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A Texas Parade of Equine Memories

Insight by R.T. Fitch ~ president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“It’s All About the Horses”

Today is “Feel Good Sunday” and historically we publish a story that is meant to recharge your batteries and build some sort of spiritual unity before we launch off into fighting the battle for the safety, health and well being of American equines on the following day.  This day such a story was hard to come by so we have looked into the mirror and have the following to share.

Yesterday Terry and I took the bulk of the day off to play with our own equine charges here at Laughing Horse Ranch.  Yes, I actually managed to keep my buddy Moose between the ground and me and that is always a good thing.  But we were also celebrating the 6-year anniversary of when Terry and I rode atop our horse children through the streets of downtown Houston, while representing the Houston Airport Rangers, for the opening parade of the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show.  It was an experience that we shall never forget.

And yesterday, 3,000 horses and mules overtook the streets of Houston as the same ceremony reoccurred.  Not being real rodeo enthusiasts but instead we have always cherished and enjoyed the weeks long trail rides that re-enact and make their way into downtown Houston every year prior to the Rodeo’s start.  Since 1938 horses and mules have ruled the roads of Houston and yesterday the equines took charge once more.

Terry and I stayed up late last night to watch all of the video and news on the parade and it, of course, sent me back to the place where I miss my equine mentor, teacher and the horse who taught me to listen, Ethan.  It was he who carried me before the cheering crowds besides Terry on her rescued Brazilian Mongalarga Marchador, Apache.  The memories will never fade nor will the hoof prints on my heart ever dissipate or diminish.

Yesterday the weather was stellar; a clear and beautiful 68 degrees but when we rode it was cold and raining so no video or pictures exist.  All that remains in tribute to my great friend is footage from our Blackberry commercial but even that speaks to his patience as I, yes, text and talk while on horseback.

Have a good Sunday, everyone; we leave you with amateur video of yesterday’s parade and footage of Ethan and today you might not find us on our computers or phones but instead, we just may be out hugging a horse or two as we plan to play with our ponies.

Keep the faith and we love ya’ll.

For Local News Coverage Click (HERE)

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  1. Thanks so much for feel good sunday! AND I got my horse fix (sort of). So good to see a parade that is ALL HORSES!! Thank you RT (& for the blackberry promo, too) Very interesting.


  2. yes, I remember my first parade as a kid..I got to carry the flag on my horse..who had never seen a flag before..he was wonderful..I was thrilled..america used to be mounted..not so much any more..but we love our horses mules and burros…especially in texas, where they are gunned down by the state


  3. MSN has an article on the horsemeat mess.(sorry RT to mess up your feel good day)
    apparently its “unlikely to happen here”…


    • Cool ad RT!!

      I could see you and Ethan doing this parade…

      Maggie, It has already happened here. With the same foods sold in Europe that are sold here. Aldi is a French Grocer who sells prepared foods made in Europe here in the USA. They have already been busted and for some reason!? our Ag folks have said nothing about the same lasagnas being sold in Aldi here in the states. There should have been an immediate ban on Aldi and Americans should have been told. I guess they want the food to be eaten here or worse, they don’t care.


  4. A lot of the action in parades often happens BEFORE the parade begins and everyone is in a flurry getting ready. Has anyone ever been in a parade where there were cowboys with pistols….firing blank? Lots of Horse action then.

    I think Miss Abby won’t mind my posting this.
    In honor of our Burros
    Burro be mine


  5. Thanks so much for sharing. I too remember my first parade. I got my first horse who was an Appy when he was a yearling. I had never broke a horse before, let alone take on the challenge of bringing him along and breaking him to the saddle. I did so much with him. I took him down the road first, took him to shows and rode the trail. Our club was asked to participate in our local parade and I agreed to be among the riders. I never thought twice if he would do it, we just did it. As the day of the parade approached there was clipping, bathing polishing tack and so on. But I will never forget as we rounded the street and we came upon all the rides and the sound. Well, like they say if you climb in the saddle, you had better be ready for the ride. There were 3 of us riding side by side and as we approached the area, they all leaned to one side as if they practiced this drill. We all hung on and passed the rides. Boy, what an experience. We all made it past the swirling rides and the loud noises. The people cheered as we rode by and horses seemed to love it as we continued on down the parade route. It was great and we did attend many more.


  6. What a neat parade! Quite a contrast between the huge, high buildings and the covered wagons, horses, etc.. (-: Sure looked like lots of fun..,.would have loved to been there! Thanks for sharing the BlackBerry skit too…very interesting. You sure do live a helluva busy life and it’s good you take the time to have some fun, along the way. (-: My best to you and Terry.


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