“Some of the Finest Meat You Will Ever Eat is a Fat Yearling Colt”

by Kecia Stewart of the FayObserver.com

“They probably don’t want to look too careful at this guy…”

Now that I have your attention, let’s address the issue with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) about the fate of wild horses that were sold to a Mr. Tom Davis.

If you aren’t familiar with the BLM, it’s an agency that protects and manages the herds of wild horses that still roam the American west. Thousands of the wild horses are rounded up each year to keep the populations stable, and to keep ranchers happy. According to ranchers the wild horses “tear up the public land and ruin it for everybody else.” Funny, I’m pretty sure the wild horses were there first …

Anyway, back to the missing horses. By last March the government pens and pastures were nearly full and efforts to find new storage space was not going well. The priority here is to have the horses adopted by the public, anyone can adopt a wild horse with a little as $125. However, with the rising prices of hay and the all around expense of owning a horse, sales have dropped from 1,468 in 2005 to 351 in 2008.

With the storage spaces full and people not adopting any horses the BLM did what it has done increasingly over the last few years. It turned to a little-known Colorado livestock hauler named Tom Davis who was willing to buy hundreds of horses at a time, sight unseen, for $10 a head.

Since 2009 the BLM has sold Davis at least 1,700 wild horse and burros – that’s 70% of the animals purchased through the sale program. When Davis, or anyone for that matter, buys a horse or burro through the BLM a contract is signed promising that the animals will not be slaughtered and he will find good homes for them.

The problem with selling to Davis is that he’s a longtime advocate of horse slaughter. He has admitted to ducking Colorado law to move animals across state lines and will not say where they wind up. He buys wild horses from Indian reservations for slaughter since the reservations are not protected by the same laws. And, since 2010 he has been seeking investors for a slaughterhouse of his own.

“Hell, some of the finest meat you will ever eat is a fat yearling colt,” Davis said. “What is wrong with taking all those BLM horses they got all fat and shiny and setting up a kill plant?”

BLM officials say they carefully screen buyers and are adamant that no wild horses ever go to slaughter.

Tom Gorey, spokesperson for the BLM in Washington, D.C., says there is no current proof that Davis is in fact selling these horses to slaughterhouses, he also says they have no proof that he has not. Gorey could not confirm or deny there was an investigation going on in this case. He also says that anyone who has credible information involving buyers should contact the agency so the claims can be addressed.

Some BLM employees say privately that wild horse program officials may not want to look too closely at Davis. The agency has more wild horses than it knows what to do with, they say, and Davis has become a relief valve for a federal program plagued by conflict and cost over-runs.

“They are under a lot of pressure in Washington to make numbers,” said a BLM corral manager who did not want his name used because he feared retribution from the agency’s national office. “Maybe that is what this is about. They probably don’t want to look too careful at this guy.”

All the missing horses: What happened to the wild horses Tom Davis bought from the government?

BLM selling to a kill buyer?

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36 comments on ““Some of the Finest Meat You Will Ever Eat is a Fat Yearling Colt”

  1. Let me tell you how I feel about them…….

    BLM is out to scalp anyone–horse/human/elk/fish–that stands in its way–they are ruthless/godless/inhuman/unholy–a scourge in the biblical sense.

    Evil– right out of hell.


  2. To me Horses are all Priceless,to sell them for $10.00 a head makes me want to PUKE !!!!!!the Mustangs are Historical Prove of their worthiness, and their right to Roam Free …………. If you want TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT Tom Murderer Davis is doing you hire a private Detective to follow his sorry A–……………..Take Photos, videos then there are no Questions to what he is up to !!!!!!!( I would GLADLY donate for this) Ill bet you will find Pure Evil !!!!


    • Arlene, your daily affirmation of love for horses constantly warms my heart. Thanks for loving relentlessly and all you do to remind us of the special ways God has gifted us with our horses, burros, mules and other equines.


  3. Tom Davis must be either dumb or stupid. If in fact he has bought 1700 horses sight unseen for $10.00/head knowing full well he cannot sell them for slaughter, why does he talk about tasty colts and solicit investors to help build a slaughter house? Supposedly, he solicited a Salazar. He ducked Colorado law to move the horses across state lines? Now who would have allowed him to do this? An independent investigation is badly needed.


  4. oh god, those poor little darlings! are there any rescues out there, or madeleine pickens, herself, who can buy mustangs in bulk like this guy did? i would be more than happy to help out.


  5. The Buck stops at the Top. ALL who are in administrative positions are complicit:

    A Short Note to Wild Horse Herd Advocates

    “I speak with my neighbors, they have never heard of some of this stuff. But I will tell you here and now, when they find out they are pissed. Another Advocate has been born.”

    False Claims Law
    Make no doubt to the seriousness of false claims as well. The False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. §§ 3729–3733, also called the “Lincoln Law“) is an American federal law that imposes liability on persons and companies (typically federal contractors) who defraud governmental programs.
    Felonies – The short list

    Criminal Felonies each, by BLM / DOI employees and Private Contractors with an abundant explanation, as follows and predicated with . . . it appears that criminal violations of the following laws have occurred:
    1. 18 USC 641; Public money, property or records; whoever receives, cancels, or retains the same with intent to convert to use or gain . . .
    2. 18 USC 1512 (b); tampering with a witness, victim, or informant (Obstruction)
    3. 18 USC 371; Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States; conspiracy to obstruct a criminal investigation . . .
    4. 16 USC 1338 (a) (1); wild horses and burros: protection, management, and control; any person who sells, directly or indirectly, a wild free-roaming horse, or burro maintained on private or leased land. . .
    More and more outright Felony situations
    The highlights of current violation foreshadow previous investigations – ALL FELONIES:
    1. BLM Management personnel have authorized the transportation of wild horses to group adopters at the expense of the government;
    2. BLM management personnel have authorized the fee waiver and/or fee reduction of wild horses without delegated authority;
    3. BLM management failed to inspect and prepare written reports for group adopter facilities and property prior to receiving adopted wild horses;
    4. BLM personnel publicly and openly promoted the commercial us of wild horses, i.e., bucking stock and slaughter house;
    5. BLM personnel in concurrence with BLM management, entered false information regarding the wild horse documents into BLM DPS-8000 (i.e. or current updated facility) data base;
    6. BLM personnel through their government positions, arranged for special privileges and allowances pertaining to wild horse adoptions;
    7. BLM personnel and management knowingly converted to the use of another, wild horses belonging to the United States;
    8. Many, many more “lack of document” charges, especially in regard to the Wild Horse Herd Counts and the financial income and expenditures mandatory at each BLM facility, were not completed, lost, or unavailable for confirmation – in order to appropriate funding for each facility;
    9. Several more listings expressed concern toward illegal activity, and lack of following directorial and mandated training and compliance of Inspectors, Wranglers, and Field Level Administrators of the Wild Horse and Burro Program.
    Conflict of Interest Law
    “The first and perhaps most important point to emphasize is that SGEs are Government employees, for purposes of the conflict of interest laws. Specifically, an SGE is defined, in 18 U.S.C. § 202(a), as “an officer or employee . . . who is retained, designated, appointed, or employed” by the Government to perform temporary duties, with or without compensation, for not more than 130 days during any period of 365 consecutive days.” Precedent and Laws governing this situation can be perused here: CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND THE SPECIAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE. Again and without a doubt, all contracts abide by the Laws and ethics situations in accord with government law and policy.


  6. So should we, could we assume that all BLM holding facility managers and office staff at Litchfield, Cannon City, Fallon, Palomino Valley, Burns, Gunnison, Salt Lake, Rock Springs, and Teterville (BLM facilities where the known sales to Davis were arranged) WILL be questioned and investigated … as well as the Washington D.C. WH&B managers and BLM sales marketing officials and decision makers?

    ALL these BLM people knew and were part of it this scam for a long time.
    As much as I despise the Tom Davis’ in this world … he bought the horses with the blessing and assistance of the BLM who knew exactly where those wild horses were going.

    Sally was the BLM person who signed my Sale Authority contract. ANYBODY ELSE have a sales contract signed by Sally?


  7. My favorite BLM statement “There is no law we won’t break; no right we will not violate to make a profit.” Seventeen true words and action policy.


  8. marge, precisely, right out of hell. they are without morels, heart, a conscience, nothing matters to them except the love of money. and you know what the Bible says about the love of money. not, money, the love of money. God is watching,……He will remember you, on Judgement Day buddy.


  9. Thanks Louie for once again getting key information to us.

    With all the checks and balances we have in place to provide proper oversight, it is almost unimaginable that this level of illegal activity is going on. Is anyone in Congressman Mike Simpson’s district? He is in charge of Interior Appropriations & while I think he may be supportive of horse slaughter based on some of the language he is now using that he did not use before, he is a proud man and may not be happy to learn how utterly disgusted the public is that his committee has failed to provide proper oversight of this organization. So many laws have been violated, and though wild horse advocates are down on the totem pole in terms of what has been proven in court, WWP has proven that the BLM essentially ignores NEPA as well as the Administration Procedures Act.


  10. Davis wouldn’t be my seal of quality, purity and safety for food, but since DOI ISN’T in the food biz…guess it makes it OK. OK my A$$!!! Pun intended. Oh…and that’s right…USDA through forestry does the same thing.

    Davis is a troll that only wants money….lucky family members and neighbors (if he has any).

    Honestly, with the global economy, the China product scandals this should be front page news….DON’T BUY AMERICAN FOOD PRODUCTS because we lie.

    I’m ashamed.


  11. Davis lives close to Salazar’s ranch in CO, hauled cattle for him for decades, even approached Salazar’s brother (former Congressman) to help set him up with a slaughterhouse. Blm paid for shipping to get the horses to Davis by the truckloads. Holding facility populations + removed from the range numbers – adoptions= NEVER ADDS UP.
    What a fine example the government sets, abiding by laws. We can follow their example.


  12. From the Cloud Foundation:

    Candidate Call-In for
    Mustangs & Burros
    Dear Friends of America’s Wild Horses and Burros;

    Are you willing to join me in calling and emailing everyday until election day to push for true protection of our wild horses and burros on their legally designated homes on America’s western ranges?

    If so, pledge to call every day from now until
    Election Day on Nov. 6th:
    White House Comment Line: (202) 456-1111.
    Governor Romney Line: (857) 288-3500.

    Cloud remains wild and free,
    but many mustangs are not.

    Tell the person who answers at the White House or the Governor’s office that wild horse and burro preservation is an issue that makes a difference in how you vote. What is the President’s/Governor’s position on protecting them?

    Get 10 friends to do the same or get permission via email from 10 friends who will allow you to make the calls for them. Do this each and every day until the election.
    Thousands of voices in this final election homestretch can make a difference and the candidates know it.

    The freedom of thousands of wild horses is currently in jeopardy.

    Please make those calls for Wild Horse Freedom. Thanks!

    Happy Trails!


  13. Okay the BLM’s at it again justifying their holier than tho attitude all with working for the taxpayer taking care of government property on government property. Now..what would happen if somehow the official name or designation of the wild horses was changed to” Heritage Wild Horses” isn’t it the DUTY of all Americans to protect their heritage, in particular government agencies are they not bound to setting an example. Just a thought…and a play on words.


  14. Okay the BLM’s at it again justifying their holier than tho attitude all with working for the taxpayer taking care of government property on government property. Now..what would happen if somehow the official name or designation of the wild horses was changed to” Heritage Wild Horses” isn’t it the DUTY of all Americans to protect their heritage, in particular government agencies are they not bound to setting an example. Just a thought…and a play on words.


  15. ACTION ALERT….Comments due in today:

    Take Action To Stop California Wild Horse Roundup

    Deadline for Public Comments: October 10, 2012
    Despite the small size of the two herds, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning to roundup wild horses from the Buckhorn and Coppersmith Herd Management Areas (HMAs) over the next five years. The BLM plan would leave behind just 59 horses in the 134-square-mile Buckhorn HMA and only 50 horses in the 135-square-mile Coppersmith HMAs. The action spells long-term genetic disaster for these two herds, which are some of the few mustang populations left in the State of California.


    • We’ve all learned that it takes bare minimum of 120 breeding age animals to sustain a healthy population free of inbreeding. Preferably 150. The BLM says they are not managing to extinction…Bull Sh++


  16. I applied to adopt a 13.2hh mare with foal from the Burns pens. I sent pictures/description of the facilities, as required. (A thoroughbred farm and boarding). I was rejected because the pen was 10 feet too long, (50X60) and the pipe fencing was only 5 feet high. I’m pretty sure the small older mare wouldn’t leave her foal to jump a 5 foot fence, and if she did, she would just land in one of the yearling pens. You know they didn’t require the same pictures and specs from the kill buyer..Why? Because they KNEW they wouldn’t be penned and gentled, but would merely go to slaughter. Why does everyone else have to meet their fencing, hauling requirements? https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/requirements.php


  17. It seems to me..the burden of proof is on the BLM to show where the Adobe town horses went to since sally told me he was buying the horses to provide ag defferals to properties around the southwest, and he would be distributing the horses in small groups to various properties..that he was in fact a “repeat buyer” and above reproach..should mean they could be tracked easily..the adobes are the canary in the gold mine…once proven this is a falsehood and a conspiracy between the BLM and tom davis..and none of these horses can be produced..the house of cards should fall..you don’t need to prove they went to slaughter…the fact that the BLM was in collusion with Davis to defraud states of their rightful property taxes..is a case on its own..wild horses would not fufill ag deferment requrements


  18. i in my phone conversation with Sally in DC in 2011, regarding the sale of ALL of the adobe town SA horses at canon City colo, she verified that he was buyng them to provide “Ag defferals ” to various property owners across the southwest..I relayed to her my concerns that this was not logical and sounded more like a slaughter operation..she went to great lengths to assure me this person was someone they knew well, was a “repeat buyer” and “above reproach” both she and Lona at the facility told me they same thing…I remember telling friends at the time, they spoke of this person with such reverence an conviction…that it must be Salazar….and as it turns out..further investigation will probably lead to his or his brothers doorstep..tom gorreys position is preposterous..given their history with this buyer..at least one other person contacted sally to verify what I had been told..and she told them the same thing…how convienient that sally cannot recall those conversations..the question is..what are we going to do with the information that has been dropped in our lap?


    • My comment to Phillips comment asking for credit for article to go to Propublica (and himself);

      mar wargo
      Mr. Phillips, You nor Propublica are the sources of this information. You have done wrong in the journalism world and stolen the research of others for your gain and PR. You placed lives in danger. If someone faced with using this information does not give you or Propublica credit is is because they know you do not deserve it. You are also working with an unscrupulous rogue advocate who is being investigated and may have an arrest warrant on her in Nevada and Washington state. You did not do thorough research or you would not have fallen in with who you did.

      Sincerely, Mar Wargo


  19. The wild horses are being set up for this tragedy by uncaring and greedy people, real blood suckers! This must stop. This is the total opposite of what the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 intended and what most people today still intend. If Reserve Design for long term viable herds had been conscientiously employed from the beginning we would not have this dreadful situation today. People have to learn to change. The “problem” is not the wild horses but we people and how we are living on this Earth!


  20. Every year over 130,000 U.S. horses are sold to slaughter and shipped to Canada and Mexico to avoid U.S. horse slaughter bans. 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter. Tens of millions of our tax dollars are being used by federal govt agencies to facilitate known kill-buyers illegal access to our horses. Especially mustangs through the BLM federal office. Its time for humanity to re-evaluate what a horse is truly worth. And realize in this time of personal, social and world-crisis, how important horses are as one of the few alternative paths we have left to our own survival. U.S. citizens can contact your local representatives, senators, and President Obama through the links below.
    And Secretary Salazar here.


    • Our Mustangs and Horses are essential to our survival and the survival of our ecological system, they are departmental to the survival of all living beings, their presence here non negotiable……………


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