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Be There for Your Twin Peaks Wild Horses and Burros

The Twin Peaks HMA court case is “alive and well” and the hearing has been set for August 29th, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. in Pasadena, CA at the 9th Circuit courthouse located at 125 South Grand Avenue, Pasadena CA.  Directions can be found on the 9th Circuit website

The Twin Peaks wild horses and burros need you there!

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act was unanimously enacted in 1971 to protect wild horses and burros in the West “in order to enrich the lives of the American people”, mandating that they are to be “protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands.” 

photo by Linda Hay

photo by Linda Hay

This Twin Peaks Stallion “ACE” was captured at least three times by the BLM in 2002, 2006 and again in 2010. He has been both branded and harassed by the BLM.

This photo was taken of him in 2009 in the Twin Peaks HMA before he was captured for the last time during the 2010 roundup.  Today he is alive and well and is willing to be the first horse, of the 1,791 Twin Peaks Wild Horses and Burros which were illegally removed by BLM, to be returned to their home land …  when this case is won.

Please attend the hearing on August 29, 2013


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  1. Wishing that I could be there. The BLM have gone against the law by capturing the Wild Horses and Burros. Once these animals have been caught they are branded, gelded,made to suffer and have been killed ! The BLM should be held responsible for their actions and made to pay for them. All the animals that have lost their freedom or have died for no reason but the greed of money !


    • They just changed the Sec of Interior and added 3 more “meatheads” (literally) to the advisory board.

      What you see, is what you get…this is NOT going to change.


  2. I’ll go put the date in on my iPad. It’ll be a few days journey…but please keep reminding us of this important date. Hoping I can make it.


  3. August, plenty of time for the judge to be threatened, bought, or whatever it is “they” do to these judges to go along with “their” crimes. Case needs to be moved, oh yeah that didn’t work either. Ok, be positive, be positive, pray justice awakens and the stolen horses are returned to their legal domain.


  4. How many times does this poor stallion have to be harrassed! Thank God he was not killed in the process of the roundups. Perhaps he is so smart that he realized was happening. At any rate, Damn them for the inhumane treatment of our beautiful horses.


  5. Stallion has freeze brand. So he was captured before this picture was taken…. ???

    Twin Peaks needs people to get to know it!!! Those horses and the land. Go see the HMA! Go out there and spend a weekend. Camp out. Get to know what you can. Celebrate Twin Peaks!!


  6. Last nite on American Idol Kieth Urban was wearing a t-shirt with a Mustang on it !!!!!!! No mention of it on the program , but wondering if he is a advocate for the Mustangs?????????


    • I’d say that was advocating – on a nationally broadcast young show! Great news. And you know, there are so many who love the brumbies who are under the same pressure as our mustangs. Unfortunately, the ghouls rounding the brumbies up can send them to slaughter. Horrible for those who love them as it is here.

      Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


      • Thank You Jan, I kept hoping something would be said about the mustangs !!!!!! Come on Keith Verbalize whats in your heart!!!!!!!!!


  7. I pray Ace will be returned to his rightful home in Twin Peaks. It is so wrong what BLM did and the catastrophic fire that resulted from their removing these wild horses and burros to the degree they did. These wrongs must be righted. And the trespass livestock just continue, the spoiled fat cat ranchers continue to dictate their anti-wild horse policies that BLM follows. This is so wrong. The general public — you and me –are being ignored as is the WFHBA!


    • for more years then should have ever transpired the Mustangs and burros have suffered under the hands of the BLM (Bureau of Lost Minds )!!!! They do not represent the Mustangs as they are paid to do !!!!!! And they certainly are no doing what we pay them to !!!!!!! There must be a way to find the Achilles Heel here in………………….They assuredly have one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Keith Urban did a music video for his song, Sweet Thing, that has a Mustang Cobra as a backdrop. As far as I’m concerned Keith is advocating for our wild ones even though it can be taken another way.


    • Thank You Chris1055. was hoping it was for the Wild Mustangs , he could have put the word wild in front of the mustang on his t shirt ….instead of just picture of one saying Mustang Your right could be taken either way !!!!!! ??????


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