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Equine Advocates Meet in NY to Take Stupidity and Horse Slaughter to Task

Source: Albany‘s News Center 10~ABC

“We shouldn’t be killing our horses”

CHATHAM, N.Y. — Speakers at the  Equine Advocates’ 2013 American Equine Summit are voicing concerns and begging for government leaders to take action against horse slaughtering in the U.S.

The nonprofit organization Equine Advocates rescues, protects and prevents the abuse of equines and is currently working to ban the slaughter of American horses for food sold outside the country.

“The average person, if you were to stop them in the shopping mall and ask them do you know what horse slaughter is, they would not be aware of it,” said JoAnne Normile of Normile Racehorse Protection.

Normile, now an advocate for race horses says something must be done to keep the athletes from slaughter houses.

“We have to start protecting our race horses,” said Normile.

In 2007, congress shut down the remaining horse slaughter houses in the U.S., but in 2011 it lifted a ban on funding horse processing inspections. Now horses can be butchered and their meat sold for consumption in the U.S., something Normile says is cruel and dangerous to people’s health.

“They’re not classified as a food animal so the drugs that are given are not overseen,” said Normile.

Now those using their voices to protect the horses are concerned that slaughter houses will once again open in the United States.

“The battle is whether or not one of these new plants that wants to come back online will be able to,” said John Holland, President of the Equine Welfare Alliance. “This is stupid. We shouldn’t be killing our horses. Everybody knows it.”

According to the government accountability office, since slaughter houses were closed in the U.S. there was an increase in horses from the U.S. being shipped for slaughter to Canada and Mexico.

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  1. It’s far worse than stupid. We, as a species, have lost our reverence towards life. We have reached the point of regression, we are not evolving. Our fellow animals are gaining intelligence & able to adapt, we, however, are going backward. We are the only species of life on this earth that kills just to kill, for the “trophy, for the ‘sport’, for the ‘fun’ of it”, & mass produces & mass slaughters, helpless, defenseless, innocent animals, as if they were just cans of mass-produced green beans, or machines, rolling down the animal assembly line! NO animal deserves fear, pain or torture, whether they are destined to be “food” or not. Horses, most certainly, are NOT “food animals”, &, most certainly do NOT belong in slaughter facilities. It is abuse, it is sadistic torture & cruelty at it’s worst, &, horses are not safe to consume. That’s the part all the fools keep missing. No horse should ever be sent to slaughter. That includes our corrupt government disposing of OUR wild equines, as well as our domestic horses. They ARE, indeed, stupid, but, they are stupid by choice! We MUST STOP them, no matter what, or how!


    • thank you Valerie for” your very much to the point” …heartfelt, compassionate comment….this should be published far and wide….used in” infomercials” to raise awareness to the American public. I, too am always amazed at the amount of people who do not even know about the issue of horse slaughter……..this is where we need people like Robert Redford…..who are public figures, revered……there needs to be an immersion of information…short, simple and to the point like this comment from Valerie…on all the airwaves……Redford has the means to make this happen. People that I speak to are appalled at what our government is allowing to happen to the horses. This is a personal appeal from me to Robert Redford…..please use all the power, media and resources that you have to save the horses…..please.


      • Very well stated, Valerie. Agree.

        Golde, did you know that Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood both have recently made pro-horse, anti-slaughter statements? We need advocates like RR as well as many other influential people to raise consciousness.


  2. “Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.”

    “Man is the only animal that blushes – or needs to.”

    Mark Twain


  3. “since slaughter houses were closed in the U.S. there was an increase in horses from the U.S. being shipped for slaughter to Canada and Mexico”. It matters not that American horses are slaughtered in the US, in Canada, or in Mexico. It does matter that some 160,000 American horses were slaughtered in 2012. Do not be silent! Contact your US Congressman and two US Senators in Washington DC now. Ask them to support AND cosponsor S.541 and HR.1094, the Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2013. The bill would ban horse slaughter for human consumption and the industry’s horrific bulk transport.
    Find your elected members at:


  4. Kudo’s to the Ny anchor and reporter…they did a great job and used much of the correct lingo.

    Now to read what some killers posted. (And I love it when they do for two reasons: (1) must be important enough for their side to comment; and (2) they always post “crazy”).


  5. I live in the great “Show Me State” of Missouri, but, I’m starting to think it’s called that because it’s so stupid, you have to “show” it what to do, how to think, & what it should say! I already know by contacting them recently, that both of Missouri’s Senators are FOR horse slaughter. Both Sen. Blunt & McCaskill have said they’re against animal cruelty, but, horse slaughter is needed, to reduce the population of unwanted horses, & that it would be more “humane” to kill them here instead of shipping them across our borders! Blunt’s form letter even stated that he grew up on a farm (you’d think he’d know better then!, NOT!), & that he believes in protecting animals from cruelty or abuse, except horses of course. And, Sen. McCaskill said she was against horse slaughter, but there were no other “humane” alternatives???? I’m DONE with the whole “darn” lot of them! Politicians, at least most, are brainwashed, spineless, wimpy, afraid, weak, & do not know how to stand up to others, they are submissive followers who don’t really care what any of us want, only what the wealthy & powerful want! Our horses need all the celebrity or other clout, & wealthy, powerful allies on their side, that we can find! Fight fire with fire!


    • Valerie, I would bring to her some of the solutions that people have been coming up with to control the number of horses in the US. Contact HSUS because I believe that they have a video available quite graphic though. They must visualize the inhumane treatment and death that is delivered at that time for these horses. She also must be told that all horses are not wanted but belong to owners who have lost them to thieves. Contact Paula Bacon, the previous mayor of Kaufman, Texas, and ask her if she would contact your Legislator. They have no concept of what will happen to their state should a slaughterhouse ever open. Your cities, towns, communities and counties will never be the same. Truck loads of horses going by on your roads. It is very very likely that you will incurr crashes from trucks overloaded with horses. Environments ruined around the plants. Pass on as much information as possible… Once the slaughter train arrives whether you want it or not it will never leave!


    • Valerie, IMHO, as a political aficionado, I believe that there is no hope with Senator Blunt. He is clearly an idiot who is deeply set in his views. However, Senator McCaskill may be persuadable.

      I just watched a lovely video on horse euthanasia and it was previewed with some nasty horse slaughter pictures. Both can be found at this link and there are many slaughter videos available on Youtube if you prefer to send opposing videos.

      This euthanasia video of “Sugar” crossing the Rainbow Bridge can also be located at Horse Plus Humane Society

      It is obvious that McCaskill has been sold the pro-slaughter propaganda that horses are being abandoned by the thousands, even millions, and that horse slaughter is humane. She needs to be made to understand that the slaughter of horses is being advocated by greedy private individuals that lie, cheat, and steal in order to profit from an industry that is viciously cruel, polluting, costly to taxpayers, and of no benefit to anyone in the USA, certainly not to the horses.

      I think she is flexible. Good Luck!


      • You might want to send McCaskill this link of the translation of the Mexican article published on the investigation by Animals Angels as to what American Kill Buyers do to the American Horses they buy and sell to Mexico. The Americans are guilty of the worse kind of abuse during the transport, and I would emphasize that these American Kill Buyers would be no better if transporting to American Slaughterhouses.

        Please be aware this is very unpleasant but in writing not pictures.


    • And finally, Valerie, here is a video about the horrors of slaughterhouses for animals other than horses which has just been released by PETA which ought to influence anyone who eats meat or not. Horses being treated as horribly as these poor creatures should break anyone’s heart. It is hosted by Paul McCartney and called GLASS WALLS. (If slaughterhouses had glass walls, no one would eat meat.)


  6. KPIX (San Francisco CBS affiliate)did a fabulous From Track to the Table tonight! Bo Derek rocked! The vet from U C Davis rocked! It was brilliant! The vet told how we shouldn’t be eating US horses because of phenylbutazone PLUS antibiotics. That is another side I haven’t thought of because I don’t have allergies to antibiotics. BUT many people are sensitive and allergic.

    There was an icky horse owner who breeds and if the horse is a “failure” at the track he goes to slaughter. I should say he dumps them. He apparently had three horses recently found at auction and then claimed he didn’t know a thing about it. I have to rematch it cause there’s more. Don’t worry he came off as an ass (sorry Miss Abby I meant no disrespect to you)

    Please look to KPIX over the next few days to see if they post this online. I will call tomorrow since I’m local.


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