Day: March 30, 2013

What’s Next, a Bunny Slaughterhouse Bill?

Source: Jay Cronley of Thinking that Oklahoma elected officials have bottomed out sounds like a rash assumption. After going against the national grain while forwarding the image that there was not a dadgummed thing wrong with sending text messages while driving, and after foisting upon an unwilling […]

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TN Animal Abuse Bill Targets Photographers

Source: Evan Johnson of Tennessee Swine Farming Legislator wants to stifle free speech! Seeing pictures and video of animal abuse stirs some strong reactions, and now there’s an effort to ensure those images get in the hands of investigators a lot faster. State Representative Andy Holt (R […]

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Animal Lovers Gag on Horse Meat Proposal

Source: by Joel Allen of Bellamy says horses are not like cows or pigs that are raised for the purpose of human consumption. A proposed state law in Oklahoma is causing controversy all over the country. The law would allow the slaughter of horses for human consumption […]

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