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Breaking News: Outrage Over the EPA Approving Pesticides for Native Wild Horses

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Historic burros will die off if drug causes sterility


WASHINGTON (February 15, 2013)–Americans are outraged to learn the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a second pesticide. for native wild horses when extreme roundups since 2009 have removed the majority of wild horses from public land. Today more thank 50,000 are stockpiled in government holding facilities. In 2012 the EPA approved ZonaSta-H for wild horses and burros under their pesticide program. This week the EPA approved GonaCon™ a long-term infertility drug that has sometimes allegedly sterilized wild horses after one application. So few heritage burros remain that giving them harsh fertility control could wipe them out completely.

“Pesticides must not be used on native species and current science proves wild horses are natives,” states Anne Novak, executive director of Protect Mustangs. “The mustangers are working at the BLM these days–hiding behind inflated population guesstimates and feral beliefs. Meanwhile they are selling truckloads of native wild horses to alleged kill buyers like Tom Davis who bought at least 1,700.”

In Wild Horses as Native North American Wildlife (Revised January 2010)  J.F.Kirkpatrick Ph.D., and Patricia M. Fazio Ph.D. wrote:

The key element in describing an animal as a native species is (1) where it originated; and (2) whether or not it co‐evolved with its habitat. Clearly, E. 6 caballus did both, here in North American. There might be arguments about “breeds,” but there are no scientific grounds for arguments about “species.”

The non‐native, feral, and exotic designations given by agencies are not merely reflections of their failure to understand modern science but also a reflection of their desire to preserve old ways of thinking to keep alive the conflict between a species (wild horses), with no economic value anymore (by law), and the economic value of commercial livestock.

As a native species, wild horses create biodiversity and help heal the land. Predators exist and more can be introduced as needed while herds self-regulate. Today it’s difficult to find the herds. The BLM has rounded up the majority of the wild horses and burros in all ten western states–far more than they can adopt out.

Protect Mustangs, the native wild horse preservation group, calls for the EPA to immediately retract their approval of “pesticides” for native wild horses. They have requested that all the wild horses in government holding be returned to the Herd Management Areas designated for them under the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act. The horse originated in America.  Wild horses are indigenous and must also be protected according to The Act.

Despite the government’s overpopulation spin, witnesses on the range have observed a shocking decline in wild horse and burro population since 2008.

Carl Mrozeck, journalist and independent filmmaker making Saving Ass in America, chuckled at the BLM’s inflated estimates of burros. “Personally, I’d be shocked if there were even close to the more recent optimistic number of 2,000.”

For years, the BLM has refused advocates’ requests to perform accurate independent census. “Population myths should not drive policy, merit Congressional funding nor justify passing risky infertility vaccines approved as pesticides,” adds Novak.

PEER reported that livestock has ruined the range yet the BLM refuses to address the issue. The BLM always tries to scapegoat the wild horses for typical cattle damage. Cows outnumber wild horses at least 50 to 1 on the range.

Despite public outcry, the BLM has already removed the majority of indigenous mustangs and historic burros from millions of acres of public land.  The BLM is removing the wild horses and burros to minimize environmental studies and mitigation in order to fast track toxic drilling projects on public land. The BLM confesses to making tons of money off the extractive industry as stated in the bottom of their press release:

Protect Mustangs asks the BLM to acknowledge wild horses are a native species in order to manage them correctly.

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  1. They have all lost their minds a long time ago !!!!! WHY ???? Greed, unless we can cure greed , these people continue to lose their minds and the innocent horses will suffer ???????


  2. I just wish that everyone would leave the wild horses alone and look at what the cattle are doing to the horses land. The horses were there first and never harmed the land ! Now greedy cattle and people are doing more harm then good !


  3. Ok. Le’ts play along for a minute. If it is still being debated whether or not our Mustangs and Burros are native species, wouldn’t it make sense to not expose them to harmful pesticides in the meantime? These people defy their own logic. Not to mention the lack of ethics and immorality of killing, sickening or sterilizing a living thing this way. 😦


    • In Africa the lion is becoming endangered ever since a chemical pesticide was found to kill them quickly. So farmers have gone all out to kill the lions. The pesticide was supposed to be recalled and destroyed. Too late for most lions and prides.


      • I had not heard this. I though the IUCN was supposed to be protecting our environment. But looks like we are destroying what belongs on the land to replce it with what international agroconcommerants want to profit from. Unfortunately, Africa’s combination of rich natural resources and poverty will make them vulnerable for all kinds of explaitation in the name of some kind of “justice”.


  4. The government go to all lengths to exterminate the wild horses,what a society we live in.All they want to do is kill all wild animals.really sad!!


  5. When I attended the equine conference in Arlington, I met Dr. Kirkpatrick. I asked him to clarify the status of the wild burro which he did. He stated that the wild burro absolutely originated in North America, so the source you posted from Wikipedia is incorrect. Also, clearly if one understands evolution, one will understand that the burro (donkey) branched from the same tree as the horse and thus also shared evolution in North America with the horse. In addition to the states listed we must add Texas, which still has a small herd of wild burros that can be enjoyed by tourist if our state wakes up and realizes their value, rather than continuing down the path of eradication which is the current policy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Presently, numbers being crunched by many of us projects California as losing the last of its wild burro herds on BLM lands this year. There will only be a few token herds left on forest service lands after that, and we all know the Forest Service has never been a friend to the wild burro so their future in California is in jeopardy. The wild burros are the canaries in the coal mine. They will be gone first. Our present numbers put the numbers remaining on all BLM lands at less than 1,800. They are a critically endangered species world wide as well. Thank you RT for keeping the burros in the conversation.
    Marjorie Farabee


    • Yes Marjorie….the California burro situation is desperate and soon to be gone as you say.

      I am surprised California, considered by most anti tree huggin’, climate change morons (home of Ronald Reagan and Nixon, btw) haven’t done squat.

      p.s. I always try to use the term “wild equines”.


      • Unfortunately, Denise, my beloved home has been taken over by greedy self serving persons more interested in looking the part than being. Most neauvorich citizens wouldn’t even know what a burro looks like. I saw Jennifer Lopez dressed in furs the other day in a photo. What progress we make is set back by image makers. The fight to educate and retain our mores has never been as urgent or desperate. It is outrageous.
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    • Mitochondrial DNA of four Equus species including Equus africanus have been retrieved from sediment in the Yukon area of Alaska. While this DNA is based on the same science that allows the scientists managing some wild horse herds to detect the parents of a foal in order to provide genetic balance in a herd, is can also be applied in soil that has remained cool and undisturbed such as that found in areas of perma-frost in North America and Siberia. Based on two studies I have seen published in two distinctly different journals, it appears that the significance of this information is being ignored or for political reasons (or future funding of similar research projects).

      Dr. Ross MacPhee stated in his talk at the 2011 40th Anniversary of the 1971 Passage of the Wild Horse and Burro Act, horses are being classified as alien species as a result of the February 3, 1999 EXECUTIVE ORDER 13125 made by then President Clinton to create the Alien Species Act. This is all part of UN Global Governance that apparently puts a premium on protecting plants rather than animals.

      The result of this EXECUTIVE ORDER was the creation of an APPOINTED Alien Species COUNCIL that decides which animals are classified as feral, exotic, foreign, invasive, pests, or native. The horse is not on any official list that I have found, but domestic house kitties are. Domestic house kitties eat birds and some rodents, so they are PESTS.

      The DOI has no excuse for the criminal mismanagement of America’s wild horses and burros. A cynic would look at the fact that at least 70% of our wild horse herds are and have been below genetic viability largely due to the BLM’s serial roundups. NEPA requires that the BLM include the effects of serial roundups on herd population numbers and effective population numbers. DOI’s own experts both in agency and out have included comments about the danger that these low populations present to the viability of the herds. These have been sterilely classified as “items(s) of concern”.

      And still they treat our wild horses as PESTS and get the EPA to classify their birth control as a PESTICIDE. Stop and think about this. The horse, one of seven traditional livestock species now classified as a PEST—just because these animals are owned by the American people and held in trust for us by the government, the government wants to refer to them as horses that no one owns—therefore, they are FERAL PESTS..

      This is not the EPA being ignorant and uneducated. This is a deliberate-, intentional abuse of power by a federal agency being allowed and enabled to operate in the shadows where no laws apply to them.


      • Dear Hoofhugs, beautifully written to date the BLM has ignored every attempt to present documented evidence to them, in fact it seems that they torture the horses even more just to spit in our face, the horrors they create for the Mustangs…………..get worse and more ghastly…. The Mustangs have endured ………What do we need to do to stop them……………


  6. Heres my question if 80% of America is against Horse Slaughter and the eradication of Our Precious Mustangs……………… What the Hell is the Problem??????? ?????? We shut them down !!!~! I am sick of those in authority on my dime , messing with the HORSES , every sturdy that has been conducted is in the Horses favor !!!!!! and with out a shadow of a doubt the horses are essential in every aspect !!!!~! What these people emanate is PURE STUPIDITY, where are the people who know what the consequences will be for all , if they are to continue this ?????? These people need removal not the Horses………………………………….


      • Denise,

        It should be obvious by now that this President has absolutely no qualms to prevent or to create any laws that he wants. He has Senator Reid to prevent any Congressional legislation that he doesn’t want to deal with die in the Senate. And then, when it is time to blame someone for what the President has not done, very conveniently, the President or his minions blame the uncooperative nasty House of Representatives. All of this is used to demonize the only force in America that stands between the United States of America becoming the United States of the Globe.

        I would not venture to predict what would be happening were the other party more in power with regard to our wild horses as a single issue, but I am feel reasonably certain that we would not be on the verge of ceding our sovreignity to an organization as ripe with corruption and thuggery as the one some Americans are colluding with.


  7. Though the word burro is not included in every mention of wild horses – I am confident in saying that burros are ALWAYS included as the cousin/brother of the horse. But it is surely a concern that we always include the wild burro and vice versa the wild horse when working to protect all free roaming non-game wild horses and wild burros. Since we know the mindset of the criminal and politicians and predatory business, we don’t go to the trouble of actually naming both branches of the equid, we may endanger them.

    It is heartbreaking to consider the wild burro or wild horse may become so scarce to see when out in the wilds.


    • Thank you Jan. This is very important because when the wild burro is not mentioned by name, it is falsely believed by politicians that people will not be as outraged if they are removed, harassed, and killed. I often have friends say, “but, I also mean burro when I say horse” I am sure that they do, but it is not what is understood by politicians. We MUST say wild burro if we mean to protect them as well.


  8. It is greed. Hunters, ranchers, oil industry want animals gone so they can have the lands for their use only. Our scumbag governor is having horses burros and donkeys killed with assault rifles so he can stock lands for canned exotic game hunts


    • I think what is happening to our wild horses in part is due to the amount of public land that is no longer open to human use for hunting or grazing, putting more pressure on wild horse land, but it can not be legal to take away their HMA,s and give them to ranchers as was done in Antelope.


  9. This may be why a lot of the mare’s have been losing their foal’s. It is a very scary world that we live in and human’s are not making it easy on the horse’s and burros. Just leave them alone…they can take care of themselves. It makes me very sad to read and hear about this stuff. And, I don’t care if other countries like to eat horse meat….just stop killing our wild (supposedly protected) horse’s and using them for meat!!!!!


    • Our horses have multiple federal laws that are supposed to protect them. Our government is supposed to holding them “in trust” for the American people. I know there has been a long history of competing interests that want to control federal and state public land use, but there are different players in this game now, and a lot of them are not elected public officials. However, until more people are able to see for themselves, so they can believe for themselves what is going on in our country, we will not be able to solve this.

      The fate of our animals is in our hands, but if we are unable or unwilling to step out of our comfort zone and at least be willing to pretend we believe something that we know could not possibly happen, we will not see it and we will not be able to save them.


  10. This what is posted on AOL today , If this doesnt make your blood boil nothing will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat Horsemeat, It Is ‘Delicious, Like Rich Beef,’ Says French Chef Martin Leman

    The Huffington Post | By Harry Bradford Posted: 02/15/2013 12:42 pm EST | Updated: 02/15/2013 1:00 pm EST
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    Video, Chez Sophie, French Horsemeat, Horsemeat, Horsemeat Butchers, Horsemeat Delicacy, Horsemeat Delicious, Horsemeat Good, Horsemeat Scandal, Business News
    Horsemeat Delicious

    According to one French chef, horsemeat isn’t disgusting, nay merely tolerable. It’s “delicious.”

    Amid the scandal currently rocking Europe over horsemeat that’s unexpectedly shown up in frozen lasagna and Burger King hamburgers, among other places, the case for eating equine has found an outspoken supporter, The Guardian reports.

    French chef Martin Leman, who runs restaurant Chez Sophie in the U.K., says he’s actually increased the amount of horsemeat on his menu recently, offering 100 percent horsemeat burgers.

    “It’s delicious, like rich beef,” he told The Guardian. “Our customers … asked us what it tastes like, so we brought some in.”

    His opinion may be informed by social norms in his home country, which is less squeamish about horsemeat than the U.S. or the U.K.. In fact, horse butchers in France, while less common now, still serve customers who prefer horsemeat since it’s “much tastier than beef,” as one fan tells the Associated Press.

    But it’s not merely a Gallic guilty pleasure, where it still makes up only 0.4 percent of overall meat consumption, according to the New York Daily News. Instead, it’s China, Kazakhstan and Russia who are the biggest consumers of horsemeat, according to National Geographic. In China and Kazakhstan, it’s often made into sausages or dumplings.

    If that’s starting to sound actually kind of good, just make sure you’re ready for what food writer Waverley Root calls a “lingering sweetness.


      • Aside from this goody, Arlene, the people in the countries hit with this scandal are very upset and it clearly shows that the majority of Europeans are not wanting horse meat hid in their beef or pork. They are concerned now about the toxicity. This is not over. We have it here, too. We have all sorts of frozen lasagna and sausage imported here everyday from Europe to Aldi, a French Grocery, right here in the USA.


  11. So the BLM is “producing more revenue than they are spending?” Well, why not put the “revenue” that they are producing to good use – put the horses back where they belong AND manage them naturally – for their benefit and for ours. Using this PESTICIDE as birth control – if they hadnt already gone TOO FAR – would be going too far! Isnt there some way to publicize whats actually going on by the BLM – all of whats going on – in the so-called national media? I just believe people would care – if they knew. And yes, it certainly is strange & weird that absolutely NOTHING has been said publicly by our wonderful politicians etc.etc etc.about the horse meat mixed with beef.
    I believe the quote from someone was “it couldnt happen here”! What a crock. Do we not import beef from other countries – countries that we “export” horsemeat to???


    • If Gonacon is ever used it must be only on mares over 15 years of age. A friend told me this today. It is another tool. Should it be used? Has it GOT to be used? No, not at this point as BLM is not following a management plan that has a viable future in it. Give Gonacon to young fillies and that will be criminal mischief. That is more of what I expect from BLM.

      There is no real management that BLM is using because they are removing the subjects from their home ranges and placing them in LTH. If there had been a strong use of PZP about 15 to 20 years ago we might not be in this fight today. But our government has sold out our herds to the corporate presence and a few very loud and elitist cattlemen. And we were sold out with them.

      Reverse the Sellout!


    Acting Administrator Bob Perciasepe
    Bob Perciasepe
    Phone: (202) 564-4711
    About the Office of the Administrator

    Bob Perciasepe is currently both the Acting Administrator and the Deputy Administrator. Appointed by President Obama in 2009 as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Deputy Administrator, Bob Perciasepe continues a career spanning nearly four decades as one of the nation’s leading environmental and public policy figures. An expert on environmental stewardship, advocacy, public policy, and national resource and organizational management, Perciasepe is widely respected within both the environmental and U.S. business communities.

    His extensive experience includes service both inside and outside of government. He served as a top EPA official in the administration of President Bill Clinton, who appointed him, first, to serve as the nation’s top water official and later as the senior official responsible for air quality across the U.S. Prior to being named to his current position, he was chief operating officer at the National Audubon Society, one of the world’s leading environmental organizations. He has also held top positions within state and municipal government, including as Secretary of the Environment for the State of Maryland and as a senior official for the City of Baltimore.


    • The NATIONAL AUDOBON SOCIETY shoulfd tell you everything you need to know right there. These people want wild horses off the grass lands, so they will will consume habitat for GREATER SAGE GROUSE and DUCKS.

      I apologize for using all caps. This branding of wild horses as PESTS is coming from the global governance environmental agenda. If we cannot see how foreign this kind of language is to our national heritage and culture, then we are utterly incapable of helping our horses. You might as well turn your computers off right now because the old rules no longer apply.


  13. Why do they want to exterminate all of our wild horses and burros? Why? This makes me so mad. Leave them alone. We need to stop destroying our heritage


    • That is the whole point. The only way Americans will accept being governed by the global governance environmental commission that may be led by someone who needs a new job in 2017 is is if we forget our cultural history. The powers that be are doing everything they can to turn us on our heads, so we will forget who we are.

      For all the reasons that most of us see beauty, inspiration, and nobilty in our wild horses, for the ways they represent freedom, remind us that we are a nation of CAN DO people with the ability to do extraordinary things when we stand together, the real enemies of wild horses want them destroyed. They want us to helpless and dependent. Horses allow a human being to independent, free, and prosperous.


      • Someone or all of us has to stop this..This cannot be allowed that all of our wild burros and horses will be exterminated..I don’t want us to forget out freedom or lose our symbol of American which is more the horse than the eagle…


      • Dear Maureen, I totally agree with the statement you made about the Horse he is more of the American symbol , he reeks of Freedom, he displays his spirit like no other, he built America in many ways, he was responsible, getting the mail through , no one can discredit him, without him there would be no America…………….his continued giving is a marvel, My respect for him is monumental to say the least I have often said he belongs on the American flag !!!!!!! there is nothing more American then the Mustang !!!!!!


  14. The mustangs and burros are natives. They should be left on the range. They should managed responsibly, not with pesticides that could leave them barren. They should also not be round up unless there are adoptive homes for them to go to. DO NOT BY ANY MEANS SEND THEM TO SLAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!! They are an important part of our heritage!!!


  15. GonaCon can cause sterility in a mare from the very first use. This has been documented through the Maryland side of Assateague. Those ponies are given GonaCon AFTER successfully delivering three foals. Whether they live is another story. They do this so the ponies won’t die out. Somehow something went wrong. The cattle ranchers are so desperate for lands and water that the idea of sharing is beyond their comprehension.

    And BLM? Trying to make them read those reports? DENY DENY DENY.

    My question is this. If after rounding ALL the wild horses what do you suppose our future grandchildren are going to say about this generations selfishness? Why round up all the Pryor Mustangs and then think–oh we can infuse the horses with domesticate stock.

    A case in purity for instance. I saw this PKR horse last year at a clinic. I wasn’t sure what a PKR horse was. He sure looked Andulasian. He was. But its a very “stuffy” (if you’ll forgive my wording)pedigree. Your horse has to be registered to registered to registered…In humans its kinda like being a DAR I suppose. And that PKR horse was OUTSTANDING. Oh my he could’ve given Secetariat a run for who was more handsome.

    So how in the world do we stop this insanity before it gets to far past us to be stopped? What are these people thinking anyway? Who bought them and how much money changed hands?


  16. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a hold of this pesticide, shoot the cattle on OUR horse’s land with it – and make them all sterile. Leaving the ranchers to want their cattle off the land – because “there’s something there that makes them sterile!”. I just get SO ANGRY sometimes – adding to the feeling of major helplessness, and I have these dreams of taking matters into “our own hands”….Would sure like to use it on the the blm, epa, and especially the helicopter pilots, as well as anyone else who nonchalantly abuses animals. At least that way they couldn’t reproduce more like them…..I am just dreaming, but I just get SO ANGRY – and have no other outlet….


  17. Its so disgusting the French would eat anything, I think that they would chop up a human being and
    say it was tasty. If they like horse meat let them buy it in their own country. Perhaps what the Chef
    considers ‘TASTY’ is the after taste of the bute and the other left over chemicals in the meat. Hope they consume enough to do them in…Bastards is too good for them…Sometimes I wonder what our
    society is coming to. No meat for me…Sometimes its so very hard for me to read all of this, unfortunately its the only way your educated on what the truth is..


  18. They are crazy. this has got to stop now. I just finished getting a pesticide license for Florida and pesticides are dangerous when you spray them to kill certain plants, but animals this is suicide for the horses. They are ruthless and this must stop. We must demand no pesticide usage whatsoever. NONE. Pesticides are only to be used to control bugs and are used sparingly if at all.
    I demand they stop until we can get information on what is being used. This is a horror beyond horror. In this realm our horses and wild life as we know it will be killed from eating, sleeping and breathing these pesticides in. It kills animals and humans too. Must stop this. I demand those who are involved be held accountable for the deaths. Those of you who are irresponsible in the use of pesticides must have their licenses revoked.. We must hold all accountable in a court of law. I am serious about this. They are using no common sense here. I AM OUTRAGED ABOUT THIS. PESTICIDES MUST NOT BE USED THIS WAY EVER. SO BE THROWN INTO JAIL FOR USING PESTICIDES INCORRECTLY YOU FOOLS. THIS MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL. BLM, GOVT STOP YOUR STUPID AND CRAZY WORK. IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, STOP THIS NOW. STOP ALL ROUND UPS, STOP HORSE TRANSPORT, STOP KILLING OUR WILD HORSES YOU FOOLS. i AM SO MAD ABOUT THIS. i AM A RESPONSIBLE HORTICULTURALIST. i TOOK AN OATH TO DO SO. I PROTECT WILD LIFE AND WILD HORSES AND BURROS FOREVER. I WILL NEVER , EVER HARM THEM. LEARN FROM ME YOU FOOLS. TAKE A CERTIFICATION COURSE IN PESTICIDE CONTROL NOW.


  19. There is a pesticide to eliminate these NON-NATIVE, FERAL, EXOTIC, ALIEN, PESTS, but it begins and ends with love, which is the only force that has ever been strong enough to defeat evil.


  20. If there any sense in asking the BLM anything? And they are destroying mustangs in Oklahoma holding facilities under the same law that allows them to kill coyotes and other “varmits”. That explains the mass graves behind the holding facilities. They determine what horses are salable and what horses to kill. WHO ARE THEY TO DETERMINE WHAT IS SALEABLE AND WHAT IS NOT? They are exterminating our wild horses!


    • Yes, and foals are being culled practically from birth along with other disasters. They have the guns and the playing field. We have been set up to fail. How do we reverse this? Getting the goods on the crime and getting the word out all around the world. We are working on this. We are making progress. What we are doing matters. We have turned the proverbial corner thanks to incredible research and eyes in the field.

      We won’t take the BS anymore, BLM. You better be prepared to tell us the bottom line in OK City
      in March. Otherwise keep your elitist butts home.


  21. The Guardian article says what we’ve known for some time – the slaughter industry has criminal involvement all thru it. This is news?? If its ILLEGAL for this arms dealer to be doing this, its also illegal no matter WHO does it. Still no word from Congress or Senate regarding this issue!


  22. It’s time for us as a country to care more about our national heritage than about our stupid Iphones…Once these animals are gone..that will be it.


  23. This may seem like a stupid question, but….how can an animal that is given special status and funding through the 1971 Act be given anything or categorized as pesticide? Pest, pesticide? It is outrageous and in direct conflict of the 1971 Act….Burns’ poop and all.

    I wonder if this official action with all the hot button verbiage doesn’t give litigating advocates some footing for further court actions.


    • All of the actions BLM has been taking off the official established law and policy is illegal. And that is plenty of shady handshakes, back room deals and trucks running in the night. Not to mention the brandless and the branded being equally ignored for slaughter and border crossings. BLM should be concerned but they will continue destroying the family bands and removing our wild ones until they are gone unless we make a stand.

      Organize and work for the future. Promote science and fund it in the field. Meet an HMA ASAP so you have a connection. Support AA and WHFF and Protect Mustangs!!! They need your support and they are doing research and field work that will bring proof and results and change!!!


      • Well, I just don’t understand how any Federal agency can call something a “pest” when that so called “pest” has an Act of Congress supposedly protecting that “pest”.

        It defies all rules of scientific logic. It would also seem to defy the 1971 Act.


      • Denise, Since when does BLM follow any rules of scientific logic in regards to wild horses and burros? And they do nothing but defy the 71 Act. They are breaking the law they are directed to uphold.

        Why is BLM still holding the reins on our wild horses and burros? Maybe because we have not had time to take them away yet?


  24. Mar,

    My point is that for those that are pursuing litigation on behalf of our wild and domestic equines, especially wild calling a protected species by virtue of a specific Congressional Act a “pest”, being administered a “pesticide” is contradictory and illogical.

    It would seem to be a mode of judicial relief for cause and violation.

    I still think HSUS should be ashamed of themselves and need to do some explaining….and I still haven’t seen studies on the efficacy and prophylaxis of said fertility drugs…aka pesticide, much more peer reviewed, scientific papers on the subject of PZP (et al).



    The Story of Silent Spring (excerpts)

    How a courageous woman took on the chemical industry and raised important questions about humankind’s impact on nature.
    Although their role will probably always be less celebrated than wars, marches, riots or stormy political campaigns, it is books that have at times most powerfully influenced social change in American life. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense galvanized radical sentiment in the early days of the American revolution; Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe roused Northern antipathy to slavery in the decade leading up to the Civil War; and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, which in 1962 exposed the hazards of the pesticide DDT, eloquently questioned humanity’s faith in technological progress and helped set the stage for the environmental movement.
    Carson, a renowned nature author and a former marine biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, was uniquely equipped to create so startling and inflammatory a book. A native of rural Pennsylvania, she had grown up with an enthusiasm for nature matched only by her love of writing and poetry. The educational brochures she wrote for the Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as her published books and magazine articles, were characterized by meticulous research and a poetic evocation of her subject.

    “Things Go Out of Kilter”
    Carson was happiest writing about the strength and resilience of natural systems. Her books Under the Sea Wind, The Sea Around Us (which stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for 86 weeks), and The Edge of The Sea were hymns to the inter-connectedness of nature and all living things. Although she rarely used the term, Carson held an ecological view of nature, describing in precise yet poetic language the complex web of life that linked mollusks to sea-birds to the fish swimming in the ocean’s deepest and most inaccessible reaches.
    Silent Spring

    Silent Spring took Carson four years to complete. It meticulously described how DDT entered the food chain and accumulated in the fatty tissues of animals, including human beings, and caused cancer and genetic damage. A single application on a crop, she wrote, killed insects for weeks and months, and not only the targeted insects but countless more, and remained toxic in the environment even after it was diluted by rainwater. Carson concluded that DDT and other pesticides had irrevocably harmed birds and animals and had contaminated the entire world food supply. The book’s most haunting and famous chapter, “A Fable for Tomorrow,” depicted a nameless American town where all life — from fish to birds to apple blossoms to human children — had been “silenced” by the insidious effects of DDT.


  26. So what happened to the Audobon Society?
    Audubon Rachel Carson Awards
    Welcome to the Press Room for Audubon’s Rachel Carson Award, founded in 2004. Read about the 2012 awards luncheon in Audubon Magazine.
    2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring, a revolutionary work that shed light on the damage inflicted by the indiscriminate use of pesticides by Rachel Carson, the inspiration for the award.
    The Rachel Carson Awards is an annual event of Audubon’s Women in Conservation whose mission is “To recognize outstanding women leaders in today’s conservation movement; to support environmental opportunities for girls and young women; and to educate women on important issues related to conservation and the environment.”


  27. So….WHO is the Audubon Society going to honor this year?
    News and Press Releases

    Audubon Announces 2012 Rachel Carson Award Winners
    The National Audubon Society will honor three exceptional women at the organization’s ninth annual Women in Conservation Luncheon at The Plaza Hotel in New York City on May 22.
    Read More

    Press Room Contacts
    Delta Willis
    Senior Communications Manager – Public Affairs
    Main Office
    225 Varick Street
    New York, NY 10014
    (212) 979-3197


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