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“Horse experts call for end of federal mustang roundups”

Dan Vergano, USA TODAY          1:18 p.m. EDT June 5, 2013

“The last roundup? Federal wildlife officials need to rely on contraceptive measure to manage wild horses instead of removal, which only spurs a mustang population boom, an expert panel says.

(Photo: BLM)

Federal managers are taking the wrong approach on wild horse populations and should focus more on contraception rather than rounding up and removing the herds from public lands. If the existing approach isn’t changed, Western wild horses could triple their numbers in six years, an expert panel warns, and more than 100,000 horses could ravage public lands.

Under a 1971 law
, the federal Bureau of Land Management must balance wild horse and burro population numbers against other uses of public lands, such as recreation and grazing. The agency estimates that means about 26,500 horses and burros should be on Western public lands, a number the agency has attempted to achieve through the roundup and removal of excess horses, about 8,000 a year, which are put up for rarely achieved adoption.” …to read more of this story, click here

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  1. Let’s see, mention of the c-word (cattle ) grazing for 1.35/AUM on wild horse lands? Nope. Mention of balancing AMLs amongst foraging populations so the horses can be “principal users” according to the 1971 Act? Nope. Mention of restoring ANY of the 20 million acres of wild horse areas zeroed out? Nope.

    It’s all the horses’ fault? If they would just stay on their own turf and not copulate so much everything would be better?

    Contraception doesn’t reduce AML deficits, end welfare for BLM cattle grazers, or restore zeroed out herd management areas.

    Same s – – -. different day? Yep, kinda.

    Roundups totally suck? Yep.

    But it doesn’t take an independent team of scientists to know that. The horses and burros and their families have been telling us that with their hearts and blood for such a long time. You just haven’t been listening….


    • Excellent said Rob!!

      This should stir the “BLM” right where it counts………..1971 Protection Law that seems to be swept under the rug and forgotten…..more people are taking notice to speak out against the BLM….more growth in Advocates to save our “Wild Mustangs” from this “Insanity”!


    • Rob you make valid points but BLM told NAS they couldn’t look at cattle grazing in their review. Frankly a lot of us were turned off by NAS when this occurred. We figured it was going to be another whitewash.

      I’m slowly making my way through this report. On page 10 it talks about this modeling program WinEquus. Seems that a default dataset was used for all HMA’s. That is if I’m reading this correctly.

      There’s lots of great stuff in this report. Now if Director Jewell will only put her money where her is and follow through now that this report is out we might get somewhere.


      • On your first paragraph here Margaret, you are right — that is another reason it is the same s – – -, and it is bull s – – -, of course, but a different day. And today is too. So, what will WE do about it?


  2. My curious question, when the gathering of wild horses began, was there such an extreme amount that cows could not walk around or eat grass? Was there no space to be naturally shared? When ever I see wild horses, I see so much open land. I believe the main reason for collecting and selling the horses now are for the land to eventually be used for oil drilling or fracking as well as for cows.


  3. “Horse Experts”: Haven’t a few hundred wild equine advocates been sayin’ removals up the foaling rates for eons?

    (No disrespect intended toward the findings in this report. It’s just … frustrating.)


  4. My Gawd, it’s about friken time we have a voice, it is so insane and frustrating when the minority special interests can slaughter the Horses against the majority’s voice.


  5. It’s our Tax dollars funding this. Any other “corporation” would have to disclose any and all income and expenses. How can we demand this be disclosed?


      • He’ll be in Palm Springs, CA to meet with the Premier of China Thurs-Sat.

        Tibet protestors will be there.

        It would be great if there were a few signs that said,



  6. What is needed is an INDEPENDENT WH&B CENSUS:

    What’s Left?

    As the united call to stop BLMs unchecked assault on the American mustang & burro continues to gain momentum, with over 180 organizations and celebrities now supporting a moratorium to halt any further removals until key issues can be resolved, here’s one more reason to demand a “cease and desist” until a full scale investigation can be conducted on the Wild Horse & Burro Program to determine what’s really left out on the range.
    Today, American Herds presents the updated numbers of what may be all that’s really left of America’s free-roaming herds as of September 30, 2009, now hovering between 22,000 to 26,000 less than BLM continues to publicly report.

    In addition to graphically illustrating the annual population declines, at least 52 Herd Management Areas have been found to have extreme jumps in annual population reports that were key in supporting BLMs national “excess” with 25 of these occurring between 2007/2008 and 16 between 2008/2009. To learn more, Click Here.

    Until Congress demands an independent count of the populations BLM has been reporting, both on and off the range, the evidence continues to mount that “What’s Left?” has reached critical levels of concern.


  7. 100,000 wild horses??, There use to be ONEMILLION WILD HORSES/MUSTANGS, I think the public land can deal with far more wild horses if we stop giving the peoples land to the cattle ranchers who pay nothing>>, they should pay something for the use of Americans land, Ranchers are causing Americas wild horses to be eradicated from certain areas where they use to thrive. The vast number of cattle and sheep cause more devastation to the land than the horses by far! You do not have to be an expert to understand this fact.


    • I so agree that the “Ranchers are causing Americas wild horses to be eradicated” , and have often blogged about the oil pipelines as well as the Ranchers, that are taking this to a whole other level of destruction, but recently, have learned and understand now the full picture that the fraking that is going on to extract the “Oil”, takes an emense amount of water, and the chemicals they use are poisening all the surrounding environment. Under these cicumstances, the wildlife, including the Wolves, would end up poisened,and perhaps they are trying to hide that, thats the permanent devastation they are causeing..


      • I absolutely agree.

        Fracking is the most lethal and subversive enemy of the future of our lands, public and private, our air and our water. We must fight Fracking, mountaintop mining, tar sands production as hard as we fight removal of the WH&Bs from their lands and as we fight horse slaughter. Even GMOs and Factory Farming are intermeshed with the horses, because it is all being done with willful harm to mankind, all fauna, flora – all life.

        To torture dogs to death for food in Korea, to kill elephants, tigers, and rhinos in Africa and Asia for their body parts, to electrocute foxes or skin live cats for their fur in China, to beat baby seals to death in Canada, to viciously brutalize a pig or cow in the US slaughterhouses, the torturous killing of human and animal everywhere, all of this must stop. We share the effects of this evil and we share this planet.

        We need a totally new predominant mindset in which cruelty, brutality, vicious and willful meanness, self aggrandizement, the love of money with disregard and disrespect for everything and everyone has stopped. The big-monied, corporate, greed-based, sociopathic powers must be vanquished. Cut off the head the body will follow.

        Two million people protested worldwide against Monsanto a few days ago – more so in Europe, it seems, and Monsanto is backing up particularly in Europe for the first time ever.

        If we join forces with, occupy with, all those who mean well – all of us – whether motivated by horses, wildlife, cats, dogs, humans, air, water, oceans, you name it, we will increase our numbers and therefore, our influence. We, together, can win this. We can stop the “trunking” and we can stop the wars.

        Those of us who care must unite instead of fighting at cross purposes and we will take our planet back.


  8. There are plenty of photos out there of what is left of creeks and small streams after the cows and sheep denude the land. These animals pull up the grass by the roots when they graze horses do not. One herd of fifty or sixty sheep can turn land into a overgrazed desert in no time. This is why sheep have to be constantly moved because of them eating every blade of vegetation available.


  9. I just got a update from htt:// with a list of how many US horses that went to slaughter in Canada from 2006 through 2013 for January, February and March. It looks like the number has dropped, especially in March of 2013. It is 3,115 down from 4,422 in January of this year. I will have to look for the number of horses that was sent to Mexico.


    • That’s 3,115 horrific deaths too many. As long as slaughter exists the wild and domestic are constantly at risk for that one way ride through he!! with cheering irresponsible money grubbers as their stewards.


  10. I will say this again….this is all about privatizing PUBLIC LANDS and RESOURCES with no recompense to the true owners of that land.

    Cattle and sheep grazing is the cover for this theft.

    The DOI/USDA and states with control of these lands will soon remove cattle/sheep.

    This is about water, extraction and energy for corporations.

    Idiot cattle and sheepmen will be next….just like big ag that supports horse slaughter.


  11. Statement from Jesica Johnston, M.A. Environmental Planning

    The National Academy of Science’s findings clearly state that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has failed to provide accurate estimates of the nation’s population of wild horses and burros. Therefore, the NAS cannot conclude that a state of over-population exists and or provide a recommendation for artificial management considerations such as “rigorous fertility controls” to control populations for which the complex population dynamics are currently unknown. However, the NAS is recommending science-based methods to improve current management practices, population estimates, and the overall health of the ecosystem which could provide key information toward sustainable and effective management that could prevent the removal of wild horses and burros from our public lands.


  12. The BLM or Interior has studied the impact of cattle grazing on the land. They know that cattle grazing at the large numbers currently using public lands is harmful. They also have research that states that land is healthier when cattle and other species such as the horse or burro, sheep and other species graze together. One way to look at it is that the grazing by multiple herbivores helps the land be more productive for all the animals using it. On the other hand, because of the need for balance, no one species should be allowed to graze the land to dirt as the BLM has allowed the ranchers to do.

    It is the BLM’s responsibility to manage the land for productivity and health. They haven’t been doing that. They’ve been reducing the populaition on public lands since the 1990’s as alien, non-native, feral, exotic, pest, species which means that they are to be gradually removed until the herds are too small to maintain genetic variability and then genetic viability. This began during the Clinton administration and the goal is to completely remove our native wild horses and burros from their historic range lands—1971 Act or no Act. Doing it gradually over time so as not to incite the wrath of the public was the idea. However, they were not counting on the Internet nor the intelligence of the American people to flush out what they have been doing now for 20 years.


  13. Wanted to let everyone know on HBO July 8th called has a segment about our Wild Horse crisis and the destruction of their land…..

    GASLAND II exposes how American democracy is being destroyed by corporate ownership of elected officials–resulting in toxic drilling ruining American lives and the environment.


  14. Please read the NAS report. You will be pleasantly surprised and uplifted by the report. Some of it is over my head but mostly I’ve been reading that BLM has got it wrong.

    A really big for instance (which won’t be a surprise to anyone here)is the below grazing numbers. Heck I don’t think I’m saying this right. I mean if an area can carry 150 horses because of food and water yet the BLM only allows 60 horses and rounds them up every 3/4 yrs there will be compensatory reproduction. If BLM would allow the horses and Mother Nature to figure this out reproduction rates would fall off as numbers get closer to what the land can manage.

    I think I explained this correctly.


  15. What worries me, is the BLM will now start yanking the reproduction organs of mares in the field, same for the stallions and we will end up with a lot of dead horses.


  16. So does this mean the June 13th Antelope Valley round up is cancelled?

    That Palm Springs sign needs to read, ” Stop the round ups and the horse slaughter ” !


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