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EWA and WHFF Investigators Expose Horse Slaughter Transport Violations

Information supplied by Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Noted Kill Buyer Dennis Chavez cited for Equine Transport Cruelty in USDA FOIA


(No Lead Photo Due to Graphic Content)

With noses to the grindstone the investigators of Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation have uncovered additional evidence of known kill buyer Dennis Chaves violating federal law and abusing horses that he has shipped off to cruel slaughter in Mexico.

We warn you that the photos of aborted foals are graphic so if you are tender of spirit you do not want to view the documentation (below) but it is important to note that this sort of treatment and abuse is exactly what known horse slaughter supporters and the current bill in Oklahoma condone and support.

Again, this link is not for the faint of heart but it speaks to the truth of what horse slaughter and the government’s lack of care, concern, ability to control or regulate…

Click HERE  to view report, it may take a moments to download

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  1. This needs to go on every one of the representatives FB pages that voted for this! That way the public can see this truth and put a stop to it, make an event page and invite every advocate that does not want the flood gates of hell opened.


  2. We have, at our rescue, 3 jennies and one jack that were rescued from Chavez’ kill pens. One of the jennies (Moonbeam) gave birth to a dead foal one day after being rescued from that hell hole. While there, a friend found out that foals born in holding are clubbed to death so that the dams can be shipped to slaughter. This neanderthal needs to be shut down….. permanently.


    • I haven’t worked up the courage to look yet – this stuff is impossibly cruel. It’s hard to believe that there are people like this in the world, and even harder to believe that these practices are condoned, or ignored, and allowed to continue. 😦


  3. This has been going on for years but the public didn’t know a thing about it. Some of the slaughter plant workers told how they disposed of the dead foals taken from slaughtered mares before this was supposedly stopped. When the mare was cut open the uterus was lifted out containing the dead foal and dropped into a trash can. This was what was done at all of the slaughter plants here and in Canada/Mexico. You will notice that Chavez only ended up with fines. I read the report last night it seems that Chavez paid two other fines for two other pregnant mares when caught with one mare in each load. The stress on these mares is tremendous being hauled in a swaying truck for 30 hrs with no food or water. He claimed the horses didn’t look pregnant to him. It is supposed to be illegal to haul late term mares to slaughter but this guy is so greedy he never thought he’d get caught. But totaled up it cost him about $ 5000 in fines he had to pay or they were going to go after him legally. People like this man are rotten to the core as are all killer buyers. I have been fighting horse slaughter for a number of years but am still haunted by the cruelty that never seems to end.


  4. This is the same guy that was complaining about not getting his permit to operate a horse slaughter plant. He was stopped from slaughtering cows because of the cruelty that was witnessed by a inspector who shut him down. The governor banned horse slaughter plants from opening up in Mew Mexico.


  5. Last I heard he was trying to sue the bleepers outta everyone he could.

    It can be true that thin mares don’t look pregnant. But a quick check–have they’ve hanging within reach of a stud this past spring would no doubt answer that question.

    I love EWA’s post on fb yesterday. It was something about the EU now testing ALL incoming horsemeat for Bute. Good start. But a simpler more effective plan would be JUST STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER.


  6. I noticed tnat time after time the investigators noted calls were not returned, records were not produced as they requested. Also, it does not pass muster that a man who has been making his living for years by shipping horses to slaughter would not recognize a pregnant mare. he is full of bull.


  7. Leroy Baker Horse slaughter buyer owns and buys all horses in his own auction, Sugarcreek, Ohio cited in 2009 by USDA fined $64000.00 still unpaid to date……………….


  8. I thought there already was a law to protect the wild horses, what happened? Why do we have to do this again? Why do the damn cattle ranchers get to destroy the horses, because they don’t want to share the range. What can I do to help? I don’t have much money, but is there anything else I can do?


    • You’re here that’s important. Help sign petitions, pass them along to friends on fb. Call your congress people and state reps.


      • Petitions are ignored. We’ve had thousands and not one has done anything. Individual letters and phone calls are the best way to communicate. We had a white house petition that reached the required 5,000 signatures in record time. Wallis was almost 3,000 signatures behind us and yet, Congress still reinstated horse inspections. When John and i were lobbying, we took a petition with 15,000 signatures. Not one legislator would even look at it They won’t even pay attention to them at the state level. Marjorie Farabee had one with something like 140,000 signatures for the Big Bend Burros and the governor refused to accept it. Ginger took one with thousands of signatures to a BLM meeting and they didn’t look at it and probably threw it in the circular when the meeting ended.

        I think why we never get anywhere with petitions is we don’t have just one. Instead of getting everyone to sign one petition so we have thousands of signatures, people keep starting new petitions for the same thing. There is one now one with well over 40,000 signatures but Congress isn’t listening and doesn’t care. More importantly, when are the petitions deemed completed? And are they being sent anywhere or just sitting with signatures?

        Maybe wth this horse meat scandal, Congress will finally wake up and end it.


      • Vicki you’re right of course. But by being here it shows another person cares. That should be commended. Not everyone has funds. And others have people they donate to.

        I wish I had a magic ball that could answer questions. I wish I had endless resources to help with lawsuits and adoption, and donating to different 501’s. There are so many and every single one of them is as deserving as the next–well mostly anyway.

        Perhaps the answer for the poster who asked (post is above)is to find horse rescue near you. Find out what there needs are. Perhaps you have a Sat free that you could help in the office or cleaning stalls.

        Truthfully I am as annoyed as anyone here that to date the Pres has ignored the wild horses. For me it has fractured part of my family. Not good. But somehow we all muddle on the best we know we know how.


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