The Force of the Horse

Equine Children Wish Human Mother’s a Very Happy Day

In honor of all the two legged mothers who care and nurture their four legged, hoofed children; may God bless you all!!

Terry and her kids

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  1. Pictured are the members of the Fitch herd, with Terry, including our departed Ethan who I promised to see our mission through…let it be so, my friends, let it be so.


  2. Thank you RT. Happy Mother’s Day to the four legged mothers who labor so hard and long to bring us these beautiful foals. They deserve accolades too. Since our house burnt down, we are living about three quarters of a mile from our horses right now; and I miss seeing them when I get up in the morning and before I go to bed at night. God bless you and Terry. I hate it when I am not close to my horses.


    • So sorry about your house!!!!!! it wont be long and they will rebuild it and you will be home , by your horses again !!!!!!


  3. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL mothers … four legged and two legged and webbed feet and finned and flying and and and ……… all.


  4. Happy Mother’s Day to all! Even if you don’t have children, remember “It takes a village” to create caring and responsible adults. Also remember the impact Mothers Against Drunk Driving had on that issue. Never underestimate the strength and dedication of moms on the prod!


  5. To all the world, a Happy Mother’s Day……everyone and every living thing has a piece of “Mom” in them.

    The sooner women take control of state houses and Congress in the US, heck even the world….the better all life will be. Yes, not every female is a good choice, but many are…if we can get them to run.

    Good stuff, once again Team Fitch.

    Thank you.


  6. God Bless all the human and non human Mothers on our planet. God is watching and smiling to see the love so generously given to His beautiful Equine creation.


  7. Happy mothers day to all my friends but especially to my horses, dogs and other pets. Have a great day to the advocates.


  8. Beautiful and as always, thoughtful! Thank you RT for always being there for our equine friends and today for all the moms.


  9. Some days, human moms probably could do with eight arms like the pygmy octopus. After laying its 150 large eggs, Ma octopus will gently caress them with her suckers to prevent algae and bacteria from growing. She lightly squirts them with streams of water to keep the eggs oxygenated. When ready to hatch, the mother’s gentle caresses become more violent to help the baby octopus escape from the egg case. Most octopus mothers will not eat after laying eggs and die soon after they hatch. For comparison, human mothers have been known to hit the deli straight after birth.


  10. We just found out that NBC’s Today Show will air its long awaited segment,”Wild but not Free,” during the 7:30 a.m. half hour of the program. Please note that the Today Show airs from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. in all U.S time zones. Be sure to tune in. (Since this is live TV, the segment could always be bumped by breaking news, but hopefully it will finally air!)

    The piece will include an interview with music legend Carole King, who graciously agreed to speak to NBC on behalf of America’s wild horses at the request of AWHPC, as well as footage taken by AWHPC and other advocates of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) brutal treatment of wild horses at multiple roundups.

    We are hopeful that NBC’s coverage of this issue will put a major spotlight on the plight of America’s wild horses and burros and lead to much needed reform of the BLM’s program. This couldn’t come at a more important time with 50,717 wild horses and burros in government warehousing — an all time high — and our “Step In, Sally” letter gaining momentum across America and in the halls of Congress.

    Please take a few moments and watch at 7:30 am tomorrow. Then stay tuned for updates from us on how you can help make the most of this opportunity for wild horses and burros

    -The AWHPC Team


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