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BLM Releases Tentative 2013 Wild Horse and Burro Stampede and Herd Destruction Schedule

Update by SFTHH ~BLM live link

Covert/Secret Bait Trapping Operations Not Disclosed

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  1. We know things change often and quickly and behind closed doors with BLM but if my guess is correct, there will be many other trapping captures going on simultaneously (and already funded in trapping contracts) that are not on this list – they will be done under the heading of “emergency” or “categorical exclusion” or under the authority of the RMP for the area or under the authority of a “clean-up” for a previous EA capture.

    Examples of what we know is missing and not shown on their official list are the Coppersmith/Buckhorn capture already planned and the Fox Hog “emergency” capture not shown on the list but already planned but not finalized. And what about the Piute burros that are planned but not on the list. Plus … this list only shows us the next few months.


  2. Well, if we keep Obama in power, then i guess the wild mustangs will be only a memory and a bunch of pictures in the books, cause no matter how we fight it, they just dont listen. Nothing does any good anymore!! I have no idea why they are so he!! bent on destroying the mustangs but its so sad that they cant at least leave a few small herds in the designated lands set aside for them! Nothing means anything to this administration!!


    • I agree. It is hard to balance who to vote for. Pick O and we know the war on horses continues. Pick R and the war on women will ignite like in the 60’s. I’m not old enough to remember all the protests but I know that Peter Paul and Mary walked the walk and talked the talk. Not just then but in the years since. Front line stuff. My sisters were arrested for protesting the Vietnam War. And there are things I saw on tv that my faded memory is slowly bringing back.

      Right now I’m watching second season of the old tv show Medical Center. There is one story line about a young girl who died from complications of a back alley abortion. Yes, abortion was really illegal in my time! And I remember a time BEFORE we had a paramedics in the field. I remember being hurt and HOW UTTERLY COLD INSIDE I WAS. Bone chilling cold. I was in shock and the fire department couldn’t do a thing to help!

      We need to be here to witness for the horses. And we need good quality health care. Whether that’s thru your own health carrier or Medicare WE NEED EVERYONE. For this reason I’m picking O. Not because I like him any better or trust him more cause I don’t. R&R scares the holy bejesus outta me.


      • Margaret, Why are you blaming Romney for for some attack on women’s rights? That man has five kids. It looks like the MSM has brainwashed everybody. By the time Obama stays in office another four years none of us will recognize what’s left of this country. This man has members of the Muslim Brotherhood employed in his administration and I don’t mean Hillary Clinton’s staff member either. If you don’t know who these people are there is plenty of information on google.


    • The reason behind this atrocity is that Salizar the Cattleman has free rein. The reason is greed. It’s. So simple that it stinks.


  3. Can we picket these stampede dates by land, with 4×4 Jeeps? Can we do anything!!!? Write, Fax, Call etc… Any thing more “hands on”?


    • No. BLM sends out law enforcement who happily tells you that if you don’t follow their decree they will take things to the next level. As this is being said they rest their hands on the butts of their guns. Very intimidating stuff.

      Best thing to do is go out and document EVERYTHING. From morning brief, to any conversations. And document the horses from the sec you see them to capture. If you can get to the pens document that too.

      Don’t cause a fracas. I know that’s easier said than done. But we don’t wanna give them a thing. Let them dig a hole for themselves.


  4. I really don’t believe Romney will be bring us back to the sixties. I sent a letter to Romney asking about our lands in the West, what is plans were, if he would continue to gather our beloved wild horses and put them in storage. What are his beliefs about horses going to slaughter. I did not get an answer. However, I am wondering if everyone wrote a letter and asked him, would we finally get an answer.

    It reminds me of an old Arlo Gutherie song. If one person walks in and sings a bar of alice’s restaraurant, well they will thing you are nuts. But if 50 people every day write a letter to Romney about our wild mustangs and his intentions that they will know it is a movement.

    Let’s give it a try. What do he have to loose. come join me!!!


    • Well, I am voting Romney. I just like the businesslike way he intends to run the show. I think we really need a good businessman and someone who really knows finances to fix our broken economy. I also like that he will not change our government into some kind of socialistic country that we will regret later on down the road. I really admire Paul Ryan for his smarts and way of thinking. I think if anyone can save this country, these two can. I think he would be anti slaughter and would do everything he could to save the mustangs and restore their freedom, mostly because i know his wife is into horses and im sure she would go to work on him about our issues with slaughter and wild horses.


      • Big money bloodlines NOT mustangs or burros..Think about that… Big shows..Big money..Her views and his will set women back 50 years..Wake up girlfriend!


  5. A couple of things…Paul Ryan has already voted against further protections of our wild horses and burros. He voted against the protection of areas that are home to endangered species and he voted against the animal welfare act. Bain capital is big in the slaughter business so I wouldn’t hold much hope for these two dunderheads either. Obama is no better. He is clearly out of his element when dealing with the environment and the affairs of the Dept of the Interior. So he chose (or was nagged by) his good friend Ken Salazar and we all know what that has led to.

    There is no clear choice for President when it comes to the plight of our wild horses and burros but whoever is elected will have to be forced by folks like us speaking out LOUDLY!

    After the release of the Missing Horses article yesterday we have a big opportunity to put some nails in the coffin of the Wild Horse and Burro Program and the BLM. But we have to act and Now!



    Watt Earned 25-count Indictment
    Over the last five years, Watt has testified before Congress, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a federal grand jury and an independent prosecutor investigating HUD abuses under Pierce. Several top HUD officials have pleaded guilty to numerous charges and last month Pierce admitted creating an atmosphere of corruption at the agency. His chief assistant already has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for perjury and conspiracy.

    Watt’s turn came Wednesday. The grand jury charged him with lying and obstruction of justice in a 25-count felony indictment. Independent counsel Arlin Adams accused Watt of hindering his probe and unnecessarily padding the taxpayers’ bill, which now exceeds $17 million.


    • Louie you reminded that several years ago I took a summer job and my first day another employee threatened to kill me if the register came up short.

      I quit. The manager was pissed that I did so and tried to reassure me that she was only yapping thru her gums. No. I took that threat seriously. I’ve seen to many school shootings and dumb bell reasons for people going off. Not gonna take a chance like that with someone I didn’t know.

      I know there are two sides to every story but in the minimum this guy needs to be written up at work for inappropriateness. Threatening people on the job that may well be grounds for termination–since there Federal and not a mom and pops store.

      He could be off medication or in need. PTSD is real. And sometimes trying to dig it out is not always so easy or clear cut. Someone in mental health could evaluate him, and get to the root of his issues.

      But then he could be like that Major in the Army who shot all those people in Texas cause he didn’t want to go to war.

      It’s scary the world we live in. Someone could go off on you for NO APPARENT reason. You have no idea that you are on his hit list or why. No way to protect yourself. And think about it, some of these people may well be in law enforcement within the BLM. And there the ones who tell us how if we don’t abide by their rules they’ll take things to the next level, with their hands on the butts of their guns.

      We may just have to wait until AFTER the election but then we push and PUSH hard to get the horses removed from the care of the BLM. We need to cite our reasons. And this could be one. That guy could go off on any of us at a roundup because he snapped.

      I know I don’t have the credentials to check range conditions. I can tell if somethings dry or not. Or if there is little feed. But perhaps since we have advocates with all kinds of experience we can set up our own BLM agency and demand to take over. Our government is for the people not for the richie rich at the top of the heap.


    • I think they should be sued individually not as an agency for more impact on them. Need to figure out how to do that..


  7. I also got SAM email with the Missing article by Dave Phillips. So I guess that answers lots of questions as to where these horses are going.
    It also sounds like the BLM is becoming a bit concerned by the publicity!!! About time.
    How many beautiful herds have they handed over to this creep – who is just another killer buyer?


  8. Margaret, I’m sorry you had such a frightening experience. Sounds as though that school had better have some good leadership in order to nip that in the bud. There’s no excuse for that kind of behavior and there should be ZERO tolerance. That’s how good employees are lost. They do as you did…leave.
    As for the BLM. It’s clear that they should NOT be armed as they pose a clear and present threat to taxpaying citizens who are NOT armed.


  9. Griffith says:

    September 28, 2012 at 10:45 PM

    Margaret, Why are you blaming Romney for for some attack on women’s rights? That man has five kids. It looks like the MSM has brainwashed everybody. By the time Obama stays in office another four years none of us will recognize what’s left of this country. This man has members of the Muslim Brotherhood employed in his administration and I don’t mean Hillary Clinton’s staff member either. If you don’t know who these people are there is plenty of information on google.
    Griffith, I so agree with you. To blame Romney is idiotic, because at this point he is all that can save this country. If we want to save the horses it is clear that Obama and his henchmen will NOT help the horses, nor the wolves, nor us. He appointed Salazar, who has been an abomination. Most of us have written Obama many times to save the horses and to stop the heinous behavior of BLM.
    If things continue as they are now the time will come when we will not be allowed to protest about what is done to the horses, and the time is NOW to save them. This administration has been brutal, and the horses have been doomed.


  10. RT, did you ever hear anything further about Rep.Moran’s cover letter? Was anything ever said about the delivery of all the letters that you took down?


    • Yes, last week was a total zoo in D.C. due to the end of the session but members of the White House staff had pledged to come and actually meet and pick up the boxes of letters at Rep. Jim Moran’s office last week.

      Last night I learned that Rep. Moran’s legislative aide, who is our main contact, has been out of the office since last week and will be in on Thursday and at that time I will have the exact story and the cover letter that accompanied the letters to President.

      Please trust the fact that as soon as I have definitive information you will be the first to know as the past two weeks have been rather anti-climatic after our whirlwind visit to deliver.

      Thanks for hanging in there.


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