At Least it’s not Human: BBC Horsemeat Investigation Uncovers ‘Unidentifiable’ Meat in Lamb Takeaway

Source: Daisy Wyatt Author Biography of the UK’s Independent

“Shockingly, an Indian lamb curry was found to contain no trace of lamb – and the meat it contained was neither chicken, beef, pork, horse or goat.”
A True "Mystery Meat"

A True “Mystery Meat”

If you thought the British high street had cleaned up its act when it came to falsely advertised meat, think again.

A random sample of meat from British takeaways has been analysed on a BBC Three programme due to air tonight with alarming results.

The Horsemeat Banquet filmed a group of young diners who are disgusted at the thought of eating horse in an attempt to challenge perceptions about what we eat.

During the show other popular takeaway meat is also tested to highlight what Brits are eating on a Saturday night.

Shockingly, an Indian lamb curry was found to contain no trace of lamb – and the meat it contained was neither chicken, beef, pork, horse or goat. Rumours are rife that the unidentifiable meat could be dog, but it is confirmed not to be human.

Another nasty surprise was that Chinese beef in black bean sauce was found to contain mostly chicken blood and other chicken material, and only a little beef.

A burger was found to contain no beef meat, only bovine blood. It also had high levels of chicken blood and was made up of over 2 per cent heart.

Speaking about the unidentified lamb, the show’s nutritionist Surinder Phull said: “It’s absolutely terrifying because if it isn’t any of the meats we know, well what is it? Where’s it come from? Where was it slaughtered? Was it hygienic? Are there any bacteria it was covered with?”

The only high street fast food to test positively was a donor kebab, which was found to be made entirely from lamb.

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16 comments on “At Least it’s not Human: BBC Horsemeat Investigation Uncovers ‘Unidentifiable’ Meat in Lamb Takeaway

  1. Yeti beware! This weeks special is Abominable Tournedos with Sauce Choron, Green Snap Peas and Potato Parisienne. The delectable meat was found frozen in a glacier high in the Himalayas by Tibetan tribesmen. The cause of death is unknown but rest assured the meat is just fine.

    Next week we once again feature our Pièce de résistance…der Hackbraten der Straße tötet! Yum…


  2. Your glimpse into the future of American meat… Boycott meat! Pass that damned SAFE ACT! For the sake of our country….


  3. No matter how many laws and agencies are formed, there will always be corruption–like death and taxes. It’s good to know there are things we can count on. Perhaps this “unknown” meat comes from an “alien” source—-more ET anyone?


    • Yes, Marilyn.

      The author sounded almost giddy in announcing the only “positive” test: The lamb kebab was found to be, indeed, lamb. A lamb, that is. A little lamb. An innocent lamb, bleating in terror when torn from his grieving mother, thrown into a lorry, sent to the knackers, and hacked to death. All so someone could gratify his taste buds with a morsel of tender meat. A “positive” test, alright.

      Why isn’t the Judas-like betrayal of one fellow being considered as bad as the betrayal of all fellow beings?

      Something to ponder this Sunday. Easter Sunday.


  4. Mystery Meat?! So what do ya think? Time to just stop eating meat alltogether?

    For me there came a point, a Shift in my mind, when I was no longer able to seperate the “food” I was eating from the “animals” whose flesh the food actually was. Just can’t stomach it anymore knowing how horrible they are treated in life and tortured in death. Existing in overcrowded, filthy conditions while pumped up with growth hormones to speed “production”, and antibiotics so they can survive their horrific environment long enough to be slaughtered. Now, when I see meat at the grocer I don’t see steaks and pork chops and chicken breasts anymore, I see chunks of dead cows and pigs and chickens. As it turns out there are a lot of meat alternatives on the market now, and more all the time to accommodate the increasing number of people who are turning away from eating meat. And, believe it or not, I’ve found several meat-less products that are actually pretty darn good.

    As for the meat in that picture, wow, God knows! Dog? Cat? Rat?

    Seems to be a growing trend in many countries these days, Mystery Meat. Not knowing what you’re really buying and eating.

    Gee, do you think it could ever really happen here?


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