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Five Reasons Why Burger King’s Horse Meat Scandal Could Happen Here writer of multi-part series on horse slaughter and the horse industry.
Now Appearing in the Huffington Post

Vickery EchoffThe news that Burger King has been selling horsemeat-contaminated Whoppers in the UK comes just days before Oklahoma debates a bill that would make horse slaughter legal in that state for the first time in 50 years.

If it succeeds, there could be a contaminated horse meat burger in your future. Here’s why:

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  1. Wow Vickery is just getting better and better at nailing down the issues! I can’t comment on either forum but I can here and will share. Thanks!


    • Jan, which forums? I’ve registered with Forbes, but was only able to comment on one article. After that nothing would go trough. Same with the New York Times and Washington Post. Very frustrating that I can comment on lower tier mass media outlets, but not those with a national audience. Grrr …


  2. Go comment on the HuffingtonPost or that article is going to slip off the page. I cannot emphasize this enough. You can sign in through your facebook account. But do so! Audience traffic is everything here. If your comments are not registering, you need to figure out why and fix that. If you don’t and just give up, then your voice gets lost and articles like these are not going to reach a wider audience. This is the reality of social media. It’s the audience that drives it, not the writer.

    Thanks for posting, RT.


    • I hope you see this Vickery. I don’t back off, and I know Linda doesn’t either. I have tried valiantly to get into the comments section on both forums, and written to the editor and called. I’m not sure what you mean to sign in using Facebook but I’m registered to comment in over 45 newspapers and do. Forbes and Huffington are not open. That said, I will try again when I have access to a computer.

      Yes Vickery does her research, and I applaud her organizational skills to put everything down in a reading format that defies argument. There are so many blindly loyal to pro slaughter who have tested these arguments and I do think she has successfully closed the questionable language.

      Thanks Vickery.
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      • Check this page a
        It’s FAQs on user accounts. You need one to leave a comment. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to sign in using a social media account.

        Look down FAQ page for other info on commenting.

        If you still can’t comment and you have an account, then you can always set up a new account and use that.

        Good luck and thank you for being persistent.


    • P.S. I did write to these senators (and legislature idiots) who have allowed this to go this far; and without fear I made my case and stated the truth. I got back a bunch of letters concerning taxes. What a bunch of crooks! Some of them are trying to help; but believe you me, they can’t stop the idiots who want to do this without some really tough pressure from the people who live in the states they represent. My own senators have only said they took my comments into consideration: MEANING THEY AREN’T GOING TO LISTEN BUT DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO! There are many people in my state who have been trying, but once these people get into office that really do not care and just want to follow their own agendas without their idea of committing some sort of political suicide because their “buddies” may not agree with them because they have some sort of potential investment or already have invested in these slaughter of horses through the BLM, it is so aggravating that it makes me sick. Thanks for keeping us up to date on their activities, though, because someday we can actually stop them. They can’t stay in office forever!


  3. Vickery is one of the few writers who has done enough research to have an understanding of the conflicts between the food production industry and the horse industry.


  4. The politicians who advocate horse slaughter have no souls or integrity. Greed is the main backer of their thoughts on this issue. Do they even bother to read any of the articles about horse slaughter or the ramifications of a drug residue filled carcass getting into the food chain in this country. But then, it’s not the people in this country who will eat horsemeat, is it. And how about the USDA, who turns a blind eye to violations of cruelty and forged documents. And how about President Obama, who does not seem to have any sympathy toward horses bound for slaughter. Perhaps his aids don’t let that information get to him or does his pal Ken Salazar tell him we are all a bunch of troublemakers and PETAheads. I am part of a grassroots organization just started in Virginia and I feel the frustration of inaction. Those who have been trying for years to abolish horse slaughter must really feel there is not much hope. If the NRA can threaten politicians with ending their careers, why can’t anti-slaughter advocates. Let’s get together as one voice and get something done. We are too fragmented to make political types pay attention. Time for more action on this. We need a Bill McKibben type to lead us to victory over the greedy overbreeders and their cohorts in Congress.


    • True. You write to them and get nothing back or a firm letter that makes me believe that they don’t even read their mail. I have threatened to derail a campaign by informing people of the stance that the politician takes and he signed onto the horse protection bill (HR503).in this state a while back, each person represented 100 people, so if i represent that many, them i carry some weight…at leastthis is what i figured. It worked that time anyway.


    • Burger king, AldIs (here in the hoops ole USA). That company (tsco) if worldwide! Who if to say that our meat isn’t already contaminated?


      • I don’t doubt it’s been a part of the U.S. fast food markets as well as “boutique” U.S. markets in the U.S. for years and no one has caught on. That’s how the corporate thugs work, then when they get caught they’ll say “Oops, sorry, it was all an accident, we won’t let it happen again – but to think they won’t keep finding ways to shove horse down your throat is absurd. I simply don’t eat meat.


  5. Eating beef is the driver that causes horse slaughter. The Cattleman’s Association share a lobbyist with the proponents of horse slaughter and in my neck of the woods, the local Cattleman’s Association rep also writes editorials advocating for a slaughterhouse here. As he says – eating horse meat is no different from eating cows (completely ignoring that horses are not raised to be eaten). Still, he does have a point. If you give up an addiction to eating beef, you will not find yourself in a Burger King where your arteries may be getting clogged with more than one animal.


    • The proponents of horse slaughter are also using the Ag for funding their agendas as well. When is Ag going to wake up? Just because it walks, doesn’t make it edible.


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