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Bo Derek Renews California Effort To Ban Horse Slaughtering Nationwide

Source: Channel 5 KPIX

“The food is tainted, the meat is tainted, it’s dangerous,”

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — The USDA said it will increase inspections of imported beef, in the midst of a horsemeat scandal in Europe. So far, none of the tainted products have made it to the United States. But the scandal is renewing efforts to ban American horse slaughter.

Dr. Scott Stanley is helping to keep the horse racing industry clean. He runs a lab at UC Davis that analyzes horses’ blood to detect doping. “What we do is similar to what they do for a sports athlete,” he said.

Abuse of a horse tranquilizer called Phenylbutazone is very common. “They are given medications that are totally inappropriate to be used in animals that are meant for food,” Stanley said.

Phenylbutazone is banned for human consumption because it can cause a deadly blood disorder. He has also found antibiotics in horses. “Some people can have allergic reactions to antibiotics. That is why we don’t use them in food animals,” said Dr. Stanley.

Yet race horses routinely end up on dinner plates in Europe. Despite our own state laws against slaughter, even California horses are at risk.

A recent KPIX 5 investigation found race horses dumped at auction, where they can end up in the hands of kill buyers. From there, they are trucked to processing plants in Canada and Mexico.

Where does the meat go? Tests in 27 European countries found horse DNA in 5 percent of frozen entrees made with beef, such as lasagna and meatballs. Some samples also contained traces of phenylbutazone.

“The food is tainted, the meat is tainted, it’s dangerous,” actress and animal activist Bo Derek told KPIX 5. Derek sits on the state’s horse racing board, and routinely rules on doping investigations.

“It’s a business that because of betting has huge financial incentives to take an edge and to get ahead. So there will always be those Lance Armstrongs,” Derek said.

Derek, who was appointed to the board by former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, convinced fellow members this month to support a proposed law called the SAFE Act (.pdf) banning domestic horse slaughter as well as the export of U.S. horses for slaughter.

“It’s offensive to us and I think 80 percent of the American people agree. Horses in this country have never been bred as livestock,” said Derek…(CONTINUED)

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  1. I commend all the actors who step up in Honor of the Horses !!!!!! Ford Motor has made some overwhelming profits , and i venture to say that the MUSTANGS actually are the Key to their many successes, where the HECK are they when the Mustangs need them ???? I have written many times to the CEO asking him and Ford Motors to step up for the Mustangs !!!!! Never get an answer???????


  2. Dr. Stanley says that antibiotics are not used in food animals!1 Really?!! How about the ground turkey scandal currently brewing?


  3. Radio talk show host and horse trainer, Roger Stein, is the face of greed. He only uses his horses for profit and puts the ones who don’t race well on auction/slaughter. How different is he from Michael Vick except that Stein can’t strangle his horses with his bare hands?


  4. I have also written to Ford Motor Co. no response, Monty Roberts with no response. How much money has he made from his mustang. He has first hand knowledge of the Kill Buyers.


  5. Thank you Bo and all celebrities that have the guts to stand up for animals – but equal thanks go to the many, many people (some who prefer to be “nameless”) who do something positive for animals every single day of their lives.


  6. Mr. Stein is not a horse-person but rather a person who owns horses. Horse-people have a deep love and respect for horses. Mr. Stein just breeds them with the hopes of making money off the track with them. He is the worst example of why we should have horse slaughter. This only encourages over-breeding and irresponsible horse-ownership practices. Just once, I would like someone from the anti-slaughter movement in-the-know to face-off with these kinds of people in a public, media-covered-type forum. Then we would see just how much of a “necessary evil” that horse slaughter is, or rather an evil that is necessary to ban!


    • However he would be a perfect example for breeder taxation.

      Financial loss is an effective way to bring about compliance


      • Yes there needs to be something that addresses the front end of this problem. We can all sit here and moan but while we have everyone’s ear on slaughter a plan should be put in the works for breeding regulation through licensing, taxing (even better since it gets them in the pocketbook). The fact that Stein sits there and says his stallion covers 25 mares a year is pure irresponsibility. Of course he has no problem with slaughter!


  7. What a coldhearted response from that horsebreeder. Terrible to know that is the prevailing attitude in the industry. Hooray for Bo for standing up for horses. Robert Redford and Bo Derek – I wish our wolves had sexy supporters too! 🙂


  8. Any surprise in what Mr. Stein said? These breeders know all about kill buyers & couldn’t care less what happens to their horses who “can’t race”. They will always want easy horse disposal’s all about money. They are not horse people….rather greedy users of other living, thinking, caring creatures. i agree with Chris….not much different from Vik. Sickening! Kudos to Bo for her stance….it takes public figures to make news that the media will report on.


  9. Breeder Stein is exactly the problem – a discard mentality where he wants to be paid for his costs of doing business so he can make more money. Racing is inherently a problem when people like this are involved and want only the profits and will not pay for the costs, refusing to shoulder their responsibilities that go hand in hand with the winnings. Having slaughter available to them for so long, they have gotten to where they now believe it’s a right for them to be able to skirt their responsibilities. I agree with an earlier comment here that stopping slaughter completely in the US and export will exert pressure on these bottom-feeder types of race breeders, forcing them out of the business or at least forcing them to breed for quality and not quantity. But, hey, I am preaching to the choir here.

    This was a pretty good interview with Bo standing strong, factual and logical on this issue. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Bo! I am so happy the CA racing board has followed her wise lead to support the SAFE Act and I’m so grateful for her good work for the US equine in her current position. Also the lab technician’s remarks were excellent, a foundation built firmly in science and medicine and only support the facts we have always known: US horse meat is not edible, it’s toxic and it’s Russian roulette for anyone who eats it. Americans simply cannot and do not support this atrocity of poisoning other humans. But we are dealing with a fringe element of apparently borderline sociopaths who want to feed this poison to other people. This minority feels they should be the tail wagging the dog, but that can’t last.

    The one part of this report that really needs to be corrected is the reporter pointing to the “abuse of Bute” —- no, there is no abuse of bute in US horses for the most part. Using bute for a horse in pain (swelling, inflammation) is legal and, from a veterinary standpoint, it is many times the right thing to use, to relieve the pain and be humane to the animal by providing that relief along with appropriate rest and other care for its condition. Just like when we take ibuprofen for our aches and pains and rest. The only abuse that could occur would be ABUSE OF THE HORSE if you give it bute when it is in pain and then force it to race (or work) — now that is inhumane and “abuse of the horse”, it is NOT “abuse of bute”. That would be something the waste of skin breeder would do, not the average American horse owner looking to take good care of his animals.


    • Thank you for your remarks on Butte. To not use Butte in many cases is abuse. I just had my three male burros castrated. If we had not used Butte, we would have been responsible for intentional cruelty. However, Butte and other substances can be used abusively. Race horses that are too injured or sore to run in a race are often run under the influence of Butte and stronger pain killers and suffer injurys that require their euthanasia or a trip to the slaughter house.


  10. Ms Derek:

    Take some time to get the race tracks and breeding ops to stop dumping. While you are doing that, get the freaking state to enforce the state law and stop transport.

    Just for starters….you got a law here (CA), sweetcheeks…..get that enforced.


  11. Bo Derek is an outstanding individual. She is compassionate and is not afraid to step up to a challenge. Bo Derek aided our group in Illinois to persuade our Legislators to close the final slaughter house in America. She spent several days with our Legislators and our group. She was very instrumental. Thank you Bo, I still have the picture that you took with our group. You were there for us and we can’t thank you enough. God will bless you for all that you do for our magnificient
    horses and other equines.


  12. In this video, Robert Stein looks like he could not even get up on a horse to ride. He looks like he is all about the money and does not care about the welfare of his horses. The pens he provides for his horses appears to be crowded.


  13. Ok so here’s some: Where Buck Branaman? Pat Parrelli, John and Josh Lyons, Richard Shrake? Richard Thompson? Where’s all the big dogs of Natural Horsemanship= do no harm to the horses? Where are they when these horses need their help and alternative ideas? Someone needs to call them out on this? We have to have some big time horse trainers step up. This is ridiculous, their fame, money, notoriety came from the horses that had owners that bought their magazines, trips, tickets, seminars, and such. AND when this drought is over in a jiffy it will be, then what’s the excuse for keeping going? And when the horse’s run so fast that they make these men millions and the governments throwing legislation AT them to save their industry in the past 10 years, allowing gambling and such, why don’t the racetracks themselves, especially the Kentucky Derby and such BAN killer buyers from arriving there? IF our tax dollars in the US is supporting and saving the racing industry and they are just selfishly killing slow running with slaughter from which they are BANNED, why should our government and gamblers bail them out any further. In fact, I think that actually reversing the advancement of government assistance and further restrictions on gambling on horses races should be in order until they quit slaughtering horses.


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