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In Canada’s vast Prairie provinces lie hundreds of feedlots, many of which hold thousands of horses destined for slaughter.

Whether they are cast-off PMU mares and foals, former Mennonite/Amish work horses, breeders’ excess stock, former rodeo horses or from horse dealers through rural auctions, many languish in Alberta feedlots in close proximity to Bouvry Exports, Canada’s largest horse slaughter plant.

This CHDC report exposes the common conditions inside these factory farm lots for horses.

They are the True Faces of Horse Slaughter in Canada.

The report can be viewed here:

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  1. Looking at all those poor animals stuffed into pens to fatten up for slaughter certainly shows the reality of horse slaughter & the article is right – this is what Sue & her cohorts want for us, isnt it?
    But what happens to THESE horses when 2013 comes along & the passport rules come into effect?
    I realize these particular horses will obviously be long gone then (how awful is that?) but the ones who come after – the ones who are in these pens when the rules change – what then?
    The little grey filly was heartbreaking – watching her struggle to get to her mom. How can any so called animal welfare organization see this and all the horror there & do nothing?


  2. The pmus have a special place in my heart… they are the reason why i got involved with the horse slaughter issue. And for this reason (my mare) i will continue to fight for all the horses.


  3. So heartbreaking and sickening! These poor innocent and beautiful creatures should not be subject to such horrible and cruel practice. Laws must be passed to end this senseless waste of life. We must never give up on them!


  4. If this is tolerated and these horses killed I can no longer have one iota of respect for this country. Horses are heroes who settled this country, who are intelligent, brave and loyal. And THIS is how they are repaid. I absolutely cannot bear it.

    I hope every person who is responsible for these horses’ violated trust and their slaughter will have a special place in Hell throughout eternity, and that they will suffer the agony of the damned while here on Earth.


  5. No… no comment, just tears and a heart that’s jumping. TY for sharing :/ Funny how some of these older stories pop up into view as a reminder. Read me again. 😦 Ok. sharing.


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