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Video: Happy New Year from Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Too Funny

We would like to take a moment, out of your busy holiday, to send you a little bit of holiday cheer and hopefully brighten your day.

Yesterday we released a short New Year clip on Facebook staring the world renowned, professional sledding team comprised of Vicki Tobin and John Holland of EWA and Terry & R.T. Fitch of WHFF.

Click (HERE) to view.

But what we did not share was a week ago, on Christmas day, we published a past history of the special Christmas videos produced by John Holland over the past several years and with that publication we announced that John had been too busy fighting the real issues to produce one for 2012. 

Well that story is only half right.

Vicki alerted Terry and I to the tight schedule of John’s so we threw in our support in as an effort to put together a Christmas video featuring John and although busy, John agreed to participate (but we could not get him to take of his signature hat)

In reality, we produced not one but TWO options and between the four of us we could not decide which was the best so the Christmas holiday slid by without either one of them becoming public, until today.

I submit our two attempts “Christmas Rocks” and “Christmas South of the Border” and let you folks be the judge.

Click (HERE) for Christmas Rocks

Click (HERE) for Christmas South of the Border

Fair warning, I would not watch either of these videos while drinking liquids, the results could be detrimental to the keyboard of your computer.


Happy New Year!

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  1. Great way to start the New Year…! Thanks for all you and Terry do for the horses. May 13 be the lucky number…2013 / 113th Congress!


  2. Hello from the snowy Colorado Rockies; What a riot!!! Loved the sledding adventure card!!!i I think I was doing this over the Holidays—except on horseback. We have beautiful snow. 4 hour ride yesterday–just one of many over the past 10 days. Here’s to a wonderful 2013 with victories for wild horses and burros!! Love ya all! Ginger Ginger Kathrens 719-633-3842 Take action for our wild horses & burros: Support a moratorium on roundups and send a letter to Obama & your representatives: click here Join the Cloud Foundation email list


  3. Thank you for all the work you do to help our horses. You and Terry are extremely blessed and beautiful people. Happy New Year to you and our wish for all this slaughter and round up crap to end in 2013.


  4. Sledding card was a riot… be careful with adult beverages and whatever weather you have…. likely warm, huh? Not like us up here in the Rockies in the snow and zero tonight again!!!


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