Horse News

EWA/WHFF Expose Possible llegal Horse Meat Shipments through Port of Houston TX

Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation Investigation Report

The amount and volume of Horse Meat running through Houston is Staggering

Release Date:

February 24, 2013

Report Date(s):

2012 – 2013


Bill of Lading Data

Objective | Content:

Horse Meat Shipments through Port of Houston [TX]

Summary: click (HERE)

Bill of lading data, click (HERE), exposes horse meat continuing to allegedly illegally ship through the Port of Houston. The shipments are in violation of 1949 Texas state law banning the sale and possession [§ 149.002], and transfer [§ 149.003] of horse meat.

Information Contained in this Document:

  • The spreadsheet contains 6 tabs of data for the various shippers involved in the illegal trade through the Port of Houston. Of note:
  • Country of origin is primarily Mexico [column X]
  • Shipper, International Unicorn, is from Kaufman, Texas
  • Crossed out items are either not Port of Houston or not horse meat released. They have been left on the spreadsheet to maintain the integrity of the information received. [Column M or V]
  • Final Destination is in column D.
  • A copy of the 2007 ruling , click (HERE), upholding the 1949 state law is also included as part of this release.

© Equine Welfare Alliance & Wild Horse Freedom Federation

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    • Our wild horses are preventing the take over of public lands by multinational companies that want our oil, our natural gas, our precious metals, and rare Earth elements, and want to grow food using genetically modified seeds using propaganda that these seeds will yield more productive crops. Though this scheme has been on the books for a long time, it took Salazar’s utter lack of scruples to carry this off.

      This is an alarming increase because domestic breeders have reduced the number of horses they are breeding, particularly the Quarter Horse industry. Someone needs to put a tail on this.


  1. Well at least Texas (my home state) gets it. From Texas’ earliest days a man’s horse was as much a part of his life as, dare I say it, his wife. Often his only friend on the trail, he cared deeply for the animal. Only in desperation would he consider using his friend for food.

    I’m not sure why there’s such a ‘rush’ to begin killing horses. I would think the cattlemen would oppose the competition in the marketplace. It’s a dirty business as seen in Kaufman, Tx which was probably the reason for the state to reaffirm the law in 2007.


    • I hate to tell you, Steve, but the cattle industry has been the most instrumental in blocking anti-horse slaughter legislation for years. They pay lobbyists millions to see to it that any and all legislation of this nature never gets out of committee. I’m not sure WHY the do it, but the fact that they do isn’t in question.

      I’m a Texan too and I and my horses were in Dallas when Dallas Crown was operating in Kaufman and Beltex in Ft. Worth. It was a nightmare.

      There are plans in the Texas legislature to repeal the old law against horse slaughter. Be aware and ready to fight.


    • The cattlemen use the “be very afraid these tree huggers will come after our cattle, and lifestyle and will start telling us what we can and cannot do with our cows”. Seriously, it is about “freedom”, to use and abuse as they feel fit. The very same homo sapiens use exactly the same mantra to keep states from banning puppy mills. Farm Bureau very involved, with a ton of corporate industrial farming money behind it. These are the same people who are holding up the Humane Animal Transportation bill, BTW. It also would not surprise me that cattlemen and other corporate industrial farmer, would start raising horses to meat.

      Remember…greed and avarice is all the rage. And if Wall Street has proven anything they are without morals and ethics.


    • There is a HUGE reason corporate America is screaming “small government”. No oversight means they can and do, misbehave with a vengeance, and they will not be caught. The only entities that are being held to any kind of standard is you and me. Smoke a joint, go directly to jail. Illegally ship horse meat? Not a problem, even though it was your stolen horse.


  2. This was noted on another group on Yahoo a year or two ago and then it disappeared, nothing more said. I remember reading something about it. They’ve been doing this for a long time. There are always ways to get around the law..loop holes. They must have found one or two or more.


  3. I commented on another forum wondering if customers here would some have concerns like what is going on in Europe with horse meat turning up with beef or on it’s own in the food chain. I was rather rudely reminded that horses aren’t not slaughtered in the US and why would I even think that could happen here.

    I guess this explains pretty much all of it!


  4. This is simply a prominent example of “enforcement is 98% of the law” Since Texas has clearly thumbed its governmental nose at more than a few laws and regulations, only by bringing the enforcement inadequacies to the proper authorities will the situation change. Follow the money and power to find the root


  5. This is horrifying news! But, when you think of all the money-driven greed in this world, maybe it’s really not “news”. Maybe, this kind of thing has been going on for a long time, & we’re just now finding out the “news”? I compare human’s taste for meat, regardless of the animal, to that of a drug addict, cigarette smoker, or an alcoholic. No matter how bad it is for you, or, how deadly, they continue, without a care or regard for the possible terrible consequences. There are always going to be some people that will never stop eating meat. I am not really advocating a complete vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for everyone, as that would prove impossible, just as there will always be people addicted to drugs, tobacco & alcohol. But, I am advocating a change to a healthier, more informed lifestyle, which includes not just the foods you buy & consume, but also what you are feeding your families. Meat is an acquired taste, a bad habit that started long, long ago by our desperate ancestors. Humans do not need meat or animal products to grow up strong & healthy, that is all pure myth. Animals wean their young from their mother’s milk at some point, so why do we think we “need” it? We can get all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals & protein from other plant-based sources. For example, our bodies actually need vitamin D much more than calcium, too much calcium or even iron, can have very negative consequences on us. If we all learned to grow our plant-based foods in a natural, yet sustainable way, even on a large scale, & learned to also store it in a safe way, we could grow enough food to feed this entire planet. Yes, some are wondering what fate would all the “food animals”, the excess animals, would endure. Well, first of all, stop breeding them for food, sterilize or castrate them, let them continue with their happy, carefree lives happily munching in pastures, &, guess what? They still would have a very good “job”, providing excellent manure & fertilizers for all the plants we’re raising. For people to eat, the way nature intended, let the animals graze as nature also intended. If sheep could be sheared humanely, we could keep the wool they provide, if chickens could be raised naturally & humanely, & the eggs were not fertilized by a rooster, eating eggs would be ok too, so on & so on. I believe all sentient beings, all creatures, whether man or other animal, have a greater purpose on this planet than being on someone’s dinner plate. For us humans, with the “supposedly” greater intelligence (ha,ha,ha!), having “dominion” over all the planet’s creatures, does not mean eating them, or making them suffer for our barbaric amusement, it does mean caring for them, protecting them, working with them, loving them, & respecting them. They can help us plow our fields, provide transportation where & when needed, be our service animals to help those in need, be our working partners, be our friends & companions, enrich our lives with their very being, have fun together competing in humane shows, or just spending quality time together, learning & teaching eachother. I do not eat any meat products, & I will continue to try to educate my family on the dangers of eating animals, in the hope that someday, they will stop.


    • Actually, humans are and always have been omnivores – hunter/gatherers, eating both meat and plant materials. Say what you will about modern meat and the lesser need for meat these days because we do not get nearly as much exercise as they did and therefore need less dense protein. Our ancestors didn’t eat meat because they were “desperate.” They ate it because they evolved to do so, and there is nothing “unnatural” about it.

      No, offense, but eating meat IS natural for humans and that’s just a fact and no amount of opinion can change it.


      • Yes, we are not accidental omnivores! We evolved eating a mixed diet. Meat was the scarcer of the foods we ate but a protein source we depended upon. Our teeth and how we digest food have all developed for eating and digesting meats, nuts, grains, roots, fruits and veggies.

        I remember an advocates alarm about horses and a port in Texas a couple years ago. Hmm


  6. Well, we all knew it. The Europeans continue to laugh at us while we continue the fight in frustration with this whole system. Europeans also know money is what drives some morans in this country. We love our horses here because they are our constant companions. They brought this topic up on the View very lightly as if this was a good food source. Please email the View and ask them to have someone on their show that has knowledge of this subject. RT, I hope you don’t mind, I gave you as a reference to this topic also and John Holland. It disappoints me that they bring serious subjects like this up and only offer a slight comment. So please email the View with your thoughts on the Wild Horses and the situation surrounding the horse meat which was supposed to be beef. The crooks will always do anything on the black market for money. It now if any time in the past is so critical to keep the slaughter plants closed. Has anyone else heard about what is going on in Oklahoma? I read that the Governor will be reading and adding up the comments regarding the slaughter plants. The whole thing is so disgusting. I am going to go into Aldi’s with this new information. Yes, they may get the product from another US city, but I think in the end its all contaminated. Its a shame our American Equines have to be returned to our country in this fashion.
    Just Disgusting!!!!


    • If you have an Aldi near you call the press and demand they have meats tested in their frozen foods and also sausages. They did not separate the foods before it was prepared and send no horse meat contaminated prepared foods to the USA… they sent us the same foods they have there and it has horse meat in it. There is a huge cover up and we have innocent people unknowing eating horse meat right here.


    • There is a good article —“Anglo-Saxon England went off horse meat because it was viewed as ‘Pagan” food” google it and read it is quite interesting, it basically says that when England became Christian horses were linked with various Gods and horses were mythical warrior figures and had religious significance.

      Also on MSN today there is an article about horse meat found in IKEA meatballs-there is an IKEA store here in the Denver area-I have never been there but it advertises free breakfast to seniors and sausage is on the menu–one has to wonder, I too have to agree this is going to break wide open one of these days.

      Not that I am paramoid but in the paper McDonals is running buy one big mac or double cheese buger and get the second for a penny- wonder if they are not trying to get rid of certain burger meat. We are buring our heads if we do not think it’s not in our food supply somewhere.


  7. last night I was looking at the EU interactive map showing origin and destination of showed no meat from the US..HOWEVER…Brussels is a leading origin point for it is being hidden..belgium is a rather small country to be producing so much horsemeat..EU officials are set to meet for international meeting on this..they need this data..also in reading the PDF..I see that one of the main shippers is a maritime ship out of Norfork there any way to find out if they are tied to the military, and that is where the horsemeat is going and the US government is behind it??? could be a smoking gun here..those seving on maritime ships are non military but support military and get veterns benifits..My step father served his life on these freighters so I know


  8. Sick. Disgusting!!! I noticed in the Excel spreadsheet that Norfolk, VA and VA in general was listed under the “Horsemeat” tab. What is THIS all about under the “Carrier City” column?


  9. contact the FDA and USDA they have FB pages or google and e-mail their contact # raise hell demanding testing of our meat supply..we cannot just complain to each other..en force we need to contact these agencies and demand is the only way to clean up our food supply and boycott grocery stores until we get answers to testing..don’t tell them you don’t eat meat for crying out loud..tell them you are boycotting all meat products until they verify one way or another..schools in europe have found horse-meat in school food…you can bet the old folks are getting it in nursing care as well..if you have grandkids or grandparents eating this crap…speak up


  10. Also, please take a minute to call Mary Fallon’s office in OK. She is the governor and she is taking a serious count of yeas and Neighs! on the horse slaughter issue.

    Governor Mary Fallon; 405-521-2342

    Ask to have your stand against horse slaughter returning to the USA and in OK counted!!


    • Yes..just spoke with them!! Gov. Fallon’s office IS TAKING CALLS RIGHT NOW – FOR OR AGAINST. They told me to email also. Just spoke with the Governor’s receptionist. I mentioned Paula Bacon’s letter to all legislators considering horse slaughter, and she recommended that I go to the website and post it there. So I am doing just that. They are definitely taking calls..First question, for or against! I am emailing her the letter now. I included Vickery Eckhoff’s Forbes article about Paula Bacon, and Paula Bacon’s letter from Animal Law Coalition The receipt of my email was confirmed.


      • Great idea, Christy! Paula Bacon’s letter from Animal Law Coalition will be a BIG wake-up call to the horror of horse slaughter plants and it’s huge cost to the environment and it’s surroundings. It’s really sad and disturbing how our equines are suffering, so needlessly and the public has been lied to, for far too long. I hope those responsible will be held accountable.


    • CMA CGM S.A. is a French container transportation and shipping company, headed by Jacques Saadé. It is the third largest container company in the world, using 200 shipping routes between 400 ports in 120 different countries. Its headquarters are in Marseille, and its North American headquarters are in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.


      • My guess is that the same thing is happening out of the port of vancuver,canada- headed to asia..In all the articles from the EU..they are completely unaware they are importing horsemeat that originates in the US..and YET the authorities are aware they have problems with verifying medications received by 160,000 horses they received originating in the US last guess..they know..they just don’t want the people in those countries to realise..that contaiminated horsemeat is USA


  11. From what I read today the Swiss government imports 2000 tons of horse meat from Canada the other 3000 tons is imported from the other EU countries. So whoever is eating the Canadian meat is getting a full load of Bute with every meal of horse meat.


  12. CBS Morning News just had the IKEA horse meatball scandal on but made a big point of saying that there is no horsemeat in US food supply since US no longer allows horse slaughter. We all need to bring the news sources up to snuff. A “expert” did say that since the advent of DNA testing horse meat could be detected in ground meat. Rather ironic that the news has been carrying the story of the benefit of eating “Mediterranean diet –fish, vegetables, olive oil and red wine–with little or no red meat to lower cholesterol by 30%. And last week there was a story that the fish supply was 30% mis-labeled as to species.


  13. We have just scratched the surface on this disgusting and illegal business. It’s a blessing in disguise that it is so widespread in the European marketplace. It has brought the nasty business of horse slaughter to the mainstream media and can hopefully help our fight to protect horses. People (previously not in the know) are shocked and disgusted, and now we can really ask them to let their voices to be heard also. Let’s phone bomb politicians responsible for this area! Is there a call to action of any kind on this particular development? If so, who/what/where?


  14. Sandra – interesting reading!
    So Canada sees no reason not to put horsemeat on the menu?? People who want to “improve their status” can do it by eating horsemeat? Living dangerously – I guess. I couldn’t seem to comment on the article; but boy I wanted to.


  15. I’m sorry you guys. I heard about the IKEA thing earlier today but the only thing I know about them is their furniture. Is it the same co? Do they have stores in the US?

    And about Aldi? Do they run stores here in the states and if so by what name? I recognize BK and Nestlé. But the others evade me. If someone could help clarify I’d appreciate it.

    Oh by the way I did check at the grocery store yesterday and just about all my favorite frozen foods are distributed by NESTLE’s! There goes my pizza. And Hot Pockets are also distributed by Nestle’s. Good news there is you can make your own quick enough. Just annoying tho.

    Frozen French fries are safe I think. Alexia makes great waffle fries. I hope there still safe. Me? I’m starting to less products made by P&G or distributed by such co that I don’t agree with. That’s why I need help deciphering who is who.

    Sorry follow the money for me doesn’t work so well. I don’t know who owns what and trying to figure that is above me I fear.


    • this is Nestlres response in a european article..”Nestle started slaughtering horses in the US in the 1940s supplying meat to troops(as you might guess those were wild horses being rounded up by ranchers…after the war…nestle slaughtered horses for dog food until thepublic objected..and states they no longer use horsemeat in products…sorry but that lepord doesn’t change spots///they are one of the largest producers of processed food products..and horsemeat is plentiful and much cheaper than beef..At the FDA website you can type in horsemeat in the search box..I was looking for investigations, but found a good PDF on all animals raised for food and horses were included…another scandal brewing….what comes from rendering plants in the US, which is different from slaughter houses altho usually they are nearby slaughter is where all the offal, or waste goes to be processed..a 1200 lb horse only produces360 lbs of usable meat or 30%…the rest goes into “offal” the most dangerous part of animals for life threatening diseases and nureological diseases come from the brain and spinal components…where does this go to..36% to poultry food,hog food.and 3% goes to misc..everything but cattle food.|due to mad cow disease..which is caused by this very thing….in fact pelleted horse feed in theory could contained diseased horse parts…rendering plants is where we send the downer cows and horses we have had euthanised..full of toxic killing drugs


  16. anyway found a case of horsemeat being fed to dogs, and 20 or so died..the horses had a liver toxicity..interesting fact..1992 showed the largest amount of horses slaughtered-244,000…last year numbers show between 130.000 and 160,000…just for some perspective..I remember those years it was a recession and AQHA champion mares were going for tops 325.00 at yards were full of horses especially broodmares


    • I want to stress, when there is no market and people quit breeding, most people are going to send them to auctions and there is no market for broodmares except when you demand people quit breeding those mares results in them going to slaughter..I quit breeding my mares and stallions 9 years ago..I have refused to sell them..because I know where they will is a huge financial burden..I have turned buyers away..because the economical situation can change for people in a heartbeat…but I can promise you..people like me are few and far between


      • Sandra there are a few. But most would rather dump the horse especially when there no longer “useful”. But exactly what defines “useful”? Alex my plush horse were he real would be a pet. Maybe a bit on the large size but a pet. Others demand the horse race or is a jumper in the super competitive world. There is nothing wrong with a pasture ornament.

        I am happy to say that I know my financial limations. This is why I no longer have a horse. But if the chance came my way I’d take one in less than a heartbeat! I try to donate funds to 501’s and other organizations that I believe in. No it isn’t the most money but at least I know I’m trying to help. I with it could be more…


  17. The traffic of horse meat must be stopped. It’s in our beef industry in the USA! There are harmful toxic chemicals in horse meat..Native Houston gal in Wyoming
    .Wild Horse Advocate. Downloaded all of this!
    Be in it!!
    You should now!


  18. Congratulations I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award you can go to my blog to get all the details how to accept! Keep up the great work on your blog as you are making a difference and you are a human angel in my eyes. Melody


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