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Vickery Eckhoff on the Radio: Horse Meat, Slaughter and Things that go Bump in the Night

Source: Heritage Radio Nework – First Aired – 03/28/2013 04:00PM

“Most people think that horses are raised organically without any drugs…”

Vickery Echoff

Is it safe to eat horse meat? HRN’s Sari Kamin is here to set the record straight with Vickery Eckhoff, journalist and horse meat expert. Tune into this episode to learn more about the recent horse meat controversy, and why transparency is at the core of this issue. Learn more about slaughter practices, and how methods for beef slaughter cannot be applied to horses. Vickery brings some dangerous horse drugs into the studio to explain their uses, and how they can endanger human health through the consumption of horse meat. If you were thinking about trying a horse steak, you should listen to this segment first; get the scoop from Sari and Vickery in this HRN Community Session!

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  1. I’m glad for all that she is doing. I just wish one of our national medias would pick up on this. Howewver, they will stay as far away from the truth as possible. Yeh, lets eat 2 or 3 of those “Bute”
    burgers or 2 or 3 steaks. I wonder if we would glow from all the toxic chemicals still contained in the meat. Why would you expect the rest of the World to eat this meat? Those supporting this barbaric
    practice should be made to eat it.


  2. When Vickery mentioned that a former USDA Veterinarian told her about Thousands of pounds of boneless meat was found on a loading dock at a Federal Inspected Plant and the origin of that meat came from over 1,000 miles away,it was me;Dr. Lester Castro Friedlander who told her that. When E. Coli,fecal contamination, in hamburger meat was being recalled due to Humans getting sick and dying,from eating it;the Meat packing plants started sending their boneless meat to different plants so it can get mixed up together. When a USDA FSIS or FDA investigation was launched to determine the origin of the meat to a Federal PLant,the PLants showed the investigators their records of meat being shipped into their plant to finish an order to a specific hamburger chain,restaurant or super market. Back then there was no DNA Testing and the Investigation came to a dead end;since USDA FSIS or FDA could not determine the exact origin of the hamburger meat. This was very convienent for the Meat Packers so that they could not be sued for Liability when Humans got sick or died. There is more to this story when my book,”The Hamburger Files,” is published. My name is Dr. Lester Castro Friedlander,BA,DVM. I am a Former New York State Horse Racing and Wagering Board Veterinarian. I am also a Former USDA FSIS Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer and USDA Veterinary Trainer of the Year.. . .


  3. There has been numerous complaints of contaminated beef coming from the slaughter plants in Canada. If you look at the labels on beef packages it should list where the meat originated. The US imports tons of beef from Canada. With their slaughter of horses it would be very simple to add horse meat. Beef is very expensive in both the US and Canada just like it is in the EU. DNA testing should be used from now on in the beef industry and also companies that sell any frozen dinners or meals. No one knows what meat scraps are used in any of this food. I happened to see the show “How its Made” a year or so ago it was showing what went into wienies, they had large chunks of fat from the pork slaughter plants that they dump into a large vat along with the other meat scraps and it was ground up with spices and then it was pumped a squirt at a time into the casings. This is your hot dogs. I never bought another package after I saw what went into the mixture. This is one of the reasons there is so much heart disease in this country.


  4. Ok howdy ya’ll hope someone sees this post. Of, course Gov Failin failed, we expected that, so what was the reason because of the :Yakamas announcement today. Ok, so please do NOT loose the faith! This is the same prank they pulled out of the bag in 2009, 2010, and again 2011, and 2012, and finally tada! 2013. So we are to assume this hasn’t been a very helpful move in the past. So a little expert digging to find out dirt, did you know that they Had the EXACT same number of wild, feral horses in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and now 2013! Yes every interview and article on the tribal nations reveals that they always have the exact same number of horses and were even caught with their leather thongs down by saying that they had the same numbers in 2006. So the government first of all is not aware of this little known fact. And I am sure up until today the not so smart need to gleem info off the anti slaughter peoples notes that the figure is the exact same since 2006. My point being that this is to open a slaughter house that would benefit the entire trible nation-of their very own. The interesting part of this is if you go to an article Horses Caught in the Economic Downturn Seattle Times Feb 11, 2009 article you will find that they are revealing why the entire EU thing is not scaring the crew off the whole slaughter thing in fact the Candian Bovry is referred to and is who these current people fighting it out to be the next slaughterhouse is wanting to get into bed with. This has been and off and on love affair for pro-slaughter the love of money on both sides driving them to this. The tribes however, should have been more responsible with their equine management and we should all write to Congress and explain we America are NOT responsible for their over population issues, they knew the slaughter houses closed in 2006 and they have the estimate at exactly the same amount of horses for every single year. Its interesting that they claim the horses are destroying the water supply, I am certain if that was the case then the 12000 acres behind our place that has a river running through it, with over 700 horses would have seen some type of credible problem. However, the herds have not brought any such issues. Nor do the horses ever pull up the grass by the roots, in fact the cattle stomp out most of the grasses on that acreage when they are grazed there, when the horses are released their is a couple of bare trails and tons of taller grasses. If you notice horses don’t eat all the grasses and weeds, in fact they are picky, cows however eat everything in site green, brown, red, orange, yellow. They are true ruminating animals and consume it all, horses do NOT. If you re-read the old articles you can google quickly the Yakama’s little venture would on the offset gain them off of 12,000 a nice little nest egg. So just remind the Congress members these tribal nations respectfully knowing there were no slaughter houses, and knowing they had issues that they brought to the attention of everyone since 2009 they needed to take steps to reduce the herd and contain the number of foals. This is their responsibility not the responsibility of the Congress or USDA to take care of the tribes livestock. It essential that if they do not have to regard all of the laws of the IRS, and the government then they should contain and manage and reduce their own herds. As a point of conversation I contacted 3 veterinarian’s in the proximity of the location of the herds, all three offered that it would costs them less to kill many animals at once, approx. 65-78 dollars a horse over 10 animals and the cremation is one fee depending on the number or sent to local landfills for free by the truckloads. So the fact they keep spouting 500-1000 a piece is again a jump up on the actual facts. One vet stated if they purchased the viles and rounded the horses up safely he could inject them and would only charge by the vial! So slaughter houses have nothing to do with horses, cause we cannot open a slaughter house for just 12000 animals from the tribal nation risking every ones health on the other 100000 that would be slaughtered there. As well, and finally just pointing out that they said its absurd not to open a facility-its absurd to open one for just a few clean of drugs animals-see the article in 2009 above and you will find a complete sentence that will knock your socks off-the Canadian plant is turning away horses that are too skinny-they cant take them! This is exactly the animals Oklahoma wants to push off to slaughter remember? Even their counterparts the tribes cant dispute this.


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