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Videos: Celebrated Equine Christmas Videos take a Holiday this Year

Fighting the Good Fight for the Horses and Burros Takes a Toll on Free Time

John Holland, president of the Equine Welfare Alliance and covert owner of Howling Ridge Film and Fertilizer Co., has been entertaining us with equine holiday videos over the years.  But this year we are going to be forced to sit back and enjoy the works of years gone by as John, like many, has been up to his eyeballs in important issues and is making great strides forward for the horses and the burros in the real fight, on the all too real battlefield and that fight has held precedence over the production of the annual Christmas video.  Keep up the good works, John and the EWA, we are all on the same page and support your efforts.  Merry Christmas and enjoy!” ~ R.T.

Appalachian Christmas Tail (2006)

Christmas Spirit (2006)

A Christmas Legend (2007)

It’s a Wonderful Life (2008)

How the Grinch Stole Equus (2009)

The Christmas List (2010)

All John’s videos can be viewed at the EWA Video Page

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  1. Far away from home, I have spent this Christmas morning watching and reveling in the message that John has blessed the world with, year after year. Although you laugh a lot, the kindness of good people will always make your eyes leak.

    Thanks John and Sheila for all you do.


  2. Merry Holiday RT! ” goodwill towards men”(and the animals). No holiday here, horses still need to go out for the day! Be well and the best to you! Sue


  3. John..always a thanks and a wish for a better year for humans AND equines…look forward to your latest.

    Thank you RT for the recap.

    To all the advocates and people with brains and a conscience…Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah,;..Kwanza, atheist Season of good will…whatever…this is about peace and protecting life. Christmas is a celebration of redemption and right and wrong….and most of all hope.

    Thank you all and best wishes


  4. Thank you RT for sharing. A real labor of love, that’s for sure, putting all the beautiful, funny and quite creative videos together. Great job John and Sheila and thank you for all you do! Your kindness and compassion fot all of God’s creatures, is to be admired and appreciated. (-:


  5. Love the story of the horses and their Christmas wish lists, they must have been good pony’s after all. and I am glad they leave Fiona alone to do her thing best…


  6. Enjoyed these videos. Horses and burros too are so expressive. Think of all that they have witnessed concerning us two legged ones over the centuries. They could write a book, each one of them! Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah. Bright and Progressive 2013 for turning things around for the wild equids and their rightful freedom. Check this out: Check out this new YouTube video: Wild Horse Conspiracy with Craig Downer video by Tom Porter. Here’s the link to click on:

    Merry Christmas and Happy and Progressive New Year, Craig


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