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Robert Redford Calls for Ban on Horse Slaughter

Source: Press Release from Equine Advocates

“As Americans, we have the right to oppose both the return of horse slaughter to the US and the transport of our wild and domestic equines to other countries for the purpose of slaughter.”

Equine AdvocatesCHATHAM, NY, April 22, 2013 – On the cusp of the 2013 Annual American Equine Summit hosted by the New York-based national equine protection organization Equine Advocates, the call to ban horse slaughter permanently has received much needed support from Robert Redford.

Actor, director, environmentalist and founder of the Sundance Festival, Redford wrote a letter to Equine Advocates President Susan Wagner to support the unequivocal stance that horse slaughter must be banned in the US.  “Horses are acquired for slaughter without disclosure and often through fraud and misrepresentation.  The entire slaughter process is cruel, inhumane and perpetuates abuse and neglect without consequences, in addition to condoning a violation of our nation’s cruelty laws,” said Redford.  “As Americans, we have the right to oppose both the return of horse slaughter to the US and the transport of our wild and domestic equines to other countries for the purpose of slaughter.”

Redford joins a bilateral effort to reverse the advance of horse slaughter through public opinion and safety concerns, and legislation on both state and federal levels.

New York has become the latest state to push for a ban on horse slaughter with Senate Bill S.4615 and Assembly Bill A.3905.  New York State Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, who will deliver the Keynote Address at the Summit, joined State Senator Kathy Marchione in co-sponsoring the bill at a press conference last week.  If passed, New York State would join California, Illinois, New Jersey and Texas in prohibiting it.

The Obama administration’s proposed 2014 budget includes a proposal to essentially prevent equines from being slaughtered in the US by defunding FDA inspections.  The recent bipartisan introduction of the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act would also prohibit the transport, export or import of horses intended for slaughter or horsemeat, leading the issue closer to the solution most Americans demand: Ban it.

“We applaud Robert Redford for his powerful, meaningful and profound words on behalf of America, at a time when over 80% of our citizens oppose horse slaughter,” said Wagner.  “Beyond the sheer brutality of the practice, horse slaughter will enable dangerous FDA-banned drugs found in horsemeat to potentially threaten the US food supply if cross contamination occurs with other meat, like what’s happening across Europe.  Horses are not bred for food and should be removed from the food chain.”

Experts, government officials and others will convene at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, NY Saturday, April 27 – Sunday, April 28 for the 2013 Annual American Equine Summit.  For a full list of speakers, visit: Follow Summit News #AES2013.

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  1. I have loved Robert Redford since my young adult years–now I have a new, great appreciation for the man and what he stands up for.


  2. I wondered when Mr. Redford was going to make a commitment. At the same time, i knew he would. Nice news to heart.


  3. The Horse Whisperer speaks. Has the real Buck Brannaman weighed in publically on this issue? My guess is that he is absolutely against any abuse, especially slaughter, but it would be nice if that guess were confirmed.


  4. We need more like Robert Redford supporting the horses. Hopefully, Capital HIll will stand up and listen to the will of the people “STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER NOW” and DO NOT SEND OUR HORSES TO MEXICO OR CANADA FOR SLAUGHTER.


  5. Thank You Mr. Redford !!!!!!! You are a real Gentleman , I always knew that !!!!!! Great News !!!!!!! Wish Dean Martin was here also he loved the Horses with a great passion !!!!!!!


  6. Kudos to Robert Redford for making this public statement. He seems to me to have always been a champion of our environment & animals. We need more internationally recognized celebrities to raise their voices.


    • Yes, Blake Shelton is another one. A list might encourage others to get on board and help fight the good fight.


      • Thanks Judy W for that info, Just love Blake Sheldon, I am so Happy he shares along with us , the Beautiful Gift of Mustangs Horses and Burros. !!!!!!!!


  7. Thank you to Robert Redford (I love you!), &, to everyone who keeps fighting this horrid battle to save our horses, wild or domestic! It seems that lately, more & more celebrities are stepping in to help, which is awesome, & hopefully will help get attention, there IS power in numbers, if “we” keep growing, our horses may win!! 🙂


  8. ………..we must make especially certain that wildhorses are not singled out by horse-meat provocateurs because of their “organic cleanliness”. This is what happens in Nevada at livestock auction in Fallon, where the buyers wait to auction’s end to buy up all remaining wildhorses really cheap and sending them to Mexican and Canadian slaughter plants. The wldhorses are much desired for meat because they are clean, as opposed to cared for domestic horses that often have had injections of medications making them unfit for human consumption. Eating of horsemeat should only be considered as a survival resource, otherwise they are our wonderful ponies of equal importance as are our pet cats and dogs……..


  9. I applaud Robert Redford for speaking out against horse slaughter and showing support for the 80% who oppose it. The numbers are growing and the need to bring about justice has never been greater. We’re really looking forward to the Summit in Chatham to hear and see again all the great speakers, with their latest findings on a tragedy that’s been going on for far too long.


  10. Anyone else find the correlation ironic? A slaughterhouse owner falsifying paperwork?? Speaks volumes of what will come should he get approved, eh?


  11. Again, it appears the tide could be changing..I always loved Robert Redford’s movies, especially the Electric Horseman. He has been an avid supporter of wild life for a very long time. I have heard that he has even gone to several lengths to purchase wide open spaces so the wildlife remain free in their habitats. Everyone is right on, we need the support of the celebs too.


  12. CHATHAM, N.Y., April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On the cusp of the 2013 Annual American Equine Summit hosted by the New York-based national equine protection organization Equine Advocates , the call to ban horse slaughter permanently has received much needed support from Robert Redford.


  13. Mr. Redford should share his thoughts on horse slaughtering on all tv and news outlets well known in NYC. This would make a great impact on awareness of what occurs to horses today regarding slaughtering. The regular consumer knows nothing.


    • I agree with you, but also on a national level…such as doing an interview with Jane Velez-Mitchell… She is an amazing person and devotes Tuesdays to animal rights issues… Perhaps others such as R.T. or Ginger Kathrens (to name just a few devoted ones) could arrange an interview with her? Speaking of NYC…anyone following the issues with the Carriage Horses? They are making progress! They have a proto-type for a horseless carriage for Central Park… This is very hopeful!!! They need our support also, as ALL innocent equines do..


  14. More Crap from Doink !!!!!! Action Alert

    Today the horse industry and the horse community nationwide is facing a very bleak future.

    We are saddled with this problem because the animal rights activists are making the decisions for us. The leadership team with United Horsemen has solutions to turn things around for the horse industry — but time is of the essence!

    Next week our leadership team needs to get back to Washington, D.C. to make certain that the legislators vote in our favor on the Appropriations bill which may come up for a vote soon! Or this may be an amendment to the Farm Bill. We need our team back in Washington, D.C. to make sure our voices are heard!

    We will be on Capitol Hill with our friends from the Tribal Nations educating about the dire straits everyone in the horse industry is in.

    We need your financial gift of whatever you can afford in these tough times to help us get to Capitol Hill!

    United Horsemen is fighting for you!

    Help us, help you!

    Thank you!

    David Duquette


    United Horsemen


  15. After all of this time that has passed, I was always wondering why Robert Redford did not verbalize his thoughts to protect our horses….. Hopefully, he is here now….. finally! and I wish to thank him personally… the extent of saving ALL horses & burros who truly deserve an awesome spokesperson to unite with us…( to save the innocent ones from slaughter, and cruel & abusive treatment)…..Need I say more? Thank you Robert Redford!! (the other Horse Whisperer)…. You will be blessed!


  16. Robert Redford loved you and Jane Fonda in the movie Electric Horseman what a great movie and I want to say thank you for being the voices of the horses that don’t have one. 🙂 You have been my favorite actor for many years now> The horses need our voices more than ever now we have to save them from slaughter 🙂 Somehow– someday really soon:)


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