RANGES.


  21. You can still listen to the radio show…it’s archived. Give it a minute or so to get into the show. You’ll
    learn some more history on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses and Herd Management Area:

    Join us Wednesday evening , July 25th 2012, at 7:00 CST!
    5:00 PST… 7:00 CST… 8:00 EST
    Listen live here!
    callin # 917-388-4520
    Wyoming activists vs The BLM:
    Jerri Tillett joins us from Wyoming along with Nikki Spotted Eagle, and Cathy Bryarly, to discuss the malfeasance of the Bureau of Land (mis)Management (BLM) and the deceptive practices used by the agency in favor of invested stakeholders in the BLM. All three women have worked tirelessly to expose the deceptive practices of the BLM in their area.
    Jerri Tillett and Nikki Spotted Eagle have spent more than twenty years documenting the harm done by the BLM especially to the wild horse herds in Wyoming. This has culminated in the filing in the US District Court in Billings, Montana a case attempting to halt any further eradication of the wild horse herds in that area. Filing as a pro se, her case is docketed as CB-12-87-BLG-RFC/ Billings District.
    Cathy Bryarly, a Wyoming sheriff’s deputy, has concluded a three year investigation into the BLM and has documented numerous instances of deceptive practices and lack of accountability within the BLM in her area.
    At issue here is the lack of accountability by a federal agency. Numerous lawsuits against the BLM highlight the lack of transparency, malfeasance and the continued deceptions used against the public and in the courts to implement unlawful plans by the agency.


  22. Congress — they continue to allow BLM policies to hide behind “multi-purpose,” and with a lack of a critical mass of properly targeted public outrage about the wild and free-roaming horses and burros, directed toward the elected officials, this Congressional neglect continues.

    Required is a modern solution that encompasses true synergies.

    Synergy on our public lands is NOT when the BLM “works with” other agencies to “clear off” wild and free roaming horses and burros from their legal areas.

    Synergies involve recognizing valuable, proven solutions in a multi-faceted program which includes range design.

    For instance, might not the use of agro-forestry principles for the increase of human food consumption and economic potentials(which employs grazers in a balanced use among valuable timber plantings of oil, nut, and timber species –species suited to the micro-climate where they are planted –) be a possible synergy on America’s public lands? See “Forest Farming – Towards a Solution to Problems of World Hunger and Conservation,” by J. Sholto Douglas and Robert A. de J.Hart.

    Those advocates already targeting Congress are on the right track and there are ample on-line tools to use for this purpose, letter writing campaigns and pdfs to use.


  23. ok im sorry But there is NOTHING special about cloud. He is a normal palomino horse that ws photoed as a foal. YOu could say the same about half of the herds n OR. Honor, shamen, jingles just to name a few that have been around just as long as cloud. Actually jingles the mare was around for 29 or so yrs. The only reason cloud is famous is because someone came along used emotions and started taking pics. At first it was told he was a “RARE WHITE” staalion, after many of us set the record straight that he was in fact just a normal palomino things changed.

    Sorry but there is NOTHING special about him except he is a BLM mustangs


  24. R.T. Sorry, I need to make a correction to my comment on your remarks and reply to TOny. The third to the last paragraph should read, “our cattle depend on this”.


  25. As a visitor from ‘across the pond’ who has been priviliged to visit the Pryors and see the herds all I have to say to the BLM is these wild horses are your countries heritage, you should be proud of them and protect them, not destroy them for greed, because once they are gone they will be gone forever


  26. can somebody please explain to me why they are releasing the horses? they caught them right? they should keep everything to keep right? isn’t it more expensive to keep on catching and releasing?


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