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Dutch Steakhouse Admits to Serving Horse Meat for Past 60 Years


Loek van Thiel originally denied the allegations…

Dutch Steakhouse“This steak still has the marks where the jockey was hitting it,” Rodney Dangerfield quipped in “Caddyshack,” but that could’ve also been pulled from a Yelp review of one Dutch steakhouse.

The owner of Amsterdam’s Piet de Leeuw admitted that he’s been passing off horse meat as beef steaks for more than 60 years.

Loek van Thiel originally denied the allegations, until one newspaper tested the restaurant’s most popular cuts and proved they were pure horse.

Van Thiel then admitted they’d been serving up filly steaks since 1949.

“I’ve never considered saying ‘horse steak’ on the menus,” van Thiel said. “People enjoyed their food, business was good, so why should I?”

Just goes to further validate that everything surrounding horse slaughter is corrupt and/or criminal. [Source]

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  1. STOP EATING BEEF!! Ya’ll act so concerned about the beef supply, so stop eating it. Take action; stop supporting the ranchers who want the Wild Ones off “their” land.


    • I completely agree with you, Sue! I’ve been a vegetarian for decades – not for health reasons but for ethical reasons. How can one rail against horse slaughter, and against habitat destruction, and against ranching being at the root of exterminating wild horses and wildlife, and then sit down to a burger or steak? It’s hypocracy in my opinion. If you raise it yourself and kill it yourself, then you are connected to your food and know exactly how that animal was treated before you ate it. But if you buy it in a celophane wrapped container, you are turning a blind eye and it’s business as usual.


  2. I have e-mailed the FDA demanding a website be put up showing exactly what the FDA is doing to test for horsemeat in US meat products and the results..their headquarters are in virginia, and there are contact numbers..we should be flooding them with demands for testing results…given the fact 100s of thousands of our horses go across the borders to canada and mexico…we are the worlds largest slaughterproducer and no doubt in my mind it is coming back into the US. You will need to put in a business name in order to fill out the contact


  3. What kind of a Chef is he? I can’t remember who it was, but I thought that there was a chef on the food Network who was pushing the horse steaks..Why don’t they call them what they are ….Eat those tasty Bute Burgers/ tasty filled with bute and other chemical spices…Enjoy a few of these and they may be your last!! In addition to your Bute Burger/steak you can add a side of chemotherapy and radiation…..They all make me sick…Has anyone watched those cooking shows where they give the chefs a basket of who knows what,,then they are asked to make a meal out of that…to me thats disgusting…We all need to continue to explain to people how critically ill people who eat it will get…Talk about fraud…feeding food illegally marked..I think if it was me, I would find a lawyer and sue the chef and the restaurant. We need to add comments on some of these foreign newspapers. The internet is a wonderful form of communication…Let’s let the Europeans know exactly what they are eatting if they horse meat especially comiing from the US…


    • what about the west nile vaccinations horses receive..there is no WN vaccine approved for humans..which is the only reason I refused to give it to my horses…there are so many things and then you can talk about race horses many of whom become lame and are heavily treated with more than bute before they are sent to slaughter…when done with racing or crippled- many are sent to slaughter..while you can see the list of approved drugs..I can tell you personally there are many drugs and steroids used on race horses hardly a day or week goes by..many trainers donot use the vet but shoot up their own used to be cocaine..when they get caught -they find something lance armstrong..its all about winning


  4. Keep a eye on the amount of horses the kill buyers pick up at the auctions. That will give us a idea of how much the horse meat orders have dropped from Europe. Because with so much testing and exposure to what has been going on in these countries for so long the companies that have been mixing the meat will be forced to stop, and that will drop the amount of horse meat needed overall. Another thing, with so many consumers up in arms over the horse meat which is considered cheap fillers where did the price of $20.00 a lb come from? Horse meat might have been peddled as a healthy meat when it’s not by way of slick marketing. I have always read that it is a delicacy, if that’s the case why is it found in cheap frozen dinners??


    • a horse is bringing between $60 to $250 to kill buyers..whereas cattle are bringing around 1,000 all depending on age and weight..Horses are not raised for food by livestock producers because pound for pound they require more food per lb..expend more energy as prey animals more difficult to contain..lower conception rates, contain more size and bone than meat animals..its not cost effective to raise them for food


  5. This is just plain sick! I do not eat meat but if I did I would “NEVER” eat it again after all of the stuff going around. If this is the only way to make people wake up and realize how many of Americas beautiful horses and all horses suffer while being slaughtered than this is it.

    Thousands of horses are slaughtered around the world in a torturous cruel way. If people stop and really think about it that is a lot of horse meat. It has to be going someplace and for the demand to be so high now we no why. People are getting horse meat instead of cow…YUK!

    I do feel sorry for the innocent people who get horse meat unknowingly, but if this is the only way to stop horse slaughter all together and save hundreds of thousands of horses pain and torture than I am fine with this happening.

    America needs to wake up. The world needs to wake up. The slaughter of horses needs to stop. Now if the people who sold our wild horses to slaughter go to prison for the rest of their lives I would be much much happier.

    These men are crooks and thieves and were handed our wild horses on a silver platter from the BLM. Yes, I am angry. Yes, I am discusted. Yes, I hope someday they pay dearly for what they have done.


  6. How utterly VILE! To the Dutch PEOPLE :
    It is One thing for those CULTUREs, who “traditionally” consume* the flesh of Horses —as well as 0ther “sources” –which most Cultures do N0T eat!
    [think of cats, dogs & pigeons, ‘stink-fruit’, bats/ants/worms/grasshoppers, even ~grubs! & horses (to name a few) …that’s their ChOICE.]
    But, it is Quite a different* ISSUE –to Be TRICKED into eating Any food –via FICTITIOUS, malevolent Labeling* !!
    Particularly ‘ingredients’ which one would neVer CHOOSE to eat…
    {even withIN those Cultures who condone HorseMeat, at least “in general”… people have a Right to expect that food Bought – IS precisely WHAT was ordered!? }
    Obviously such is N0T the case Here (in this well-known ‘steak’house); it’s N0T “ok” to be ingesting horse*, which you Thought (& ordered) as BEEF* ….otherwise he wouldn’t need to LIE to all customers for 64* YEARS!
    There should be INTERNATIONAL Law*, with Consequences…
    Although it seems~ morbid, I can’t Wait to read — all the new* HEALTH-Impact & epidemiological “population-wide STUDIES” that are sure to follow*? [Vile vile ~beGets vile!]
    | epidemiology:
    1. branch of medicine dealing with the incidence* & prevalence* of Disease in large populations
    -and with Detection of the source* & cause* of ⁠epidemics ⁠of infectious or 0THER disease”…
    |examples|”Although they had no direct, mechanistic proof, the epidemiological evidence* Proved the case far beyond any reasonable doubt.” ..”But now, thanks to old-fashioned epidemiological investigation*, sprouts have been definitively named the Culprit.”| {YuK!}
    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


  7. I feel so sorry for these horses. If the slaughter houses do not accept some of the kill buyers horses, the kill buyers will just dump the horses in the desert or anywhere to die. These people are heartless, cruel pigs.


  8. My former dear neighbor during WWII ate horse. It was all they had. She loves horses. It was a dark time for all. And no today she wouldn’t eat horse.

    This dear lady was my very best neighbor in the 30 odd years I lived in my former home. I moved because I couldn’t handle the stairs anymore. I LOVED this dear lady.

    I can’t bring myself to hold it against her. I wasn’t alive in WWII. I don’t know what she went through. She was in a place where the Nazi’s ruled.


  9. When I think of all the magnificent beauties that brutally lost their lives at the hands of the greedy bastards, It makes me ILL…. i know there is such a thing as Karma, and it aint going to be pretty for those who took the lives of the innocent horses !!!! I believe also in Divine intervention and it is here now !!!!!


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