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Facebook User Steps into Reality to make a Difference for Horses in Need

Story by Susan Salk as published in Off-Track Thoroughbreds

Fleet of Angels born online and now rolling on asphalt
Elaine Nash

Elaine Nash

Fleet Of Angels (www.fleetofangels.org) was launched with the singular purpose to connect a warm-hearted volunteer convoy of horse-haulers to prospective horse adopters, who simply lack the resources to transport these needy animals, and rescue them from danger.

Begun by longtime equestrian and horse lover Elaine Nash approximately six months ago, the mission of Fleet of Angels is straight forward: Bring at-risk horses from danger to safety, she says.

Having watched too many rescue horses flounder on Facebook, with their photographs posted and cross-posted to people who may not be able to really help, Nash decided to launch the organization that could literally step in, hook a lead rope onto a needy horse’s frayed halter, and lead that animal up a ramp and safely into a horse trailer.

With a bag of hay and a bucket of water waiting just inside a Fleet of Angels van or truck, the frightened animal starts his journey to safety under the care of a volunteer army, some from national shipping companies, and others who just happen to own a trailer and possess the heart to volunteer their time.

“The idea came about as I watched people on Facebook who would put out these big emotional campaigns about rescue horses, and sometimes people with big hearts ran the risk of being exploited” into giving money, Nash says.

As an alternative to re-posting Facebook pleas, Nash says those wishing to help at-risk horses can volunteer to do a range of things for Fleet of Angels, and none of it involves donating cash!

Of the approximately 2,500 volunteers, a number that is climbing steadily, about half work hauling horses, while the others volunteer in a range of activities, including facilitating connections between haulers and prospective rescuers of at-risk horses, she says…(CONTINUED)

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  1. What a great solution to a growing issue. There are a lot of folks who have room on their property and in their hearts who would love to have a horse of their own but just starting out costs a lot of money and often trailers are just out of reach budget wise. They were for me. Thank God I had a neighbor kind enough to help whenever I needed him and I was able to rescue 2 because of his generosity.


  2. What a wonderful way to help the horses AND people who do want them!!
    It certainly gives us all a way to help, doesnt it?


  3. I checked the Flight of Angels webpage to see what transporter was in my area. Happily, an excellent hauler has listed herSelf. She is a great horse lover, works with a rescue in my area and has transported many horses, safely.


  4. This is a wonderful group of grounded Angels…I have watched them move animals to and from and secure a safe haven for so many animals that would not have had the opportunity had it not been for everyone stepping up, digging in, gassing up their rigs, grabbing the horses, mini’s, mules, drafts, and so many ponies….Horses in need….people that open their hearts and barns but have no way to move them…here is one amazing solution by some amazing people!!!


  5. When things start to roll in the right direction, it is always because GOOD people have seen the need and have stepped up to the plate. Good people always seem to find one another. They just roll up their sleeves, pool their resources and start. In the end, GOOD always wins.


  6. I also know a horse-hauling “angel” … and she truly is an angel to the horses. She hauled the wild Twin Peaks stallion ACE to his forever home and also his mare and his son. This could not have happened without her and thank you is just not enough to say to these kinds of people … but thank you.


  7. I just commented on the attached website. I have my horses at a sanctuary in southern california and if we could get additional corrals set up and a couple of mobile homes that are in good shape, we’d have space for the haulers as well. This is a six acre site, with an additional six acreas if we could figures out how to keep tresspassers off and connect it over the once flowing creek on the other side. I hope to volunteer if there is anything I can do. I would love to be able to retire and help in this endeaver every day. What a wonderful Elaine Nash. God Bless Her. I know that if all our advocates would get together not only in wishes but in actions, we could really be a life saver, not only for our wild horses and burros but for the many dumped horses at auctions — in finding new homes and love and comfort for them. It would only take our joining hands across state lines and the love and comfort provided to all that needed help would come back ten fold — and karma will come to all that hurts and kills all our beloved animals that God has given us to take care of as family members and animals to love and admire.


  8. This is exactly what it takes …wonderful, caring people to provide their time, whenever they can, to help those who are in need. We have many angels in our society that work wonders for people, as well as; our beautiful animals. Elaine Nash is certainly one of them and we thank her.


  9. Reblogged this on Rancho Comancho and commented:
    A great story about making things happen… Una storia sul come risolvere problemi grandi con grandi idee e piccolo sforzo: come trasportare “in adozione” i cavalli bisognosi d’aiuto verso i luoghi della loro salvezza.


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