Day: August 11, 2012

Tradition Keeps “Suicide” Horse Race Alive

(CBS News) This weekend, as it has for nearly 80 years, the rodeo in Omak, Washington will attract thousands of residents and tourists to its city to watch up to 20 jockeys and their horses sprint down a steep embankment and into the water.

Fans of the “World Famous Suicide Race” call it an adrenaline-pumping tradition that brings the community together. Animal rights activists and others, however, cringe watching the stallions plummet into the river down a 210-foot-long, 62-degree slope called Suicide Hill, the dust kicking up behind them as onlookers cheer.

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$170k Bail for ex-BLM Boss Child Sex Charges in NV

During his 40-year career with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Ronald Wenker was a top government official who made statewide and national decisions on land issues.

But, on Friday morning, the 64-year-old sat in a room full of accused criminals at Washoe County Jail, where he made his first court appearance during a video arraignment.

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