Day: August 25, 2012

TPWD Releases Photos of “Executed” Horses

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Texas Parks and Wildlife, the state agency charged with the welfare of animals in their natural habitat didn’t have enough respect for 11 domestic horses to give them a quick and painless death. Instead, on the orders of park superintendent Barrett Darst of Big Bend Ranch State Park, the horses, mares and foals, were sent to a painful slaughter, Mexico style.

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Famous for Something, Indeed: The Barbi Twins Take Tangible Action for Animal Welfare

Fame is a powerful commodity, yet how many celebrities parlay this fame into something that will make a real difference in the world? And beyond that, how many actually go beyond writing a check or lending their endorsement to actually turning their commitment into full-time work?

Shane and Sia Barbi, the blonde bombshell models known as the Barbi Twins, jokingly refer to themselves as “famous for nothing.” Although they are certainly known to millions who bought their calendars, posters, and bestselling Playboy issues in the 1990s (among the dorm rooms their posters graced was that of Prince William), there are equally as many in the animal rights world who only know of the Barbis for their current animal activist work — defying not only Fitzgerald’s “no second acts” rule about American lives but seriously stretching what Shane and Sia call their respective “7.5 minutes” of fame allotment.

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