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Ole Shedrow shines more light on on the equine social sickness known as Dave “Doink” Duquette!!

Shedrow Confessions

I feel like it’s Christmas all over again!  While I’m as concerned as anybody about the full court press the slaughterphiles are launching to get slaughter houses open in New Mexico and Oklahoma, it has brought about a media blitz from  Dave `Douchebag’ Duquette. As most of you know, that is always an occasion for much hilarity and knee slapping.  My mind truly boggles that any organization, no matter how backwoods, would think it was a good idea to make him their voice, but we should all be very thankful that the slaughterphiles do, because every time he strokes his chin pubes and opens his mouth, it helps our cause and gives us lots to laugh about.  We haven’t heard much from D-bag since his rather sad attempt at entering the blogosphere, but his antics over the past week have more than made up for his absence.  Sadly, we can…

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