Month: September 2012

NJ Governor Christie: Eat No Horse Meat

story by Dori Edwards of Global Animal State wants NOTHING to do with Horse Slaughter NEW JERSEY — Governor Christie of New Jersey thanked Assemblyman Ronald Dancer and animal advocates for proposing the bill that makes horse slaughter illegal. After the proposal was favored 72-3 in the state assembly, […]

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Equine Advocates Rock Las Vegas

Well Being of American Horses is the Order of the Day Pro-horse advocates from across North America rode into Las Vegas for an intensive weekend of sharing, learning, strategizing and brainstorming on the future welfare of America’s iconic horses, donkeys and mules at the second annual International Equine […]

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International Conference Launches With Field Trip to Birthplace of Prehistoric Horses and Visit to Their Dwindling Offspring

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The leadership of the wild horse preservation movement in America got a VIP tour of the Bureau of Land Management’s worst nightmare late Friday when they finished a jam packed day with dinner at the proposed Fossel Bed National Monument site. There, the bones of prehistoric rhinos and horses stick out of the Nevada landscape. The site, among others, is the birthplace of the horse as a species.

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IEC Update: Pro-Horse Groups Aim to End Horse Slaughter

LAS VEGAS — Equine advocates meeting in Las Vegas say a dinner plate is no place for a horse to end up.

Several pro-horse organizations are in the valley for their international conference to strategize their opposition to the planned re-opening of American slaughterhouses for horses. An obscure provision in a law, approved last year, opens the window to new American slaughterhouses which would process horse meat for overseas markets. Opponents say it’s a cold-blooded business decision.

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Judge Holds BLM’s Decision to Zero-out Colorado’s West Douglas Herd Not Ripe for Review

DENVER (Sept. 20, 2012)—A Federal court decision handed down last week gave the West Douglas Wild Horse Herd another reprieve. Honorable Judge Collyer held that she could not rule on the issue of whether the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) can zero out the West Douglas herd until BLM issues a decision to round up the horses. Plaintiffs contended that the Court could review and hold illegal BLM’s long-held land use planning decisions issued since the 1970’s and most recently in 2005 to eradicate the herd, especially in light of the fact that BLM has cancelled roundups of the horses once Plaintiffs challenged them in court—a classic example of BLM gamesmanship. The Court held, however, that the issue would not be ripe for judicial review until BLM once again issues a decision to round up the horses.

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Knappster: A little horse sense, please

After spending millions to create a world-class wild mustang eco-sanctuary in Northern Nevada, philanthropist Madeleine Pickens finds herself at odds with the very people she’s trying to help. In all likelihood, some of the best-known wild horse advocates in the country — many of whom are meeting in Las Vegas this week — will end up filing a lawsuit to stop Pickens’ plan from moving forward.

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