Horse Slaughter

Video: Abattoir Wars Episode 1

Unknown Producer/Publisher

The Horse Eaters Invade Earth

Warning: Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach

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    • I cannot lay claim to this one, the link was forwarded to me so I thought that at the very least I would share. The author of the piece sure knows these social rejects pretty well…scourge of contemporary society.


  1. The utter hilarity of Episode I gave me a much-needed kick start for the day. SNL could benefit from your talent, R.T. ! Job well done!!


  2. The warning almost kept me from watching this but then the above comments gave me the hint that it was OK ………. and it was brilliant!


  3. Satire worthy of Jonathan Swift.

    Maybe “abattoir” is spelled “abittoir” in places on purpose? As in: This video is “a bitter” pill for these alien beings to swallow?


    • oooooh…you a a very sharp cookie re: Swift comment. I am impressed. Same with the spell or is it misspell? What a hoot!

      I felt it was excellent with a very Monty Python aka Terry Gilliam cachet.

      Whatever the inspiration, the production is fantastic and pure purrfection!

      Can’t wait for numero dos.


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