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Nevada Senate Passes Resolution Supporting Wild Horses?

This is a trend that needs to be built upon!!
Wild Horses under attack by BLM in Nevada~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Wild Horses under attack by BLM in Nevada~ by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

According to a recent AP article it appears that Nevada politicians are pulling pages right out of Ripley’s Believe It or Not for America’s free roaming wild horses and burros by passing a resolution in their honor.

The report states that Senate Joint Resolution 1 recognizes wild horses as living symbols of American Western heritage, as well as natural resources and cultural assets.

SJR1 also expresses support for wild horse and burro eco-sanctuaries, something supporters say could encourage rural tourism in the state.

Only Sens. Debbie Smith of Sparks and Ben Kieckhefer (KEE’-keh-fer) of Reno voted against the resolution.

It now goes to the Assembly.

For a state that has been “Ground Zero”, both federal and local, for the destruction of protected wild horses and burros this comes as somewhat of a surprise to those who strive to protect and ensure the future well being of our national treasures.

Although a nice gesture it is only window dressing as the resolution will not stop the out of control Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from continuing their assault upon our nation’s wild equines, the bulk of which reside in Nevada, as they make up the law and rules as they go.

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  1. Too little, too late but it’s something. Not like Oklahoma that ramrodded the slaughter legislation through AFTER they got all the horses there in holding pens..a captive group of animals for their picking. Beret than nothing at all. Something for the people to use in court.


    • Agree Terri,

      But we really need an all out legal battle with the BLM….they need to be accountable
      for the destruction dating back years……..


  2. So very few of the wild horses in Nevada are affected by this resolution as the majority are under the jurisdiction of the BLM. Maybe…just maybe, should SJR1 pass, the BLM will realize just how isolated they are in their pursuit of extinction on the open range.

    Obviously there are a lot of employees of the BLM that live in Nevada. We need to educate their neighbors and friends about the grisly treatments they willfully employ. Have them approach the BLM folks asking them to become whistle-blowers or to at least do what they can to stop the horror.

    It’s apparent we can’t break through the hierarchy of the BLM unless Ms Jewell demonstrates the chutzpah to take on the ranchers, oil and gas…etc.

    BTW in case you don’t get the Department of Interior email notifications Ms. Jewell will be holding her first online Q&A Monday (Earth Day I believe) at 1:30pm ET. They are asking for your questions which you can submit at . You will be able to watch it live on line at

    The past few of these held by Salazar never allowed questions about the wild horses and burros so I think we need to flood the email to we cannot be ignored.

    Be well!


    • Steve, thanks for that information! I just sent an email with my questions, and I’m praying they are asked and answered. I’m doubtful, but I’ll be listening on Monday!


  3. This is some sad news from Spain on Canadian Horse Defence Coalitions blog twitter update on April 18. It is on Fox it looks like the legendary horses to be slaughtered as Spain’s financial crisis deepens. You will have to read the article but some of the breeders are trying to find anyone to buy their horses or give them away. They don’t want to send them to slaughter but may have to. All of the horses are chipped so if they are dumped the owners will have to pay a large fine. This is what happens when a government is out of control just like this one,the only difference is we can print our own money and Spain can’t.


  4. why use the word ‘natural resources’? I hope these politicans don’t mean ‘natural resources’ as in meat on the hoof to be harvested by the highest bidder. I don’t trust them not to game that wording.


    • Yes, this week the Chair of the Committee where the CA Ag/Gag bill AB343 was being considered pretty much threw the bill out due apparently due to strong public pressure. She did say it might be reconsidered at a later date. She mentioned she was an animal lover but that she also consumed a lot of beef.

      April 17, 2013

      Dear Friends:

      Your calls and letters worked! Activists, concerned citizens and many organizations all came together for the demise of AB 343 – Patterson (the “Ag Gag” bill). Thank you so much for your help.

      Below is the video from today’s hearing, with the Chair explaining that the author “pulled” the bill from committee:

      The Chair speaks about the bill and an informational hearing that will be held on the topic later in the year. Please listen to the comments, which are about two minutes long; they start at 0:45 and end at 2:45.

      Also, here is an article from ABC News on the bill’s fate in today’s hearing:

      Thank you for your support when we send these alerts. Your voices were heard.

      Sincerely yours,

      Judie Mancuso, President
      Social Compassion in Legislation


  5. This is the bottom line. This may do more than you think it will. I find the language a little curious. But the words “natural resource” might suffice. However, the cultural and historical resource might end up doing something else. Just curious about the make-up of the Nevada-legislature in terms of policitical party, Which political party is sponsoring the bill? Which political party were the two who opposed the bill? Were they long-timers or new-comers?

    If the horses are considered a natural resource of the state, they may not be as easy to remove under the current doctrine BLM/FWS/NPS/FS is using to remove them. The fact is is that these horses are native species, and you cannot treat a native species the way the BLM has been treating them. I am not sure about the natural resource part of this, but that may accomplish the same thing.

    I posted a link to the research that proves the wild horse is a native species several over a year ago and more than once, but no one ever responded to the link. This link takes you to the research that Dr. Kirkpatrick has been telling us exists, but has not linked us to directly. Our scientists are using it, but no advocates or public policy people act like they know it ever exists.


    • Definition of natural resource (n)

      nat·u·ral re·source

      1.naturally occurring exploitable material: a naturally occurring material, e.g. coal or wood, that can be exploited by people


  6. Regarding Ag Gag, I know it may be just semantics or maybe it’s more. I think that PETA has really hurt the Animal Welfare movement because their approach is almost anti-animal. They euthanize animals so quickly, and they are seen as extreme. Therefore, people who raise animals for meat, wool, dairy, fiber and other goods are beginning to become more protective of their farmers because they are not sure PETA is really a pro-animal group anymore. I see some patterns that make me think we could more of this in states where agriculture is a big part of the economy.

    However, Tennessee is an interesting state to watch. We need to see who lobbying for what and I am not necessarily talking about animal rights or animal welfare groups. There is another dimension. Almost as important as the issue itself, is who is supporting it and who is opposed to it. I hope I am wrong, but I feel they may a backlash in the wings.



    Put a freeze on all roundups due to the Sequester. Return captive wild horses & burros to their public sanctuaries known as Herd Management Areas (HMAs). Tell the Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board NO slaughter for native wild horses! Contact your elected officials and Sally Jewell, the new Secretary of Interior. Ask them to intervene.
    Keep them safe!
    Join the international rally on April 27th to stop horse slaughter, stop the roundups and stand up for the voiceless wild horses and burros!
    Read about our call to put a freeze on roundups due to the Sequester. Horseback Magazine reports Below is an excerpt:
    WASHINGTON (April 8, 2013)–Last week Protect Mustangs, the California based conservation group, officially called for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to put a freeze on roundups and return all wild horses and burros, in government funded holding, to herd management areas in the West. They cited the current climate of federal economic instability as putting captive wild horses and burros at risk. As of April 7th, Protect Mustangs has not received a response from BLM officials.
    “It’s fiscal folly to roundup more wild horses and burros than they can adopt out,” explains Anne Novak, executive director for Protect Mustangs. “The roundups need to stop now. We are calling for the more than 50,000 stockpiled native wild horses and historic burros to be returned immediately to public land. We are concerned the government won’t be able to pay for their feed and care during the federal fiscal crisis. We need to be proactive to ensure their safety. If a government shutdown occurs, their only chance of survival is in the wild.”


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