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BLM Plans Destruction of Utah’s Wild Horse Herd

by Lisa Reid of KCSG Television

Freezing Temps Ensure Many Equine Health and Safety Issues to Occur
photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

(Fillmore, UT)—The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) West Desert District, Fillmore Field Office will begin the Swasey Herd Management Area (HMA) wild horse gather on or about Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

The BLM is planning on gathering an estimated 262 wild horses from the Swasey HMA with up to 100 being released back onto the range following the gather. Approximately 49 mares will be treated with the fertility control drug Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP-22); the remainder of the released horses will be studs. Approximately 162 wild horses, including wild horses gathered that are residing outside the HMA boundary, will be removed. Animals removed from the Swasey HMA will be available for adoption through the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program. Those that are not adopted will be cared for in long-term pastures, where they retain their “wild” status and protection under the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. (Right, after being castrated and separated in gelding only and mare only herds)

Members of the public are welcome to view the daily gather operations once they begin, so long as the safety of the animals, staff and observers are not jeopardized and operations are not disrupted. During the gather, interested public may participate in an escorted tour by meeting at the Hart’s Food and Gas at 76 North Highway 6 in Delta, Utah ready to leave at 6:00 a.m. sharp. The dates and departure times are subject to change depending upon weather and gather operations. The public is strongly encouraged to check the gather hotline nightly 435-743-3124 for changes in schedule. Participants must provide their own transportation, water and lunches. The BLM recommends that the public dress for harsh field conditions. Binoculars as well as four wheel drive vehicles are strongly recommended.

There is no anticipated closure of public lands, except if deemed necessary due to safety concerns. Outdoor recreationists and visitors should be aware that low flying aircraft will be present in the area and brief road closures may be needed to allow movement of wild horse herds during gather operations.

The Swasey HMA is located in Millard and Juab Counties 50 miles west of Delta, Utah, and encompasses approximately 120,113 acres, with a current population estimated at 350 wild horses. The Appropriate Management Level for the Swasey HMA is 60-100 wild horses.

Updates and information will be available at: on a regular basis throughout the course of the gather.

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  1. The BLM continues to lie!! They say one thing and do what the hell they want. Its all show. And its a joke they will retain their wild status. Yeah until they go to slaughter. Then they will be just “rats.” It all just makes me SICK!!!!


  2. Oh, those lying bastards. And can’t they at least do these run-for-their-lives “gathers” in more temperate weather? Harsh winter, foaling season, and the extreme desert heat of summer should be off limits. Wait, I forgot who I was talking about. BLM has no conscience.


  3. It looks that the majority of the horses rounded up are from areas outside the HMA? Are the horses then in their HA?

    What is constantly a source of irritation and worry is the inability of clear, precise understanding by BLM of what they intend to do that is legal. It is not beyond reason that their actions continue to be illegal and hence we receive information we have to assume is correct. I’ve been around long enough to know that when someone tells me something and it doesn’t jive – something is wrong.

    Seems just a few weeks ago, we had some roundups stop because there was no room in the ffacilities – how did we get room for horses gathered since then (which was the Owyhee roundup)?


    • Exactly. Who got sent to slaughter? If the LTH facilities were also full, was the delivery of the geldings to the new non Eco Sanctuary in Wyoming the reason they can move these horses? I thought even Delts was full and the other Utah facility is now closed?

      Stallions will go to Gunnison. Don’t any horses ever leave Gunnison? If so where do they go? Adoptions?

      ENOUGH! End the war against the wild ones, BLM. End this. You have gone way too far for far too long.


      All the reasons for these removals are inadequate and incomplete. This is illegal.

      BLM DC is the SCUM of the EARTH!


    • The numbers they begin with are always altered and they have so rarely ever done what they said they will on returning wild horses to their range.

      How do we undo this horror?


  4. From my previous notes: The BLM disproportionately allocates approximately 8 times more resources to livestock than to wild horses within this HMA and a reduction of livestock grazing (a mere 30% reduction in livestock grazing) would accommodate the current population of wild horses.


  5. Here we go again. What is wrong with the Bureau of Land Management do they really get off on hurting, maiming and killing wild horses. Is that there mission in life. I am so sick of there under handed lies and deception. STOP THE BLM NOW!!!


  6. They are just taking them all because they want their lands and they hate us for trying to stop them and to make them enforce a law that they refuse to obey. They are destroying amazing wild horses. They are illegally creating herds below viability. Why are we allowing this?

    What a pity we have no observers’ fund and could be sending people out there. Too bad a huge amount of money goes to useless work and someone’s personal lifestyle that cannot be justified and has no transparency.


    • Dear Mar, if all of us would give whaT we could give to a fund with this purpose I would give and I am sure everyone else would also, we cannot sit with our hands tied and do nothing can we ???????????// I want to rock the BLMs world !!!!!!!!!!!!!



    And our Burros….WHAT ABOUT OUR WILD BURROS? Are there any left?

    In September, this BLM contract was awarded to KERRY DESPAIN, who runs the Gunnison state prison wild horse program. This is a private holding facility but the BLM awarded the contract to the Gunnison WH&B program leader on his private land – seem a bit fishy?

    This contract is for holding 500 of our Wild Burros for 10 ½ months (option for additional two months).
    THEN what?
    WHERE will the burros be sent after that?
    WHAT will happen to them?
    WHAT are the BLM’s intentions for these 500 burros at the end of the contract this fall?
    WILL any of these burros even be around by then or will they have “disappeared”?
    Solicitation Number:
    Award of contract:
    Contract Award Number:
    Contract Award Dollar Amount:
    Contractor Awardee:
    DESPAIN, KERRY, M13500 S 1049 WAXTELLUT84621-5504US

    *** The captives – ALL of them – wild horses AND wild burros must be released and returned to their LEGALLY DESIGNATED Herd Management Areas. The land that was taken from them must be returned and the roundups must STOP….PERIOD


    • Post that link Louie , Lets give whatever we can , arnt we sick and fed up with this horror already ?????? Lets do something about it now !!!!!!!Sick of lies, murder, maiming for WHAT ??????? Any amounts are awesome they add up !!!!!!!! Give what you can !!!!!!! Lets end this charade of destruction of the most beautiful animals in the World !!!!!!


    • There is an overriding fear (mine) that most of the captive wild horses and burros are gone! They have been out there in these “holding pens” too long.

      Right now I am sure Salarzar is moving quickly to cover up and destroy evidence via his associates, Justice Department lawyers, kill buyers, to ensure that any proof of collusion on the selling and sending horse/burros to slaughter. He will be using his remaining time to clean up his “record” and will have lots of assistance in doing this cover-up. They have been busted before and have gotten away with it. These crimes were perpetuated for years knowing that they can obfuscate their actions.


      • yvon your words are pobably true…….getting rid of any evidence that would incriminate them in a court of law.


    • $435,000 Just think of the wells for watering holes that could be dug to supply water to the drought area . Oh yeah, the aquifer is being tapped between Utah and Nevada and a pipline going to Las Vegas is planned. The horses are just in the way. 😦


  8. very very sad….why cant they just roam free. how about rounding up all of the welfare recipients in this country and injecting them with fertility control drugs!


  9. Block the trap pens, stop the theft of these “protected” species from their legal domain. Get media there. This illegal activity must cease. NO MORE TAXPAYER MONEY TO BLM CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. STOP FEEDING THE MONSTER.


  10. It seems to me 120K acres would be plenty of room for the horses. Oh yeah, the cows outnumber the horses 10 to 1. GET THE MEDIA out there!!


    • Thank You Louie, They have always been my priority, they have given so much to America and its people , and ME>>>>>>> I would not be here if it werent for their Beautiful intervention, they gave back to me in a very special way !!!!!!!! I am devoted to the Mustangs and the Horses !!!!!!!


  11. Lisa, THANK YOU and be safe!

    For those that may be new and haven’t seen this:

    WASHINGTON (April 8, 2011)—The Cloud Foundation received a written report and video documentation from Lisa Friday after her tour last month of BLM’s Butterfield Short Term Wild Horse and Burro Holding Facility, outside Salt Lake City. Friday was shocked to find wild horses living in unhealthy conditions that would that raise concerns and charges of abuse if they were observed in private facilities.
    “When government is facing a shutdown, tax dollars cannot be used for animal cruelty,” states Anne Novak spokesperson for The Cloud Foundation. “We ask Congress to defund the roundups and use that money to help Americans in their time of need.”
    The video contains disturbing images of once-wild horses penned in areas where they were unable to navigate out of a knee-deep mixture of mud, manure, and urine. Friday, a wild horse adopter and long-time horsewoman, reports of seeing 30 horses laying down in mud and excrement for the entire three hours in which she was at the facility. ”They never got up,” she states.
    “I saw more than 10 horses in one pen alone trying to escape the quagmire but their legs were suctioned deep into the mud,” explains Friday.


  12. Watching that video, tears my heart to pieces…………….i feel what they feel , if only we could end this !!!!!! it makes me more determined then ever to end this totally horrible inhumane and disgusting atrocity !!!!!!!!!!!! The BLM MUST STOP !!!!!! Return our Mustangs to the Land that we gave them in good faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. The BLM has made a mockery of everything the American people STAND FOR , our word is our only Bond !!!!! Our Mustangs are our Balance !!!How dare they break my word and your word………………………. With this Blaten display of inhumanity to the Mustangs !!! and to me and you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And use our tax money to pay for in this horror……………………………… We must put a stop0 to this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • And that is all we ask isn’t it Craig? That our horses and burros be managed with integrity. That each word shared by BLM be thoughtful and truly for the best for the horses and burros. That is all we ask.
      Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


  14. What the hell is it with the BLM,they are going to round up the wild horses into extinction,that agency needs to be abolished,all they do is destroy.


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