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EWA Issues New “Tales from the Darkside”: U.S. Horse Eater Updates

by Vicki Tobin ~ VP of Equine Welfare Alliance

They came from beyond…
Red Blooded All American Horse Eater

Red Blooded All American Horse Eater

As you may be aware, the OK bills passed out of both the senate and house committees. We are seeing posts flying in panic with some saying it’s with the governor for signature. This is far from over. The house and senate bills must go to their respective full membership for debate before the bills go to the floor for a vote so there is still time to stop them. We will keep you posted with additional information as it becomes available.

My apologies for not posting the latest slaughter stats. I updated my spreadsheet and forgot to upload the files. Not that you want to see these but here they are….. 167,690 and that doesn’t include December for Canada and Japan. We should have those shortly. And the darkside keeps saying the slaughter option is gone???


By Week and Month:

United Horsemen issued the below yesterday. With so many countries in the largest horse meat scandal in history and the threat looming of the USDA shutting down and all they can do is issue another asinine memo trying to discredit a respected legislator with nonsense while they take another stab at HSUS. Still dead silence on the horse meat scandal. I know I shouldn’t be amazed but it IS amazing at their grasp on the definition of words they use. They are accusing Whitfield & his wife of a conflict of interest with a bill Whitfield is going to introduce amending or replacing the Horse Act.

What about the conflict of interest Sue Wallis had when she introduced legislation that would financially benefit her slaughter plans? How about Skye McNiel‘s conflict of interest with the horse slaughter legislation she introduced in OK? Her family owns the largest horse slaughter auction in the state and stands to benefit financially.

The Whitfield’s do not have a conflict of interest because they don’t stand to benefit financially from animals being treated humanely. The satisfaction of knowing you did the right thing on behalf of those that have no voices is not a conflict of interest. It is a noble act and should be commended.

If you are reading this Dave, here is the definition. So you don’t have to look it up, pecuniary is defined as relating to or consisting of money.

A term used to describe the situation in which a public official or fiduciary who, contrary to the obligation and absolute duty to act for the benefit of the public or a designated individual, exploits the relationship for personal benefit, typically pecuniary.

Congressman Whitfield No Friend of Horse Industry

For Immediate Release

February 11, 2013

Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) is preparing to introduce a bill intended to replace the Horse Protection Act. Written by the Humane Society of the United States, this new Horse Protection Act would serve as the final crushing blow to what remains of the U.S. Horse industry. While it is intended to regulate the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry, Congressman Whitfield’s bill sets precedent for further onerous regulatory action that could harm horse industry professionals in Whitfield’s state of Kentucky and all across the nation.

The Congressman’s wife, Connie Harriman, currently serves as the Senior Advisor for Presidential Initiatives at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

It is clear that this new devised Horse Protection Act serves to advance the radical animal rights agenda as it follows the goals as written in the HSUS Change Agenda for Animals.

This action is a conflict of interest for Congressman Whitfield to write policy regulating the horse industry while his wife is employed by the very organization which seeks its demise.


Dave "Doink" Duquette

Dave “Doink” Duquette

Dave Duquette

United Horsemen

Ph. 541-571-7588


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  1. A conflict of interest? Are you kidding me? Wallis was supposed to have been investigated for this years ago — somehow, that ceased! Hmmmm…. Now this elected official from OK is knee-deep in horse shit at her family’s mega-auction house and promoting slaughter. Another Wallis intern, no doubt!


  2. “…further onerous regulatory action that could harm horse industry professionals…”

    Don’t matter a whit how you shiny up this statement, Mr. Duquette. This boils down to you and your organizations supporting animal abuse and cruelty as an inherent right and acceptable practice in conducting business with horses.

    If your organziations had a shred of credibility, you’d be screaming from the rafters AGAINST those practices that seek to inflict pain as the primary method of utilizing a horse. And your organizations would be guilty of subborning and encouraging cruelty as a business standard. My objections are not a ‘radical animal rights agenda’. My objections are the utter lack common decency; horses are quite capable of performing in work, sports and events WITHOUT being terrified or crippled. Horsemen – REAL horsemen – have been doing it for millenia.

    I submit the pro horse slaughter agenda has exceeded both it’s reach and it’s grasp; the people of Europe and the British Isles are horrified that horsemeat has been found in products they have trusted to NOT be horsemeat, giving lie to Mr. Duquette’s and Ms. Wallis’ personal ‘agendas’ pertaining to the rabid European fervor for American horsemeat.

    I further submit there is not enough interest in horsemeat products in this country for it to become a profitable enterprise; that no amount of ‘improvement’ can now or will ever make killing horses anything but industrialized torture of a family pet; that no amount of rhetoric – ‘livestock’ versus ‘companion animal’ – will ever make horse slaughter in this country, for consumption here or abroad, acceptable to any average citizen, except perhaps those who should not be associated with the horse industry – such as yourself.

    As far as Oklahoma’s seeking to legalize horse slaughter: My concerns are that, of the 23 Long Term Pastures currently garnering a sizable stipend from the Federal government to keep wild horses on private land, 13 of those facilities are in Oklahoma. And BLM has shown a marked inability and lack of interest in keeping those animals – even in Long Term Pastures – safe from the possibility of being sold for slaughter across the borders.

    There is no way to ‘spin’ that, is there.


    • Lisa:

      You echo my sentiments.

      They officially stand for animal abuse and cruelty. They also support poisoning humans (you left that out).

      What a smarmy handful of almost humans.



    Five states have introduced seven different “Ag-Gag bills” to silence people who try to expose CAFO practices. State-based Action Alerts!

    Numerous state legislators are members of ALEC; last year, of the sixty legislators who voted in favor of Ag-Gag bills, 23% of them were members of ALEC, as are sponsors of three of the new Ag-Gag bills: Arizona state senator Jeremy Hutchinson and Wyoming state representative Sue Wallis. In 2010 Wallis was the subject of a conflict-of-interest complaint for trying to block legislation that would send stray horses to slaughter when at the same time she was planning to build a horse slaughter plant of her own. Both Wallis and her cosponsor on the Wyoming bill, Ogden Driskill, are both members of Wyoming Stock Growers Association. Driskill accepted contributions from livestock industry as well as Exxon Mobil.
    Here’s a run-down of all seven state bills: (You have to go to the website to view the chart)



    • So it’s really that important to be able to treat a food animal as wretchedly as possible, so important you have to introduce legislation to make it a criminal offense to report abuses.

      I guess we can assume they’ll also re-interpret ‘abuses’, as well.

      Local growers – small-scale producers near my neck of the woods – can’t get the Department of Agriculture to allow them slaughter their own stock, so most of the meat we have to buy comes from ‘somewhere else’ because their stock has to be shipped ‘somewhere else’.

      It makes buying ‘local’ nearly impossible. But if they want to factory farm (and all the nasty little secrets therein) well, the Ag Dept. is 100% behind that.


      • Yep!

        And corporate Ag is shutting out small producers and running USDA.

        It is terrifying to me and I’m just a consumer.


    • Although to us as wild horse advocates this may sound ominous, but if you can switch hats for a moment and try to look at this as an issue of earning your living from the land and not knowing whether you are going to be able to continue to do so or not, you can develop more sympathy for the ranchers. There is a huge subtext that is slightly different from the previous subtexts of land control. In short, our federal laws passed by Congress to define how the public land in our country can be used, when and by whom now extends beyond the usual subjects.

      Frankly, Congress failed to provide proper oversight of the BLM. The BLM has failed to follow NEPA in reissuing grazing permits without first taking a hard look at the land to evaluate the effect of grazing on the land. Because the BLM was not properly overseen by either Congress or a permanent IG, these ranchers stand to lose their grazing privileges. West Watersheds Project has effectively demonstrated this. Therefore, it is quite possible that due to BLM negligence and the failure of Congress to provide proper oversight, Senator Barasso is trying to protect both Wyoming ranchers and the federal government from the law suits that are bound to come Congresses’.

      The ranchers have more in common with the issues surrounding our wild horses than any other group. It is unfortunate that most of them are unwilling to work with wild horse advocacy groups to come up with solutions to the vexing problem of livestock grazing permits.


  4. Lets see now, what, other than that auction in Shipshewana (and maybe others)….have had problems with under cover investigation… Hmmm.. Again if they don’t have anything to hide, why would such bills even be introduced? The cancer is spreading!


  5. Oh Please…a conflict of interest..Really!! Th scum is finally floating to the surface. I will tell you as a past humane investigator anyone caught in the act doing some of these deads would have violations filed against them. I was totally sick yesterday after the information regarding the discrepancy in the number of horses going to render. And the poor babies..adults are bad enough, but the poor little babies.. Again, no matter how they try to silence our voices…it will never happen.more so than ever.
    We just need the documentation coming so that we can pass on to our Legislators. I spoke to my House Rep the other day and I know he supports the welfare of the horse. Perhaps we are racheting up the heat. It is up to us to unit are Legislators…if your Legislator supports slaughter put the information out in community. This issue is a very bipartisan and is supported by all parties. I think the scandal in Europe has done nothing but support the need to stop the slaughter of horses.


  6. Lisa LeBlanc – why would you want to distance yourself from those who believe in humane treatment for animals? Lack of decency is the cornerstone of the factory farm and slaughter industry. These corporations – with the help of ALEC to financially ingratiate politicians and institute “ag-gags” in states so consumers do not know what they are eating – do not see horses as any different from any other “meat.” Duquette lives in my county and it is well known here that his plans for a “horse sanctuary,” along with his proposed slaughterhouse, was a rouse for a factory farm. By trying to divide those who have taken the courage to end their unneccesary addiction to animal flesh from other “normal eating” horse advocates, the meat men believe they can marginalize their opposition. Harvesting animals for profit is what they do – any animal, including horses. When they run out of horses, other pets may just as easily be considered here as in other countries (i.e. Korea where they dine on dog).

    Conflict of interest from Sue Wallis and other legislatures involved in slaughter is an understatement. They are working solely to profit. They should be recalled for their corruption.


  7. Oh for the love of all that is holy and pure! Are you kidding me?! That tears it.. I’m not going to not only make this a non profit.. i’m NOT going to have any ties to the government.. i’d much rather have ties with Adrea Maki and RT then have trusted the system.. looks like i need to start looking up major philanthropists who share my interests at heart..


  8. “This is far from over. The house and senate bills must go to their respective full membership for debate before the bills go to the floor for a vote so there is still time to stop them. We will keep you posted with additional information as it becomes available.”

    I would like to think some of our “panic” is just. We have seem both the senate and house version of said bills pass – with no voices on the other side even allowed to be heard. We know State Representative Skye McNiel has a vested interest in seeing slaughter succeed. We know that only 2 democrats stood in opposition of these bills among 15 Republicans and 2 Democrats in support. Unless theses bills are to be heard and voted upon out of state (please advise if so), I ask that you forgive my lack of enthusiasm in a belief that the state of Oklahoma will do the right thing, In my humble opinion, our only chance is to see the EU ban US horse meat. 70% (or more) of the market will be gone and the false concern for equine “welfare” among these blood thirsty criminals will stop as well.

    F Belardino


  9. “It is clear that this new devised Horse Protection Act serves to advance the radical animal rights agenda” … I see, so the ones that simply wish to protect God’s creation are the radicals but the one’s who wish to murder them in cold blood are what, cowboy? I am not sure of Mr. Fitch allows such words on his blog so… I will just bite my tongue about this ignorant man.


  10. I want to know if there is going to be an at home kit we can buy to ensure the purity of the we buy. I don’t trust the food supply. Even boneless skinless breast of chicken–how do I know it’s pure? Or ground up turkey?

    They use to do urine testing for diabetes. It wasn’t as easy as it is today but it would be a start.

    I know many would tell me go to veggie burgers and I haven’t yet given up on the idea. All I know is I’m scared. If horse could end up on my dinner table no matter how innocently it landed there–what other evils are out there that could be just as distasteful?

    I know when I traveled through WY a couple years to the Pryors I saw a number of places you could take “exotic” animals to for slaughter–perhaps rendering?–are these places checked for cleanliness and purity? How do I know someone didn’t bring in the family horse and some byproducts are getting mixed into my products?


  11. I find it hard to believe that there are enough”unwanted” horses in the US who meet the requirements of the EU to keep a slaughter facility profitable. That means there will be rampant fraud and corruption, medical records will be doctored, horses will be stolen when the kill buyers can’t find enough cheap ones to buy from unsuspecting owners who think they are selling to a “family” home. And mustangs will be slaughtered wholesale. “They” are selling it to the public now, which is ironic, given the scandals in Europe.


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