Day: March 29, 2013

Fallin Signs Oklahoma Horse Slaughter Bill

Source: ~ Oklahoma City “Yet another politician succumbs to misinformation and well funded lobbyists” OKLAHOMA CITY —A controversial horse slaughter bill was signed by Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin. House Bill 1999, a bill ending the prohibition on horse meat processing for export in Oklahoma, was signed Friday. […]

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Horse Meat Found in Six Scottish Schools

Source: By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent for The Telegraph PARENTS of children at an Edinburgh primary school have reacted angrily after a batch of frozen mince was found to contain between one and five per cent horse meat. Six schools received the same batch of mince, and it […]

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Video: Year Old Report Verifies OK Horse Slaughter Bill’s Author to Profit from Legislation Passing

Oklahoma State Rep. Skye McNeil’s Family Stands to Gain with Murder of Horses Related Articles Poll: Oklahoma Voters Strongly Oppose Horse Slaughter ( Oklahoma Lawmakers Ramming Horse Slaughter Bill Down Constituent’s Throats ( Horse Slaughter Bill Goes to Oklahoma Governor ( SoonerPoll’s Bill Shapard Writes Open Letter to […]

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