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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Signs Agreement with Habitat for Horses

Press Release from Habitat for Horses

Excess Horses to go to HfH versus Slaughter

Jerry Finch, President and Founder of Habitat for Horses

September 19, 2012 (Hitchcock, TX) – The Texas Parks and WIldlife Department signed an agreement today that releases the few remaining horses currently used at the Big Bend Ranch State Park to Habitat for Horses. In an effort to reduce the number of horses and further reduce expenditures to conserve the park resources, an agreement was reached that allows Habitat for Horses to receive the horses and bring them to its ranch in Hitchcock, TX.

“The park wishes to ensure that these horses continue to serve the public purpose, of possible,” said a TPWD spokesperson, “and that they are properly cared for.” After a brief investigation, it was determined that Habitat for Horses would be the best place for these horses.

Habitat for Horses contacted the TPWD last month after hearing that 10 horses from that location were sold to a local buyer, transported and slaughtered in Mexico. “Perhaps they were unaware of the future destination of the horses after the sale,” said Jerry Finch, President of Habitat for Horses, “but the fact remains that trained horses are in big demand in Texas. It was a waste and an action that reflects poorly on a State agency.”

Habitat for Horses is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Texas and has worked with  local, State and Federal agencies for the last 14 years by receiving, rehabilitating and adopting both horses and burros. “The attitude of a large number of agencies has changed in the past few years,” said Mr. Finch. “The ‘throw-away’ mentality is quickly fading and horses are gaining the respect they deserve.”

“The State of Texas and especially the TPWD deserve to be congratulated for offering their horses and burros an opportunity to be adopted and live out their remaining years,” he continued.

Five horses will be picked up early next week and transported back to the Hitchcock Habitat for Horses Ranch. For those interested in adoption, please contact Habitat for Horses at 409-935-0277 during normal business hours or visit the website at http://www.habitatforhorses.org

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  1. Its about time – maybe the publicity from their stupidity in sending the other horse to slaughter actually did some good. At any rate , its great that these horses will be taken care of.


  2. What about the burrows, if any, who are remaining at Big Bend National Park? These gentle creatures, deserve good care, also. Did the “fear of God,” enlighten the Park Service, in Texas!! Thanks, Jerry, for posting.


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