Day: December 25, 2012

An Equine Christmas Story: We Were There

Today is Sunday, precisely one week before Christmas so I tender for you, this day, an original equine related Christmas story. But today’s story tugs at my personal heart-strings with more vigor than necessary. This tale was written several years ago, immediately after the loss of my German Shepherd companion, Nikki. With her passing many creatures were living with a gap in their hearts, this feeling does not only apply to humans but to our animal companions as well. Her partner in arms and constant friend was Terry’s good buddy, Kenny, a massive white Shepherd that cried, howled and looked for Nikki weeks after her departure. The story that follows was one I wrote as Kenny and I tried to find our way through our sadness and grief and is forever alive in our book “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”. The hole is still there but both of us learned to live with it, except that today the hole in my heart is much wider as our good friend and trusty companion, Kenny, crossed over the bridge on Friday, December 16th 2011. We miss him, even the horses wonder where the evening guardian is that watched over the barn while they ate…it is now so empty without the bouncing, forever happy German Shepherd.

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