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Interior Nominee Sally Jewell Stumps for Multi-National Corporations

Story by Debbie Coffey ~ Director of Wild Horse Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation
as published in the PPJ Gazette ~ Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

“…maybe she’ll be able to help the American public get an accurate count of the wild horses on their federally protected Herd Management Areas”

Obama and JewellYou’ve gotta love a gal who’d enter into a conference call with Directors of the National Parks Conservation Association by saying "What we need to be concerned about is that we don't become the icing on a turd”  and this observation alone would make Sally Jewell seem uniquely qualified to revamp the Bureau of Land Management’s disastrous Wild Horse & Burro Program.  Sally Jewell is President Obama’s new choice to replace Ken Salazar as the Secretary of the Department of Interior.

While it was amusing when Secretary Salazar recently threatened to punch out a journalist and then had to apologize after a lot of bad publicity, it was the only thing to smile about during his tenure at the top of the heap of BLM’s mismanaged and unethical Wild Horse & Burro Program. Not to mention the whole BP disaster that happened under Salazar’s watch.

Since Sally Jewell worked in banking for many years, maybe she’ll be able to help the American public get an accurate count of the wild horses on their federally protected Herd Management Areas.

While wild horse advocates hope that the new Secretary of the Department of the Interior will do something to stop the BLM’s eradication of wild horses, just because we see photos of Jewell paddling a kayak or read that she likes to hike, we shouldn’t automatically assume that she’ll want to help save the wild horses.

The extractive industries that are leasing public lands for as little as $2 an acre have their hopes up, too (and they have a lot of money and lobbyists). “Tim Wigley, president of the Western Energy Alliance, said he hoped that time in the fields would translate into expanded oil and gas drilling on federal lands. ‘We hope to see a better balance of productive development on non-park, non-wilderness public lands that enhances the wealth of America and creates jobs while protecting the environment.”

What do we know about Sally Jewell?

Media sources report things like: “Now 56, Jewell, was born in the UK. Her family moved to the US when she was four, and she grew up camping and sailing in Puget Sound, Washington state. She studied mechanical engineering at the University of Washington, and married a fellow engineer a week after graduation. The couple have two grown children. Jewell started her career with Mobil Oil, working for three years as an oil engineer in Oklahoma and Colorado. But she spent the next 19 years in banking. She joined REI as chief operating officer in 2000, and rose to chief executive five years later.”

It has been mentioned that Sally Jewell is on the Board of Directors of the Initiative for Global Development (IGD), but nobody seems to have looked into or written about this organization. The Initiative for Global Development website states it “drives global poverty reduction by advancing catalytic business growth and investment in the developing world” and makes “strategic investments in high-need, high-potential regions, with a current focus on Africa... and facilitate business-driven development…” Notice the words “advancing catalytic business growth and investment,” “strategic investments” and “facilitate business-driven development.” Although this PR spin makes it seem like their goal is to reduce poverty, these multi-national corporations seem to be focusing on developing their business interests in “frontier markets.”

The IGD website states “IGD member companies collectively generate more than $880 billion in annual revenue with an operating presence that spans the African continent.”

It kind of sounds like these multi-national corporations are helping themselves, doesn’t it?

Also, on the IGD website, is an article about the World Economic Forum’s “New Vision for Agriculture,” and it states: “IGD’s approach to increasing poverty-reducing agricultural investment in Africa complements many of the New Vision and Grow Africa objectives, and indeed shares a number of value chains and country targets. Building on Grow Africa’s priorities, we are identifying and stewarding discrete deals that will address gaps in priority value chains of our member companies.” Are the poor people IGD’s “priority value chains?”

Does it seem like these corporations might be going after the resources in resource rich Africa, and taking advantage of cheap labor? The Chairman of IGD’s Board of Directors, Robert A. Mosbacher, Jr., is a former President & CEO of OPIC, former Chairman of Mosbacher Energy Co., and is now on the Board of Directors of Devon Energy. Devon Energy Corporation, based in Oklahoma City, OK, is among the largest U.S.-based independent natural gas and oil producers. Another IGD Director is William D. Ruckelshaus, who among other things, served on the Board of Directors of Monsanto.

  • Members of IGD include current and former executives of multi-national corporations, and seem to include (or have included):
  • Robert B. Shapiro, former Chairman & CEO of Monsanto
  • William Ayer, President & CEO of Alaska Air Group, which owns Coeur D’ Alene Mines Corp. and Pioneer Natural Resources Co., an oil and gas exploration company. (As an aside, another Director of Alaska Air Group, J. Kenneth Thompson, is a Director of Tetra Tech, a company that prepares Resource Management Plans and Environmental Assessments for the Bureau of Land Management.)
  • J. Kenneth Thompson, is a Director of Tetra Tech, a company that prepares Resource Management Plans and Environmental Assessments for the Bureau of Land Management.)
  • Tom Clausen, former CEO of World Bank, former Chairman & CEO of Bank of America
  • Thomas R. Pickering, Sr. VP Boeing & former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, U.S. Department of State
  • Ken Thompson, former Exec. VP of ARCO Mack Hogans, former Sr. VP Weyerhaeuser Co.
  • William E. Mayer, Partner, Park Avenue Equity Partners H. Stewart Parker, President & CEO, Targeted Genetics Corp.

Corporations that support IGD include

  • DuPont,
  • Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc.,
  • Aon,
  • Citigroup, Inc.,
  • ContourGlobal,
  • Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd,
  • Quality Chemical Industries Ltd.,
  • Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI),
  • Sithe Global Power and
  • SouthWest Energy Ltd. (Hong Kong).

The fact that Sally Jewell is a Director of IGD, which is associated with Monsanto and DuPont (DuPont Pioneer, formerly Pioneer Hi-Bred), is troubling, because the Department of the Interior deals with land use plans that effect rural issues, and many U.S. farmers are being driven out of business by these companies. Monsanto & DuPont In 2005, The Center for Food Safety published MONSANTO vs. U.S. FARMERS. 

The Center for Food Safety just came out with a new report titled SEED GIANTS vs. U.S. Farmers

This new report states “Three agrochemical firms – Monsanto, DuPont and Sygenta – now control 53 percent of the global commercial seed market.” In attempts to prosecute farmers for alleged seed patent infringement, “…companies such as DuPont have hired private investigation firms such as Agro-Protection International to pursue farmers. In 2012, DuPont, the world’s second largest seed company, hired dozens of investigators to examine planting and purchasing records of Canadian farmers, as well as take samples from their fields for genetic analysis. DuPont is expanding this operation to the U.S. in 2013, hiring approximately 35 investigators, many former police officers.”

The Center for Food Safety report details how farmers are facing increased seed prices, loss of plant diversity, super weeds, bans on seed saving, technology agreements for non-GE seeds and the restriction of independent, scientific research.

At Fortune Magazine’s 2010 “Brainstorm Green Conference,” Sally Jewell spoke about a healthy environment, and was followed by Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto, who talked “about growing enough food to feed a growing global population.” However, many scientists believe that “genetically modified (GM) crops have lower yields, perform poorly in the field, use more pesticides and result in reduced profits for farmers.” Worldwide, many people have concerns about genetically engineered crops and food.

Zambia tried to turn down genetically engineered food that was donated. It is estimated that over 182,000 desperate farmers in India have committed suicide. Glyphosate, used in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready herbicide, has been said to “poison crops and soil.”

While it may be necessary for Sally Jewell to rub elbows in the business world, she works on the Board of Directors of IGD, and it is important to note that some of IGD’s members and supporters are linked to environmental harm.

We need to ask what influence these multi-national corporations, global associations and business associates might have in Jewell’s role as Secretary of the Department of the Interior. Integration of international law is already bypassing Congress and the Constitution and being implemented in Department of Interior (and other government agencies’) policies and regulations.

Hopefully, Sally Jewell will meet with and listen to the concerns of wild horse advocates and will begin an immediate overhaul the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program. We need to make sure that Congressional representatives ask Sally Jewell direct questions about the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program in her confirmation hearings.

We need to hear Jewell’s specific plans for this program, so we can get it straight from the horses’ mouth. We hope Sally Jewell will bring a positive change, but the next Secretary of the Department of the Interior, along with Congress and the American public, need to continue to hear all of our voices, loud and strong, telling them to stop the wild horse roundups, investigate the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Program and save our American icons, the wild horses, from extinction.



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  1. Excellent work.

    I’ve been following these issues for some time as they are intricately woven into the plight of our wild equines, domestic equines and food systems.

    I’m hopeful, but not optimistic about Ms Jewell; maybe the horsemeat scandal will move her in the right direction.


  2. This write-up is so important, for Debbie is explaining for us how the threads of mendacity and corporate collusion parade under the “green banner” and fundamentally affect the destiny of the wild horses and burros. You cannot understand the breadth of the issue until you dig into these tangled associations of wealth accumulation and power brokering. Debbie is spot-on in explaining the connections between foreign land grabs and American and European multi-nationals. There is a website and weekly newsletter which details the marginalization of 3rd world citizens and appropriation of land and extractive resources—— it’ll curl your hair.


  3. And Mr Wigley? Your statement, “We hope to see a better balance of productive development on non-park, non-wilderness public lands that enhances the wealth of America and creates jobs while protecting the environment.”

    What a deceptive, illogical, nonsensical pile of spoon fed Ka-rap!

    You know what “non-park” and “non-wilderness” public lands really are?

    They are a herd management areas reduced or closed (zeroed out), protected or endangered species delisted, parks and forests opened to deforestation, extraction/drilling and finally, water rights and use handed over to corporations for extraction.

    Oh. I forget to include fraudulent EAs, NEPA documents, etc to support same activity.

    Lyin’ sacks of……


  4. Agreed. The multi-national corporations ARE helping themselves. Moving into “frontier markets” helps business…the labor force is dirt cheap. We have seen this over & over again. Per usual, all about $$$ with no care for the welfare of humans nor wildlife. Most hated Monsanto in the U.S. is brutal to farmers, like the Gestapo. And poisoning our food supply via fruits, vegetables and providing filth-for-food for Factory Farms.


  5. Interesting that Zambia turned down GM grains. Monsanto are in the business of growing GM pesticide laden monocultures, most of which, 70-80%, are fed to livestock. These toxics are concentrated in the animal flesh consumed by humans where they accumulate in our fat stores doing countless damage over time. The argument is that if those grains were digested directly, a billion people would be saved from starvation. But it seems that even some in the 3rd world do not want poisoned frankenfood.

    Of course funneling grain into animals and then eating them is a very inefficient way to feed the planet (10 lbs of grain converted to 1lb of meat). Idiots like Duquette propose feeding starving people our horses and apparently many people do not care if it is horse or cow as long as they get their blood lust satiated.

    We will have to see what ethics Sally Jewel protrays with regard to the environment, including equines, and her relations with multi-national corporations that are so profit driven and exploitative.


  6. Have been studing this issue for the last four months and have found this posting very interesting. All this is going on because of greed. I am very interested it what ethics Sally Jewel has also. Was hoping for an indivedual that really loves our God given gifts as much as we do, but at this time I really don’t think this is a possibility because it doesn’t go with this group of individuals at this time. Then again I will try to keep a positive thought on this issue at hand. Thank You for the post and please keep up the good work!


  7. I don’t like the sound of her connection to these dubious “associates” … sounds like full speed ahead against the world’s environmental health in favor of the almighty dollar and nothing else.

    And anyway … it is the same BLM WH&B employees in control who have shown their policies with their actions for years and years. I don’t see her cleaning house of them – do you?


    • I agree grandmagregg, I still believe Senator Raul Grijalva is the best Man for the next Head of the Dept of the Interior………………….


      • I found an article on a blog of a group that opposed Representative Grijala. They thought he was much to close to environmental groups and they are also suspicious of the whole global governance usurpation of our laws and our values. The name I see most often in terms of NGO’s is the Sierra Club. More people believe there is something going on, although not so much sure of what, why, how, who, when, where.

        GREAT article Debbie.

        I urge each of you to call your Senators and insist they put off a vote on Sally Jewel confirmation vote until Secretary Salazar is made to account for his crimes against the American people, our national interests, and our wild horses.

        These horses belong to US and the federal government was entrusted with them on our behalf. They are not ownerless or homeless.

        I believe that there is growing concern among public officials and members of the public regarding our wild horses and the other phenomena taking place.


  8. Deb – the expert detangler agent working full steam ahead. This is the information we need to bring to our political representatives for her confirmation hearing. I’d like to know what contracts these entities, that she is linked with, have in the works which will participate in the new leases for thousands of pubic land. We all need to get our heads out of the sand and see clearly that the greatest threat to our horses and burros, indeed to our own access to the last open land, is the very businesses she participates in. The outrageous exploitation of Africa, India, South America and other struggling peoples is at the hands of the very presence standing behind her. Deb – you have done a great service here. Thank you.


    • This is the age of ‘conflict of interest’ and it is the “IN” law to break. Everybody does it so everyone ignores it.

      Doing Science in defense of the public land is our right and demanding the reality of science be used to the betterment of the public lands. Are we seeing a resource land rush so huge it is covering the West? All the more reason to slow down and do some studies and protect good watersheds all over. Save our pristine water and the lands it flows upon. Don’t get the whole place toxic. Let the horses have their space.


    • This is judge the edge of the iceberg. This is the reason we have have to ask ourselves questions about such positive verbage as:

      a better world
      social justice
      economic justice
      environmental justice
      fairness of resource allocation

      The Republic of the United States of America is imperfect, but it has offered the best hope for social, economic, environmental justice to more of its citizens than any other country in the world.

      The ability of a person to choose his or her course in life and to earn a living from what he or she can produce is far more fair than what these crooks are going to be offering our children and our grand-children. This may be a world without any Equus caballus at all.

      Remember the lessons of history. The Indians could not be conquered until the white man destroyed his horses. Thousands of horses would be a calvary for a rebellious people growing increasingly restless over the threat of gun confiscation.


  9. Outstanding expose, RT!!
    I’ll be sharing this everyplace I can!!!
    I would add i saw an article yesterday that the administration would like to cover about a million acress of our southwestern desert with solar panels, which Western Watersheds doesn’t like one bit – could this play into why our horses must go? (I havn’t verified this claim yet)
    It looks like a duck…its quaking like a duck, **I** say ITS A DUCK!!
    We should be fighting this confirmation with all we’ve got.
    I would put this woman in the same category as Tom Vilsack, dir of USDA: Looks like a man of the people but as gov of iowa was totaly IN BED with MONSANTO….
    Obama is great at this: good sounding rhetoric, completely belied by his choices. The devil **is** in the details, isn’t it?
    I came out against her the day her nomination was announced and still stand against her! (not that its relevant)
    This only points to something else i’ve been saying for a long time: ultimately the eco people will need to abadon junk science calling wild native horses bad for the environmnet and realize that in the “ecosystem” on national politics, our seemingly different causes should be synergistically combining to save the wild.


    • And especially in the southwest – it is the wild BURRO eradication as well as the few wild horses left there that “are in the way” of the giant conglomerates that see ONLY money.


      • If those burros are either Equus hermionus or Equus africanus, both appear to be native and africanus is endangered world wide. They would qualify as an endangered species I believe. Has anyone tried to list them?


      • HoofHugs-
        About June of last year the USFW decided to ignore accepted science (Smithsonian and more) and make a scientific name change (latin name) for our wild burros in order to eliminate any chance that they would continue to be considered the same species as the endangered burro and thus come under the endangered species act. They listed their plan in the federal register and about a hundred people responded in writing against their proposal – including scientists. The USFW completely ignored everyone and everything and did it anyway. It’s a long story but that is the jist of it and some more info is in the below link. This was an entirely political move in response to the IBLA complaint and Stay filed against the BLM proposed Cibalo-Trigo wild burro capture… and although it was delayed because of the legal action … BLM eventually captured hundreds of burros anyway. This really needed to be fought in court … but that takes a lot of money … and the burros don’t have money.

        PS Just so we all know … Twin Peaks burros were sold to Tom Davis. It’s not just horses that go to slaughter.


  10. What did I tell you?? READ Agenda 21….or watch the video. It’s now happening in front of our eyes and Sally Jewell will help it to fruition. DAMN!


  11. I learned as a law student that both sides of an argument were going to site the same cases in their briefs..facts can be interpreted by both sides to suggest an outcome..I am not sure this signals anything, I am not going to clutter the discussion with a suggested this point I see nothing alarming, bill gates and bill clinton..these are foundations that have global initiatives and they all have boards..not of audobon or safari club heads, but those who conduct business around the world..Sally represented REI, this is not her foundation..REI promotes adventure tourism around the oppose to say..blackmarket killing of elephants for tusks and rhinos butchered for their has again become an epidemic- even in the and tourism safaris are a way for indeginous people to make a real living as opposed to butchering the wildlife in africa and I support this..REI joined the board as a representitive of a business that is environmentally concious..a very green model of business sucess..I will be waiting to hear her take on our public lands and wild horses and burros before I get into can’t be a worse fight than we have already been in..a rancher and a politician


  12. This article was not meant as “hysterics,” but to inform. The wild horses don’t have time for hindsight. The fact that Sally Jewell IS on the Board of Directors (usually, the Board members are the planners & just that – the DIRECTORS) means that what this organization is doing IS important, as well as who they’re doing it with.

    In my opinion, it CAN be a worse fight than we’ve already been in. We won’t know until Jewell answers specific questions.


    • Thanks Deb. One of the things James Watt began to change was the language and the dynamics of Western economics. And in the past 20 years this grew and blended meanings with intents and changed what something once meant. To the opposite of what it once meant. Like we see with BLM ‘saving’ the wild horses from nature and themselves.

      We will have an idea from the BLM WH&B board meeting the first week of March. Will she be confirmed by then? Is this it?

      Where is Guilfoyle these days?


      • Probably wherever Dean Bolstad is, since she still needs to ask him questions about the
        WH & B program after a year in her job. Didn’t someone ask her recently, at a public meeting how much money was spent annually on short and long term holding, and she DIDN’T KNOW? How much do taxpayers pay for her salary? (and, can taxpayers get a refund?)


      • Debbie:

        Federal Financial Regulators (SEC, etc) couldn’t answer the newly elected Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D- Massachusetts) questions in a Senate hearing regarding banking fraud/criminal prosecutions and the “polecats” have filibustered Sec Defense nominee Chuck Hagel. BTW…the Senate never confirmed nominee Warren as the Prez’s Consumer Credit Czar.

        My point is that D.C. is so highly dysfunctional and corrupt, Jewell will rear end ream our public lands, wild life and resources so adeptly and politely, we and the Senate will thank her for breathing or even bothering to take time out of her extra special life to show up ask the “dog and pony” show committee hearing.

        Want to know if the wild equines are doomed?

        Monitor the C-SPAN hearings and see how many Dems and Repubs (especially western state or ag bought Senators) ask hard questions in committee and watch the floor vote.

        Wanna know how many judicial nominees are still waiting for Senate confirmation?…how many vacant seats there are? STILL?!?


      • If you can find specific years and examples, it would be interesting to look at the terms and see if they could be tied to this the fraud of international global governance FOR the environment. The truth is that FOR should be changed to BY.


  13. This much we DO know. We’re here. We’re staying. We’re watching.
    Regardless of WHO is in charge of our Public Lands, our Wildlife and our natural resources, it is ultimately up to US to take the reins.


  14. I guess we kind of cross our fingers & hope for the best until we hear her actual views. Keep on keeping on – just as we have tho.


    • I think a lot of us are waiting for the other ball to drop regarding horse meat in US products. Also wondering if there has been some scrambling around in the back offices and warehouses of some of the processed food plants and frozen meat and sausage-type importers and the USDA and the cattlemen’s lobbyists … or shall we all just assume they are all as pure as the driven snow? Just curious.


  15. I would like to ask Sally Jewell why are the American people being charged millions of dollars to have their own beloved Wild Horses abused, tortured and slaughtered by the BLM????????
    Tina Wooten For Saving Our Wild Horses


    • The country of one’s birth is usually not something that occurs to me to ask. However, remember our Wild Horses are Symbolic of American history, culture, the spirit of the West, and living symbols of freedom.

      The represent everything that those who are trying to take over our country are trying to destroy. The fact that she was born in England is not insignificant considering that we are fighting for our wild American icons against the forces of global governance that want us to capitulate our independence for their decisions about how to meet our human needs.


  16. A lot of hypocrisy is involved and selling one’s soul, but all this will be exposed and those culpable made to answer, to face the music. This music will be sweet to those who love greater justice but hard to her to those who don’t.


  17. Sure do hope & pray youre right, Craig. Comes under the heading of “what goes around comes around”, right? But sometimes its awful hard waiting for that to happen. On the other hand, with the Debbie Coffeys, the RT(& Terry) all the people who are working so very hard to make it happen – cant be any doubt , can there?


  18. I had a discussion with my US Rep this past week and unless things drastically change, I think that she has a 95% chance of being confirmed. I have provided him with much of the information tat has
    been shared on this blog. I also requested a Congressional Inquiry of the damage that the BLM has been doing at tax payers expense. I always ask for a response. Not happy with all the information about her past. I would like to see the hearing when her confirmation hearing comes up. We can only hope that some of our Legislators bring some of these questions forward. Again, it becomes extremely important to hold our Legislators feet to the fire. They work for US and not the 2% of the most wealthy in our country. Don’t let your district forums pass without attending especially the Senior forums. They usually have more time to spend with the constituents. This is the only way we are going to regain the Wild Horse and Burro protection as well as the slaughter/transportation to foreign country issue.


    • Gail, I do not know where you live. I believe that the Southeast and Coastal states as are some other Western states seeing this. In rural states where there are a farmers and women who live in secluded areas alone, the gun control thing has been like pouring kerosene on a spark.


  19. We as horse advocates must be very clear on our objectives to save our wild horses from being zeroed out or extinction. We must hold all that are accountable in a court of law that have made errors in the realm of BLM atrocities. We will not forget all of the mishaps and wrong decisions that have caused great suffering to our wild Equines families. The destruction of our wild herds will not be repaired in a short period of time. We must make them understand and the truth must be told and we will not go without solutions and a fight to keep our wild Equines replaced back out on their respective ranges with the proper food sources and water.
    We can influence the government decisions and we must because we know the truths. So let go and do what we have to do to get our horses back out on the ranges with protection forever and sign the proper bills into legislation that will protect our horses completely from the demise of individuals that continue to hurt our horses. We must stop this train wreck right on the tracks from going any further. We can and we will. History must stand for something. Icons must stand protected and we will not give into the traps of the BLM who have been deceptive in their tactics.
    We want complete protection and the wild Equine and Burro Act will be renewed to the jewel is always has been. No compromise here, never. Stop BLM round ups now, stop horse transport now, stop the horse slaughter pipeline now. FOREVER, I MEAN FOREVER.LISTEN TO US BLASTED GOVERNMENT, SENATE, SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR. READ MY WORDS. WE WILL HELP YOU DEVELOP THE PROPER LAND USE FOR OUR EQUINES NOW BECAUSE WE KNOW THEIR NEEDS AND WE MUST BRING OUR EQUINE FAMILIES BACK TOGETHER NOW.


  20. I love everyone’s optimism here. However, we were not listened to regarding Grivalja as Interior Sec. nor will we be listened to… for whatever reason.

    I’ve turned into a cynic.


  21. The pictures of Sally Jewell in the outdoors are icing on the pile of C—-. She has already said she would continue Salazars plan regarding the Wild Horses and burros. Our Government did not spend the last 4 years abusing our horses . to now treat them fairly. I pray I am wrong.


  22. The House of Representatives controls funding for Interior and other agencies. I suggest that we prepare to contact our Representatives and Representative Mike Simpson, who is likely to find himself on the hotseat for not holding the BLM and Salazar’s feet to the fire.

    Then I would suggest that we contact our Senators and tell them we want a hold on a vote for Sally Jewel. A lot of people may not understand the vast wealth that Interior controls. If we were living 500 years ago, the Secretary of Interior would be one of the most important monarchs in the world because of the sheer vastness of the land and the oil, gas, precious metals, and rare Earth minerals that are found in abundance (relatively speaking) on our public lands. Essentially, our way out of the burden of International servitude due to our debt lies on under our public lands and in identified off-shore oil interests.


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